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Diddy buys Enyce

Submitted by on October 22, 2008 – 1:13 pm19 Comments


In a strategic move designed to potentially give him presence in the price-point market, Diddy has announced his purchase of Enyce.

The Sean John king allegedly bought the brand for $20 million from Liz Claiborne, Inc. The sale also includes Enyce’s higher-tier brand, RSRV.

“We’re going to retool and make it completely different from our Sean John line, which is still the mothership brand,” Diddy told AllHipHop.com. “But with respect to the economic conditions many face, this offers us the opportunity to supply a quality fashion brand at a lower price point.”

Enyce was founded in 1996 by Tony Shellman, Evan Davis and Lando Felix, who are currently behind Parish Clothing. Diddy eagerly expressed his respect and admiration for the brand’s original creators. “I’m extremely excited about this purchase, and since my boy Tony Shellman used to own it gives me more motivation to do right by it.

“Above all, as a black businessman I want to keep inspiring the African-American community to keep moving forward and pursuing opportunities in business. Black entrepreneurship and wealth building is very important to me and I want the youth and everyone to know these goals are attainable to them as well.”

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  • victoria says:

    i didnt kno that Enyce was a line of Liz Claiborn, thats crazy

  • Rick Lexington says:

    All I gotta say is I hope I still like enyce after all is said and done. Cause the only sean john gear I get is dress shirts, ties, cufflinks, etc. I’m not really feelin their street gear except for a no bitchassness that I wear when I work out that was bought by a homegirl.

    Diddy cool and all but I’m just sayin lol. Whaddup lux, russ, chaz and yung.

  • yung albino says:

    Enyce had really looked bad before I wonder how much more fallin off you can do?

    Whats good Rick just chillin like I do

  • Naomiii says:

    I hope Diddy can save Enyce cause recently the quality and everything about the line has been really bad

  • b says:

    hopefully he brings the label up again

  • chantel says:

    diddy b3tt@ work dis out th3 only thing i [email protected] 3nyc3 i$ @ jump $uit @nd [email protected]$ it diddy n33d$ to st3p th3r3 [email protected] up

  • chantel says:

    on3 l@$t thing [email protected] up kiki [email protected], cori [email protected],j john$on, [email protected]$,[email protected] Porsh,[email protected],[email protected] Boy, and etc

  • DollyDagger says:

    I think Puff is going to bring out the best to this line
    Enyce does look kinda wack(some of the clothes-not all of them)I love he’s style….because he know cut,fit,&what real
    true fashion heads want.Sean John has a more grown up
    approach to fashion,that’s what urban clothing needs.You
    can’t stay on the block forever….it’s time our young,black&
    beautiful people to step outside the box of white tees,bead
    dazzy,trashy lookin styles.Reform&Refind our looks,so that
    we all can be successful.Cause looks are every thing,you only
    get one try to make a first impression!!!!!
    Peace&Blessings for the NEW PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED
    YA DIG

  • RSX says:

    Enyce >>> Sean John

    He better not eff it up.

  • Luxury Life says:

    Enyce is ok it aint nothing to wow about maybe diddy can step it up for them wat up Rick Russ and Chaz

  • gunot says:

    what why did he do that? liz claiborne is actually smart for doing that even though she bought the brand for 100 plus millions..

  • CHAZMUNNY says:

    I Dont Know, Its Been A While For ENYCE, Maybe Diddy Can Bring It Back? Only Time Will Tell. Whaddup Rick Lux And Russ!

  • UncleMc says:


    Hold it down on that eNYCe
    True HEADs will buy trust that….

  • Gucci says:

    Enyce???? come on puff fix yourself up man.

  • RAW says:

    damn diddy juh keep on makin more n more $, i liked a lil bit of enyce b4 so hopefully he can make it better i doubt it tho its juh fena b da same shit idk well juh have to c

  • Dave says:

    Diddy has did it again…..I’m not hatin’ on that. I guess that purchasing Enyce will make him some money. I don’t really know, for I’m not a fan of the label. but only time will tell. In fairness, I still dig Sean John, although their classic shirts costs like $30.00 or more (depending on their design).

    Sean John is like the black Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren, for their designs are not too “hood” (like Fubu) and not too “preppy”. In fact, it’s actually a good and balanced mix. You can hang out in the hood wearin’ a SJ denim short and shirt while kickin’ back with the homies or you can go out to a club or fancy restaurant wearing a long sleeved shirt and nice pair of jeans. As my brother said, “dress up for an occasion.”

  • A.D.B. says:

    I love the Enyce brand, and I bet it is those who are hating on it who also go out wearing these nuthuggers and tightass gay shirts trying to bring the 80s back. Enyce is for grown men, and is much more respectable in my mind than some of these other sad companies coming out. Enyce brings out some creativity, but just enough to keep it grown, and thats what I like about it. If Diddy messes it up, he’s done. I have like 8 Enyce shirts, and half of them are polos, so I mean like I truly respect the brand, and am always eyeing it, so you guys can keep complaining until you’re like 35 and still wearing purple shirts. AND UMMA DO ME.

  • What It Do says:

    Diddy buys Enyce

    Now thats whats happening. I see you Diddy.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Yeah I like enyce and they now have a good consistant cut with good quality. I have enyce shirts and most of them are polos. I even have some enyce shirts from years ago that I wear for casual and working out. The collars on them are great quality. For a min they kin

    I like sean john cause it grew with it’s original customer fan base while getting newer generations. So while you have the street gear, you also have the same people who wore streat now rockin comfortable corporate atire while adding flavor to it without sticking out like a sore thumb.

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