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Breaking News: 50 Cent relaunches G Unit Clothing

Submitted by on September 11, 2008 – 2:18 pm48 Comments

50 Cent and son Marquis Jackson in G Unit Clothing

DrJays.com exclusively broke the news of the G-Unit Clothing/Ecko Unlimited partnership deal shutting down earlier this year.

We can now reveal the two successful fashion companies have decided to re-join forces, and a new-look G Unit line will launch with a Spring 2009 collection.

According to a promotional package presented to potential buyers, the end of this year is a big one for 50 Cent, and the revamped G Unit Clothing brand will tie in heavily with his numerous ventures.

“Concentrated around Black Friday, November 28, 2008, we will see a new album, films, tour, book, video game and the launch of additional lifestyle products,” the package states.

“50 Cent will integrate G Unit Clothing into all aspects of his life and professional activities.”

Check back for the Spring 2009 collection of G Unit Clothing on DrJays.com.

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  • Rick Lexington says:

    I hope he has more control over it or something. Cause the rebadged ecko 2ndary clothing isn’t cutting it.

  • rachy says:

    why don’t he just forget the whole brand, it’s so boring!!

  • MACK mANE says:


  • [...] to Dr.Jay’s Blog, 50 Cent and Ecko Unlimited are re-launching the G-Unit clothing line. We can now reveal the two [...]

  • Judo Naga Silver Medalist says:

    Who cares.

  • STOP HATERS says:


  • [...] Cent’s business dealings including the relaunch of G-Unit Clothing. Thanks to Boss Lady and Dr. Jays for the heads up on this. Related Posts:Photos of 50 Cent on set of “Streets of [...]

  • [...] to Dr.Jay’s Blog, 50 Cent and Ecko Unlimited are re-launching the G-Unit clothing line. We can now reveal the two [...]

  • Branson says:

    50 Is Doing Everything He Can Do To Stop That G-Unit Ship From Sinking…LoL…Its Doomed

  • Reg UK Rep says:

    ggggggg unot.that shit is dead. give it a rest 5.0

  • Shay says:

    I live in california and i see lots of guys wearing g-unit clothes and i’ve even recently noticed a lot of women carrying around the g-unit purses and rocking the clothes.

    I can’t lie, some of the stuff is fly. I would rock em.

  • A.D.B. says:

    Some of it was nice, I mean when the shoes first came out like four years ago, the reeboks, I got a pair of those, and I’m glad they did. I hate how good shoes never end up coming back. I loved the oldschool Reebok line just because it was so comfy, like no joke. I had them Allen Iverson low-tops, them S. Carter hi-tops, which I still get compliments from even though they sit in my garage, and them G-Units, just because of how well-designed it was, compared to them Kanye West shoes. I will admit, like half of the G-unit clothing game was WHACK, but then the other half just made u think like wow this brand is powerful. I see alot of women still wearing G-Unit and it really surprises me how well the women’s line worked out compared to the men’s. REEBOK, IF U R HEARING THIS, BRING BACK THE 2004-2007 SHOE GAME. BRING BACK THE G-UNITS, S. CARTERS, DADDY YANKEES, AND THOSE ALLEN IVERSONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY CRUSH A BATHING APE SHOE ANY DAY.

  • Melissa says:

    It’s not bad. I might buy some for my boyfriend. Hey Boo!!!

  • noel says:

    i cant front i had an g-unit tee when i was like 17 and im 21 now time to let good things come to an end just like im bout to quit on urban fashion period
    i will cop some akoo tees tho other than im going ralph on em lol

  • Big $ound says:

    Ayo on the real, im excited bout this. here in Queens you already know evrybody had maaad G-Unit gear. Im still rockin tehy old stuff but im glad they relauchin cuz im ready for new stuff. and btw, for yall n***as that sayin that G-Unit clothing flopped, y’all must not know much cuz the 1st year they made sumtn like 120 mill and then theyre annual income wuz like 65 mill since then

  • yung albino says:

    50 is dead to the game, nothing he does will ever bring back the G-unit era.


  • rachy says:

    just becoz they made such and such moneu doesnt mean it’s selling well, you’ll find alot of g-unit in the sales because no one wants it

  • Money Bags says:

    G-Unit made profits off over $75 million every year it was in business.
    More than Roc-a-wear.

    Not all of 50′s money came from Vitamin Water. He already had like $200 milllion before that.

    The kid 50 is a hustla. Dont be mad your not. Just follow 50, you might learn something.

  • Money Bags says:

    ^^^ ***G-Unit cloting line made $75 million every year

  • Shay says:

    rachy, sweatheart, all clothing eventually goes on sale. Go to every section on drjays.com and if it’s not brand new, it’s on sale.

  • JakeTheSnake says:

    Finally G Unit Clothing Is Back i’ve Been Waiting For 50 Cent And Marc Ecko To Get Back Together And Make A New Line Of G Unit Clothing


  • Luxury Life says:

    Sounds good and all but I could neva wear G unit and be taken seriously wat up Rick Russ and Chaz

  • Urban G says:


    Thanks 4 tha Update Dr Jay

  • Urban G says:

    !Shit! so thats why itz been so hard 2 find G-UNIT CLOTHING
    !thanx 4 tha update Doc!

  • Lonnie D says:

    Two words: Hi Haters!

  • tee says:


  • 50 Cent’s Newest Tactic: Swagger Jacking Eminem…

    50 Cent’s renewed attack on Kanye West is tired but it sure gave 50 Cent a lot of press. Still, it simply reminds me that he’s a loser. That said, I’m impressed by 50′s audacious move to benefit from public interest in the possible return of Eminem…

  • Gangstar says:

    The G unit 2007 summer collection wuz great! I’l been waiting for the new collection just becouse i wanna see the new style! when they droppin’ some great stuff i will buy some.

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  • Mariah says:

    I hope its fly

  • Mz.Style_Icon says:

    I mean I never wore anything g-unit..plus 50 has alot to do if he’s thinking about redeemin’ himself as a artist or business man.

  • if 50s clothing is lame
    then why does he make money off of it
    even ppl who dont like g-unit were caught wearing g-unit
    sdfu you have no idea wat is hot nd wat is wack
    but g-unit clothing for women is so cute
    i always roc g-unit clothing
    i should make ma own clothing tho with g-unit called
    G-unit Baby Girl
    holla at me

  • Gangstar says:

    Looking 4 nice clothes? The new and old styles? So check it out phatlife.com! That is real! I order every clothes from drjays and phatlife!

  • I follow your posts for a long time and should tell that your articles are always valuable to readers.

  • makaveli says:

    What a interesting post. thanks for updating us. you did a great job, keep posting!


  • katrina says:

    i love 50cent, ive loved him since he became famous. I hope to see him one day in australia, because im his biggest fan!!

  • katrina says:

    G-unit clothes are mad, i love them so much that i even wear the clothes.
    50Cent i hope to see you one day, because i love everythink you done and became. I love your songs and everythink!

    plllllzzzz 50cent you are the best rapper going and i love you. xoxoxoxox

  • kaine says:

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  • [...] Breaking News: 50 Cent relaunches G Unit Clothing | DrJays.com … [...]

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