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Vote for us at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors

Submitted by on September 18, 2008 – 8:46 am13 Comments

Vote for DrJays.com to win “Best Hip Hop Gear” site at the 2008 VH1 Hip Hop Honors

In 2007 VH1 debuted the “Best Hip Hop Gear” category in conjunction with their annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors celebration.

DrJays.com won the award (thanks to everyone who voted) and we’re up for nomination again this year.

Click HERE to vote for this year’s award and keep your favorite shopping site the reigning champs!

The 2008 VH1 Hip Hop Honors premieres on October 6 at 10/9c on VH1.

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  • Rick Lexington says:

    ok I’ll be voting

  • Rick Lexington says:

    and what the hell is up with the google rap thing?

  • bews says:


    more exclusives,

    who honestly wears phat farm, rocawear, sean john, ad ecko anymore?

  • FoxyBrownIsCrazy says:

    Hate to burst your bubble “bews” but obviously a lot of people still wear those brands, otherwise this site wouldn’t be as popular as it is (amongst all their other brands).

    Don’t hate on others for the sole reason they’re not you; it’s a sad waste of time.

    I’m voting for DrJays now :)

  • Naomiii says:

    I voted but I was disappointed to see hiphop closet is winning…I never went on their website untill today and it sucks…people vote for dr.jays please!!!

  • Luxury Life says:

    I like dr jays and karmaloop in that order wat up rick russ and chaz!!!

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Yeah I noticed that too naomi. I was like ok, peeped it out and that site was bunk. I’ve seen bootleggers in inglewood with better setups than that site. Can you imagine if they win and people go on that site, thinking it’s the best site. Oh man :( .

    Bews… negro shut the f up lol. Honestly who still blah blah blah. When you have room to talk… then do, but you don’t, so you shouldn’t. Who is you?

    Whaddup lux, russ and chaz.

  • Stephanie J says:

    Rick Lex and Naomii Sounds like yall are Haters all the site on the list are actually good and Hip Hop Closet actually has a lot of hot Pelle Leathers and other winter coats that Dr Jays doesn’t have. But you know it is all in opinion I go on all those sites they are all hot.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    I’m not hating i’m just stating how I see it. I looked on there and the set up was boo boo i’m sorry. But if you want me to hate then I’ll point more ish out.

    1. Dr jay’s doesn’t have the pelle leathers (btw most are jank). But they do have other better leathers, winter coats etc. Also if you want to go that route dr. jays has a gang of stuff brands and or styles that hip hop closet doesn’t have.

    2. To be honest 95% of the stuff on that site I can find at the local mall store/kios, korean hookup spot etc. Nothing really special. You don’t see that going on here that much if at all.

    3. Their site setup is bunk i’m sorry it is. Search engine is lacking The quality of pictures look like it was off a camera phone. The pics are just placed where ever. There’s a lack of description of the product or even detailed pics of the product or other color options. In other words at least dr. jays gives a damn.

    4. I’ll give them the custom sir force sneaks. That’s about it.

    5. The site is closed minded on what hip hop stuff should be sold. Dr jays has a broader perspective on hip hop clothes

    6. Dr. jays dominates on customer service, quality and quantity and listens to the people.

    7. Where’s their blog etc. Dr jays keeps branching out.

    If hip hop closet had a better site I would say so. I’m not employed by dr. jays. I just beleive in support a good place but won’t do so blindly. Karmaloop site is good to and so is club urban. Eyecandy looks like they’re biting the pics from dr. jays lol. I just don’t want people thinking some weak site is the best clothing site hiphop has to offer.

  • Stephanie J says:

    yeah u know everything is not for everybody.

    All of Dr Jays stuff is in the Malls I go to also. I don’t know where you are but I shop all over and I have yet to see something really exclusive on here that I have not seen in Macys, Burlington, Jimmy Jazz, Up Against the Wall etc so if u want to look like everyone else then this site is cool for u. I bought some stuff from DrJays never wore it and this was years ago. It just wasn’t what I expected. Those Air Force ones on Hip Hop Closet are hot though.

    Karmaloop used to be DrJays because when u click on a pic it wouldn’t let u buy anything it would just say available to purchase at DrJays. I don’t know what that was about.

