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T.I. votes for the first time

Submitted by on October 29, 2008 – 2:39 pm15 Comments


T.I. voted for the first time in Atlanta today, casting an early ballot in favor of…(place your bets!).

TI is the national spokesperson of the RESPECT MY VOTE! non-partisan Get Out The Vote initiative, created by Reverend Lennox Yearwood, Jr. and the Hip Hop Caucus (HHC).

According to a press release:

With his prior difficulties with the law, TI has made it his point to emphasize that, while he thought he was ineligible to vote, others needed to get out to the polls to make a difference in their lives and their communities. Recently, he did further research on his own and discovered he was, in fact, still eligible to vote. Going to the polls early this morning in Atlanta, Georgia, was a transformative experience for him.

“Feels like I’ve taken advantage of my right to become a part of the democracy,” T.I. said. “It was definitely worth standing in line and doing all the things people complain about voting. I think it’s more than worth it.”

“The significance of T.I.’s leadership should not be underestimated,” emphasized Dr. Benjamin Chavis, President/CEO of HSAN. “T.I. has emerged as an effective national leader, inspiring millions of young people to vote in the 2008 elections. ”

People are showing up in record numbers (more than 12 million Americans so far) to cast their votes before the November 4 election date.

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  • A.D.B. says:

    Thats good! Everyone should get out and vote. Just a note: if you think Obama has enough votes and so 1 vote wouldn’t matter, consider this: do you honestly think the media is going to support him? Of course they’re gong to fluff up his numbers and make McCain seem like the poor guy so that less people will go out which means a win for McCain. So all I have to say is GET OUT AND VOTE. If McCain wins, I’m moving to Canada and revoking my U.S. citizenship. Period.

  • yung albino says:

    Get out and Vote if I was 18 I’d be out and support the only candidate who wants to make the problems we face easier in the future easier for my generation and those behind mine

  • Eric says:

    There’s no way that McCain can beat him. We have the most polutation of black voters thats allowing to vote this year. Im really amazed that we made it to here and we can can change everything.

    Obama 08′ let’s make change America

  • trent says:

    obama is going to win…the people are tired of bullshit….

  • Luxury Life says:

    Wat you mean Eric??? In 2000 nobody though bush could beat Gore but he won Florida then……. Well you know what happened so dont count your votes before it over because there wont be a clear cut winner for weeks and its not going to be a landslide victory just do your part and vote make sure your friends and family vote cuz as much as you want change plenty dont!!!

  • V.A. NIGGA says:

    i cosign with luxury life and i saw on cnn that they having slight problems with florida again i find it odd though lets see mccain is cool with bush they both support the same politics and also isn’t bush brother the governer of florida hmmmmmmmmmmmm? fuck it im still voting but if mccain win im straight leaving america and going to live in brazil with my dad right after i get me some free jordans at footlocker cause niggas gon be rioting and looting hard all over the u.s.

  • Soulja Girl says:

    Hey that is awesome that he voted everyone should that can, we were learning that in school.

  • PoloSweata says:

    Ya’ll are crazy to think just because McCain is a republican that he’s cool with bush! And do the same things bush is doing. Bush is a crook!!! Stop looking at the political party and the color of his skin. Most of the youth today couldn’t even tell what each persons political views are. If you’re going to vote for Obama thats awesome. I want everyone to have their voice heard! But vote because you have took the grown approach and educated up on both people and not because he has the same skin color as you. Remember he is just as much white as he is black!! Oh yeah just to let you know I will be voting for Obama! And I’m white! And Republican! Remember stupidity does excuse education!

  • Chris J The Genius says:

    PoloSweata, it’s more than the party affiliation and the race of McCain. It’s the voting record, the handshakes and hug on the white house steps, the similarity on the issue of the war in Iraq, the BUSH tax cuts that he wants to make permanent, the fact that his taxes represent trickle-down economics (which Bush advocated) and the overall fact that he seems to be more focused on helping businesses than families and individuals. Yeah, we black folks are happy to have a Brotha running for Prez (I am especially proud to say that he is the antithesis to every stereotype that they have about Black men, his wife is ditto for the stereotypes about Sistas, and his family as a whole is intact which is in stark contrast to the stereotypes about Blacks when it comes to families, parenting in general, and fatherhood in particular) but I believe that we deserve a little more credit than what you’ve given us. I am glad to see that you stepped across both racial and party lines to vote the truth because you believe Obama is the best man for the job (a VERY respectful and courageous thing to do which you are to be commended for). Even though we’re his color, it doesn’t mean that we failed to come to the very same conclusion and instead based our decisions ONLY on the fact that Obama is (half) Black. Case in point: how many Blacks do you see (or have you ever seen, for that matter) getting out the vote for Alan Keyes?

  • polosweata says:

    Chris J,
    First off…I would like to say that you are truly impressive. I wish all voters were just like you! Young voters like you will be the reason that this country will get better as time moves on. It’s just frustrating to watch shows on TV like the BET Awards and see people like Ice Cube say “Vote Black!” and others say this is our election! I truly see it as everyones election. We need to be in this together for the right reasons. And for Alan Keyes…he’s no Obama! lol. Take care Chris J and Barrack the Vote!!!!!

  • TheCoolistNi**a says:

    I’m glad he was able to vote and did so.

  • Chris J the Genius says:

    Thanks for a great discussion, PoloSweata. It’s always nice to have an intelligent conversation (or thread) with someone…

  • Dave P. says:

    I’m really glad that T.I. did vote, although the concept of ppl who had a felony can’t vote, but he did.

  • dead&gon3 says:

    cool!!!! =D yeahhh

  • Felons moving up in the world….but its good to see everybody is giving a second chance…great look TIP

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