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Brand Alert: Fetish

Submitted by on August 22, 2008 – 9:46 am48 Comments

Eve in Fetish

Eve‘s signature brand Fetish is now available on DrJays.com.

The fall collection captures Eve’s fashionable look and features dark enamel chains and novelty beading with a touch of patent leather. The first delivery introduces real blacks and bright whites, lilac and mystic grey.

The second delivery, available next month, has a bit of a harder edge with a diva attitude. The signature paws inspiration throughout shows why Fetish is the Pret-a-Porter for the streets.

Tailor Wet Knit Neck Tie Top by Fetish

Darian Viscose D-Ring Top by Fetish

Skinny Caviar Jean by Fetish

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  • Rick Lexington says:

    soooo what’s the models number?

  • Chris Fox says:

    NOOOOO NOOOO NOOOO you can’t get the models # because you are just a fat white guy sitting on the computer claiming to be black. Just like the others here with your slang and nonsense and if Dr. BJ’S wants to delet my comment than F U!

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Dear Chris Fox.

    I would like to inform you that your statements of hostility have deeply hurt my feelings. Before I go any further into this letter addressing your salty behavior, I would like to give the following dislaimer:

    “Rick Lexington is in no way an employee or affiliated with DR. Jays.com. He just buys a lot of gear from them to keep his swagga up. Rick Lexington also posts on here for entertainment purposes, whether it’s his or others. Rick Lexington is also sick and faded on panamanian rum cause he didn’t want to buy cough medicine. He’s also kinda froggy from puttin a fresh case of act right on a girl who wouldn’t act right. What I’m getting at is DR. Jays is in no way liable for my actions of sarcasm and wit. They will just laugh as you become Rick Lexington’s dirty lil slut. Because you took the comment Mr Lexington said serious, even if Ric was serious, you just commited a sin of cock blocking, and what I’m about to say will ruin any chances anyways. It’s also common knowledge that I’m working on Boss Lady as my E-wifey. Cause I believe if your going to strive for something in life, strive for the best. Hope you brought some knee pads homie, your going to need them”

    Back to your b1otchassness.

    Mrs fox I do not know why you are so angry towards me. Was ith the previous letter I wrote to you that was informing you about Dr. Jays, hip hop etc. Please tell me where I ever claimed or pretended to be black? How would you pretend to be black? Why does it matter? Are you looking for a fat white guy for those lonesome nights in your mom’s basement? But since your so eager to picure me (kinda friggin creepy, but to each their own). I’m black, panamanian and chinese. But in essence I AM BLACK, I AM PANAMANIAN, I AM CHINESE. I am fat, because I am 6ft 219lbs with a line backer build that goes to the gym every other day and practices martial arts. The things you say hurt me so (I’m crying as I type this), because as we all know your opinion matters. Fact is fat or not the fems is breakin necks to jock.

    Dr. Jays will not delete your comment. They will sit back and read this, laugh at your dumb arse and move onto the next subjects to post. But as for you, ooooohhhh you will be angry like before and come with more stupidity to try and compensate for your insecurities, inadequacies and short comings (your moms is here and she said if you don’t get the last part, well then lift the gut and look down). Do not tell us about the places you and your mom work at (really Dr. BJ’s…cmon).

    Please chris I’m reaching out to you here (not that way, zip it back up). You must not let your gerbals running away make you hateful. In this world everyone and every place has slang and acronyms for things to make life easier. I’d like to point out that even you used it in your statment of rage you hypocritical twit. Would you like us to use the APA guide, spell check etc when we type? Kid Rock wouldn’t be like this, why are you? Ask yourself WWKRD?

    I hope these words that I have said, doesn’t have you thinking I have hate or animocity towards you. Because I don’t that would imply that I thought of you as a threat, more of as a joke. At most your comments offend the scuff marks and the occaisional stepped on doo doo under my kicks.

    Rick Lexington

    The dude you tried to hate on.

    PS: Sorry for the novel, I’m still in novel writing mode after finals just got done.

