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Limited Edition COOGI cap now available

Submitted by on October 15, 2008 – 9:10 am26 Comments

Limited Edition Royalty Cap by COOGI ($90)

This just in – a Special Edition hat by COOGI.

  • Comes in an exclusive collectible Coogi gift box with lurex twisted handles, satin lining, gold foil script logo on interior and magnetic faux snap closure.
  • All-over ornate lurex style stitching with lurex script logo across face of cap.
  • Gold foil screen printed detail with pieced looped lurex trim across back trim of cap.
  • Gold coin detail on top tip of cap with Coogi style studs.
  • Satin interior lining with all-over gold foil screen printed script log.
  • Gold foil screen printed design on inner and outer side of visor with stud embellishment.
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  • Ashlii says:

    Thats HOT

  • maze says:

    I just donno why people would pay $90.00 just becasue of that Box, cuz basic that’s the only thing that distinguish from other hats, com’on people, at least have some compation for yo supporters, the economy is F.. bad

  • maze says:

    I’m sure yo ddin’t spent more than $10, to make this hat I’m including the box also, its probably from China, so think again and re-price this stuff

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Why are you buggin on the price of the hat? Stop putting salt on it. The design of the hat is what seperates it from other hats. Find the loop on other hats. I thing the giant coogi and designs around it will distinguish it from others. Your doging it then asking for a lower price isn’t going to help. You don’t even know where it’s made at. Do you even have anything from coogi?

    Ok I paid $45 dollars for an airsoft mask that was probablymade in china. The team that I was on used it and it was a good mask. The guy next to me was stunned at the price and he said to me that I could probably go to china and get it for 10 cents. I turned around and said yeah I could, but how much does it cost to go to china? Everyone laughed.

    I don’t care where the product is made as long as it’s with good quality. And if you want to get into processes etc I’ll be glad too.

    Economy is hurtin me too you don’t see me doggin companies for high prices. All I gotta say is wait for it to go on sale lol.

    It get’s me when people say that this product is the same as another and just go off saying it’s all the same but with a higher tag. That’s not allways true. They don’t take the cut, design and fabric into hand. Which reminds me to wear my lrg shirt to piss this one girl off.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Oh and that hat is hot.

  • Arican says:

    The hat is to bling bling for me I don’t like the style …

    LoL – not the price is funny but the fact who many people earn money by selling it.
    1st The Chines Manufacturer
    2nd The Spedition
    3rd The Transport Company
    4th The COOGI brand
    5th USA Coogi dealer
    6th The second Transport Company
    7th … and finally Drjays.com

    The manufacturer got probably 5cent on one hat…
    Buying one hat you support about 1000 people – LoL – that’s a good deed

  • noel says:

    rick i agree man when something cost like that much for an hat i always think of it as me buyin shoes or something i mean if u like it u like it fuck how much it cost

  • BIGGY says:


  • Luxury Life says:


  • yung albino says:

    Not really feeling the look on this one now if New Era and Coogi were to do say a few t-shirt and fitted collabos I wouldn’t mind

  • Sher Sher says:

    They should have kept it a little more simple especially with the gold

  • t-bone says:

    (maze ) everything is made in china,people bitchin over 90dollar hat lol,go shop at walmart if it bugs you that much,you can get your 10dollar hat there baller!!!!people on here go on and on and on ,fu#k give it a rest.what you want a hat made in japen,itlay lol you would really be bitchin then at the price ,so wack!!!!!this kind of stuff not for peps like you boy boy!!!

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Yeah I feel what your sayin lux. Yung that would be a good colab too.

    For the people talking about oh it’s made in china blah blah blah. I support american product, but mostly I support good products and companies. Don’t really care bout the origins of such.

    Contrary to popular belief you can have a good product from china. It’s all in R&D and QA. One factory doesn’t have the same standards or process as the other. And to think that all companies from china have the same process for all clothes is foolish. Some companies have stricter demands than the other. If they don’t meet it, then the company deals with another. Some companies won’t pay as much for a higher quality and they’ll take whatever comes to them.

    So as long as coogi comes out with a product with a consistant good cut, durable, quality fabric that lasts, I really don’t see what the problem is.

  • Mommy says:

    What get it if it was New Era. Coogi need to team up with them

  • 9o$ for a fitted
    i dont care what brand it is
    The most im paying for a fitted is 30$

  • but its cute
    im digging it

  • 561 says:

    dam that fire i guess fubu is never gone…fubu owns coogi.cronwolder.drunken monkey i forgot which one else they owe

  • L0'renz says:


  • Maze says:

    WOW, lol I didn’t know that my comment upseted people, that wasn’t my intention Rick Lexington, just being honest, and the chinese comment it wasn’t because things made in china has not quality, that’s not true, whatever we’re using in USA comes from china ( most of the things) I said that because price is really cheap and people in here want to get 4X the profit, on this hat beside the Coogi name, whatelse is there to have that price? and Rick Lexington don’t be mad it’s just a question, since you’re acting as Coogi spoke person I’ve been in China several time and I can break you down the prices over there, but dont’ worry people will still buying, that’s democracy, I have to say what I gotta say, aight!!!!


  • Obskure says:

    GARBAGE….i’ll leave this hat for the little kids who think they’re all baller status cuz it looks more like a poser cap. too much bling.

  • Reeseycup247 says:

    ON GOD DAZ HOTTT SO FYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick Lexington says:

    maze… shhhh shhhh shhh. LOL. I’m not upset about anything, it’s a blog and you write, I was INFORMING people. But really though, please come back when you have some proof behind that talk. All the numbers your throwing up are speculation. Your trying to sound like you know what your talking about, if your going to say things such as this site making “4X” the amount then you SHOULD have the amount of how much the hat is. Or “I know it’s not more than $10″. Not the whole talk of next time you go down there you’ll get a run down of the price lmao. Again it’s not me being mad it’s basic rules that if your going to say something have proof.

    Truth is money talks, BS walks and your skipping, that’s how much of what you say is full of it. There’s no set price till the amount of product you want and the process is discussed. You have none of that. I’ve been doing business with people who deal with companies from china and taiwan making their product. Your comeing with some talk that you hear from another dude on the street.

    What’s funny is you tried to throw politics in it to try and sound smart lol. Yeah we’re in a recession. But it’s not like you need a hat, if you can’t afford it then get a black new era. Hell to save more money don’t buy a fitted lol. Don’t try to dog the companies while saying your a supporter and then tell them to re price the product. That’s classless man. Plus it’s not going to work. Your saying the hat’s not all that yet you want them to lower the price so you can get it. I’ve seen the same tactic on other boards and it’s just tacky and sad.

    PS… nice try lol

  • LadyPrecious. says:

    YAY. I love this hat. It is amazing gorgeous. I don’t know why you guys are worried about price. Its about durability. Its not about baller status its just what looks nice to your eyes. Like this hate is to mines.

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