    Blogging is really played out to me and if I am shopping I am not blogging like right now I am not shopping. I go to other sites for entertainment. But like I said everyone has thier opinion.

    I never just shop at one spot they are all good in thier own way and I don’t think that anyone will really care who wins this stupid thing except you and Naomii. I know I don’t care if I see something I like I buy it. All that mombo jumbo about Machine Wash and zippers here and zippers there I don’t read any of that anyway doesn’t matter to me. I can see the picture.

    I didn’t think you were employed by DrJays that would be wack. I mean really do you think that anyone is going to say OK this poll says they are the best so I will only buy from them? I think consumers are smarter then that. I know I am. I will still support all if they have something I like. It is obvious that we like different things and there are billions of people in this world that all like different things so I can respect that.

    I just know that I can’t really vouch for DrJays being the best they are cool but there are things that I don’t like about this site, like this blog it is a waste of time and space. There is just too much stuff on this site it gives me a headache (I like boutique shopping better the big department stores have to much variety it makes my head spin lol) But if you really want to talk about the best hip hop clothing sites there are several others out there that are not even on that list that have clothes that are hot. It is all a matter of opinion. Respect all votes.

    Peace and Love to ya and don’t hate so much branch out. Just kidding don’t fly off the handle.

  • Naomiii says:

    Im not even hating…I am not basing my opinion on the clothing because to be honest with you once I saw how the website was organized I didn’t even bother looking at the clothes it doesn’t even seem like a website I would trust especially for the fact that I am from Toronto,Canada and I’m not even sure about their international shipping rates so I’m just gonna stick with Dr. Jays to me they are always getting new things in and their prices are reasonable.

    By the way we don’t have Macy’s, Burlington, Jimmy Jazz or Up Against the Wall here so I ain’t worried about looking like everyone else…

    But like I said I’m not hating on hip hop closet I’m just trying to show love to Dr.Jays hopefully some how hip hop closet will see this and I hope they will decide to organize their website better and I might even become a customer :) but until then I’m sticking to Dr.Jays and Karmaloop.

  • Rick Lexington says:


    Thanks for letting me know about karmaloop lol. As for areas I live in cali. I shop at more places than dr. jays. I go to different shops. If I didn’t I obviously couldn’t say that all their stuff is there. Wow the stuf is over at macy’s that’s funny I haven’t seen it at macy’s or their site and I have a gold card with them. Nordstrom same thing, not there, up against the wall I was there cause I had an ex that hooked me up and other places they’re not there either. As a matter of fact i’ve had people that work in stores ask me where I got my stuff at. A lot of people compliment me and jock my style. I’ve yet to see anyone look like me. And that’s the main reason why I shop at dr. jays. I can tell you the brands that will be at each place.

    If blogging is played then why are you on the bloooooog? Oh yeah *cough* hate *cough*. And don’t play like your not careing on who will win. If you didn’t then why you hating. lol. I’m not sure how you can settle with the fuzzyish pics and in most cases lack of pics but that’s you. The description is for your own good because different fabrics/designs/patterns/fitting that one picture doesn’t pick up. Especially not a good one. I can tell you don’t read the descriptions because it doesn’t say anything about machine wash etc. But you should care about that unless you like shrunken or other suprises in your clothes. I’m wondering what else have you been yanking out of your butt there.

    I mentioned me not being an employee just in case. I think I would like working for dr. jays though lol. And yes a lot of people are that stupid. Sorry to say but from some of the stuff your saying, your fitting in that category ( a lot of things your saying is contradicting). People in this world have the inability to accept more than one thing as being good. Even when selling they say this is better than that blah blah. It’s like “oh this is in so everything else sucks or ok “this site is no1 by vh1 so i’m going to go here” but then they see it’s some amaturish ish and think that’s the top we got to offer. You can call it bandwagoning or fanboiing.

    If the blog is a waste of time then don’t post. I really don’t see how you can be confused by this site but think hip hop closet is easier. It’s so much easier here. It’s all categorized. Did I mention the quick shipping time. good lord lol.

    But for a person who says respect all votes, you puttin salt on dr. jays butta. Nope i’m not freaking out and I shop at a lot of places.

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