  • Luxury Life says:

    Get em Rick!!! LOL

  • ~*aShLeY*~ says:


    Its ugly…eve coulda came way better cuz i actually like the stuff she wears shes one of the few artists whos style i like…ima need her to sit down and think about it and try again…

    n whoa wit all the hostility, yall need to chill and order a t-shirt :)

  • levira says:

    get ‘er done rick lexington do yo dang…and chirs fox i know you salty as ever

  • maze says:

    it’s amazing how a celebrity got exposure, I bet if a regular designer had something similar or even better than the one above, Dr: Jay wouldn’t even bother to exposure them and give free advertise, and people wonder why we don’t see creativity or originality on those new designs. They might be singing, dancing or acting but a lot of them can not design, how they going be able to put things together if they need people to dress them? this make them go to a freelancer designers company that also work for Y,X, and Z singer or actor, and the consequence for this is what we see above!!! nothing NEW

    yo need to start thinking about that, otherwise URBAN style will really be dead, give space for real creators and stop advertise rappers’s brand just cuz will bring traffic for yo site… THINK ABOUT [email protected]!!!!!!!


  • Rick Lexington says:

    haha thanks lux and everyone else, I’m not salty or hostile I just felt like clownin. And i’ve ordered enough clothes from this place hah.

    MAZE I see what your saying but I think you really need to look around or have been on here for a while before you make that assumption.

    Look at all the brands on here that aren’t created or signed off by famous people. Also look at the articles/interviews etc and you’ll see companies like parish, miskeen, southpole etc.

    Also I agree with you on the every rapper haveing brands etc is getting plaid. But on the other hand you got to look at the rapper, actor etc representing their area with fashion etc. If they weren’t around how would we be exposed to other ways of style? In a way they’re the ambassadors for their area’s culture

    Don’t get me wrong i’m not a fan of eve and her weave gone wild. Stylists or not she has the last say in what she wears even if she didn’t then someone elses work is getting out there. But she does have style though and has been known to for a while now.

    Believe it or not there are some brands by rappers that have stuck around and are actually still good. For instance sean john. They’ve appealed to new customers while still growing & expanding with the older ones. I had a presentation on tue for a final and killed it. Dress shirt, tie, and cuffs links I was wearing were sean john. Now think, what if diddy didn’t do his line?

  • maze says:

    Yo Rick Lexington
    My bad I forgot to mention that, I’m not saying all the rappers dont’ have style of they own, and we know those that has and those that does not has, you don’t have to be a fashion expertise to know that, we all know that Diddy, Jay Z, and 1 or 2 others know what they’re doing, and this show on theirs brand, it’s clear that Diddy make decisions on his brand, this doesn’t happen in a lot of the other Rappers brand, see what happened with Gunit, if you analyze the brands that you mentioned above ( parish, miskeen, southpole ) are the ones still standing on Urban fashion world and there’s not Rappers behind, Celebrities was always used to bring new fashion style, that’s not new on fashion world, but when come to design and put a brand out, that’s total different, even though youngest will buy anything they use…
    Nothing against Rappers or Celebrities, I’m just talking about Urban and streetwear Path…

  • [...] forward to 2008 and Eve’s “Fetish” is now officially relaunched through partners Dr. Jays and Signature Apparel clothing line. Here is the first promo image of Eve for the relaunched [...]

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Yeah true I agree. G unit is just rebranded ecko wear (pretty sure left over)lol. Yeah majority kids will buy what they see, there’s some that will buy what’s available to them so they could be like it. There’s also other influences depending on what culture they’re in. It all gets crazy. I just get ish that I like the design, quality and cut/fit of. Damn the politics lol.

  • [...] brand. Fast forward to 2008 and Eve’s “Fetish” is now officially relaunched through partners Dr. Jays and Signature Apparel clothing line. Here is the first promo image of Eve for the relaunched [...]

  • The D-Ring top and the jeans are hot…but the top at the top,lol, is kinda avg for Eve’s status.

  • La'Tina says:

    For all the haters who are such experts at fashion, do you have a designer line !? I think not! Eve is doing the damn thang and its all because she has haters like you to motivate her! Big Ups to Eve!! The new line is the shiiit! Ive been waiting for Fetish to arrive back on the scene for a while. Thanks Dr. Jays!! Good business move you’ll see!!!

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  • I will like to thank everyone for a successful career in this game , also remember for all your entertainment news, updates and gossip hit me up on http://www.street/williams/jay/says.com / http://www.thebogartemg.com /www.clubbogard.com / http://www.hampallure.com we got all the entertainment connections. GET CONNECTED.

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