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Exclusive interview with Yung Berg

Submitted by on August 2, 2008 – 7:06 pm16 Comments

Yung Berg and the Boss Lady

Not many rappers stay at the forefront of news and gossip when they haven’t even released their first album, but that’s Yung Berg‘s career thus far.

The Chicago native, who modeled for DrJays.com’s Summer Sensations campaign last year, is a constant talking point when it comes to his music, his opinions, his collaborations and more.

Berg chats to the Boss Lady about his controversial first year as a “celebrity”, his long-awaited debut album, his upcoming clothing line Yung Boss, and the difficulties of launching a rap career in today’s rough music climate.

Check it out on DrJays.com Live and let us know what you think!

Boss Lady’s top is by Akademiks.

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  • Luxury Life says:

    Good interview Boss Lady!!!! Keep em coming!!! I got a different look in dude now he isnt as cocky as I thought wat up Rick and Russ!!!

  • ~*aShLeY*~ says:

    he so cute to me

  • unknown says:

    he is fine fine fine

  • MACK mANE says:

    didnt this cat say sumthang bout dark black h0es are ugly?( i didnt watch the interview no time)

  • CHAZMUNNY says:

    The Transformers Piece Is Nuts. Holla!

  • ~*aShLeY*~ says:

    yea he did say he aint date dark skin girls but then he was on some interview clearin it up sayin he only said that cuz a girl workin wit the radio station he did the interview with was talkin bout him callin him lite bright and she bet his thang lil and whatnot so he was like well ion date dark skin girls (she was obviously dark skin) hey ion care thats how most dudes is anyway whether he meant it or not, most black guys will only date light skin girls

  • Luxury Life says:

    Then aint true!!! I just ask that you not a bum got a job and a little meat to you plus you got to be at least a 8 in looks maybe a 7 if you can dress and got a body but color dont matter!!!!

  • Luxury Life says:

    That aint true!!! I just ask that you not a bum got a job and a little meat to you plus you got to be at least a 8 in looks maybe a 7 if you can dress and got a body but color dont matter!!!!

  • yung albino says:

    well light skin and dark skin girls wont date me because im white but all the black dudes i know like white girls dont make no sense to me how alot of black women only date other black men
    aint the whole skin color thing a little old?

  • Luxury Life says:

    Nope cuz its still racism out here wether you like or not plus when a black dude goes with a white girl and sistas kno about it and that same dude tries to come back to the sistas its hard as hell to get back in they graces, So when you go there you better be good there and true its not like that everywhere but for the most part most sistas dont like that and its the same with dudes too!! Still alot of pinned up aggression and anger to be let out between blacks and whites and it will always be like that not tryin to be negative and just stating the facts

  • Andy Brodick says:


  • Naomiii says:

    Well im really disappointed in Yung Berg he doesn’t have much of a career in the first place (one hit wonder) and now he’s talkin like he doesn’t like dark skin girls. Doesn’t he realize that some of his fans happen 2b dark skin girls? I’m light skinned and im offended!

  • Cha says:

    I was neva a fan so it doesnt matter to me lol

  • ~*aShLeY*~ says:

    iight i aint racist, cuz im half and half, i got a black momma and a white daddy, but i dont understand how a black man can find himself dating a sista, then a white girl, then wanting to be with a black girl…sistas got swag, body, attitude, we got somethin most white girls dont have (booty), and im not gone make this statement for all white girls, but the white girls i kno are too passive and i think thats what brothas like about them is that they can walk all over em, i aint gone say all sistas aint passive, but 9 times outta 10 u aint gettin over on no black chick cuz they’ll leave u or bus u in the eye before u do

  • well i think that he and any other human being should be able to have their own opinion on what type of females they would like to date……and im a light-skinned young lady so i felt offended when the girl called him bright-lite…….cause if u say it to a male u will say it to a female.but i have seen beautiful dark-skinnned women……plus my mother is dark……so personally i have nothing against dark females…..and this is to YUNG BERG U IS JUST TOO FINE!!!!!!!!!

  • Naomiii says:

    ~*aShLeY*~ I kno excally what u are talkin about cause that happened 2 me last weekend…I saw one of my exes holding hands with a white girl and all me and my girls did was laugh…

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