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Naomi Campbell chased by fur protesters

Submitted by on December 11, 2008 – 10:58 am15 Comments

Naomi Campbell was approached by fur protesters as she left her Dublin hotel.

Do you think it’s wrong to wear real fur?

Images: The YBF

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  • im sorry i might get some backlash from this but i can’t stand over the top animal rights group specially peta yes i agree animals shouldn’t be treated harshly or abused unfairly, but when u start to place animal life over human life then thats what upsets me animals act on instinct humans think point blank period.

  • yung albino says:

    animals are living things like us i swear i’ll mess somebody up if i see’em beating thy dog but if i’m going to wear fur i’d like to know that the animal didn’t suffer

  • stand^guy says:

    As long as the world spins there are going to be people who have strong convictions about things and I’ll agree with the first comment about people being over the top as if animal life comes before human life and close with this we are all free to wear and do as we please but common courtesy should be shown and you shouldn’t approach someone in a direct manner where it may appear as if they need to defend themselves from potential physical violence because you simply don’t agree with what they choose to wear as much as you respect animals show the same respect for others

  • Rick Lexington says:

    I agree with human. When it starts to become animal over human it’s too far. Would I wear real fur… I’m not into the fur thing, probably never will be. I’ll wear leather and lambskin like a mother tho. I think these groups go to far in hitting up famous people just to get attention. Now it’s to the point where we can’t drill or do certain things for survival in certain areas because some semi cute bird lives there. So it effects everyone. If the roles were reversed the animals wouldn’t give a damn.

  • jbeezy says:

    The funny thing is I don’t even see here wearing fur when they approached her. That would piss me off having people up on me like that.

    If you live in Alaska or somewhere else ridiculously cold, fur may be a good choice.

  • Dave P. says:

    Well, i’m not a PETA fan and fan of fur, and never will be, but animal rights groups have gone too far. I know the fact that some animal species are getting close to extinction and it’s understandable, we had to protect them for future generations. However, they do really extreme things to get their point across.

    here’s my two cents: Although we had freedom of speech and expression, we shouldn’t abuse it, even though it’s for a sake of animals. I don’t mind eating a big fat juicy steak, wearing lambskin shoes, or crispy fried chicken as long as they don’t slaughter them by mixing cyanide in their food, slitting their necks or electrocuting them. As for animals are used in labs for testing for a lipstick or gas or getting dissected alive, i’m not into that. that’s my ponit of view.

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  • Tawann says:

    I don’t know how Naomi Campbell can look at those photos and walk away laughing. We need to speak up for the children and the animals because they can’t defend themselves. Just because we’re bigger and stronger doesn’t make it right for us to hurt and abuse them.

    Nobody’s putting animal lives over human lives. Both have value. If the history of this country teaches us anything it’s that nobody has the right to say, “it’s just an animal, who cares if it’s in pain.” There was a time when white people said that about slaves. We shouldn’t be copying their behavior.

    Don’t even get me started on Michael Vick.

  • I definitely agree with you there. Well said.


  • Chris J the Genius says:

    I’m cool wit Tawann’s comment as long as we’re not comparing ourselves as black people to animals, ya dig? ***I know that’s not what she meant but the temptation was too great – sorry*** Anyway, I was just gonna say that Naomi has some serious problems that these protesters did not seem prepared to effectively handle. Seriously, this chick frequently spazzes out and beats people up. She’s been arrested for it multiple times. They could’ve wound up walking home with picket signs up their @sses for real.

  • Jim says:

    Animal Rights go hand in hand with every other kind of rights.
    To Respect the rights of a rights holder is respecting the rights of all other rights holders.
    Most of us will agree that both humans and non human animals can experience pain and exploitation.
    Rights are like a protective barrier which no one can breach without the permission of the rights holder.
    Respecting the rights of animals are the only way to ensure that that animal does not experience pain or cruelty.
    It is not a matter of putting non human animals interests above human interests. It is simple a case of respecting rights. Where there is a conflict of rights the primary rights (eg bodily integrity) should overcome secondary rights (right to choose to wear the skin of another animal).
    The animal rights movement does not ask for many rights to be respected. One philosopher calls just for one; The Right Not To Be Property.
    However this right may be added to by 3 or more:
    The Right not to be Murdered (this should not be confused with how a wild animal kills another animal.)
    The Right to Bodily Integrity;
    And the Right to Freedom.
    Most use of non human animals today come from human desires that disrespect the rights of animals.
    No human needs to wear the skin or hair of another animal.
    No human needs to wear silk.No human needs to eat the flesh of another animal.
    No human needs to consume the milk or eggs of another animal.
    No human needs to use another animal, without their consent, for their own pleasure.
    No human needs another animal, without their permission, to test chemicals or psychological theories on. (There is alot of information on this particular area and I dare say someone will reply that we do need to. But I would ask that this issue is looked into from an impartial view. Look beyond the words of the pharmaceutical companies who earn hundreds of billions off the use of animals in this way each year. Just bear this question in mind as you do so; Is the use of animals the only possibility?)
    Our use of non human animals also directly impact on humans, which brings me back to the point that respecting rights for one respects rights for all.
    An example is our consumption of animal flesh. This directly ignores the rights of all 4 of the rights listed above for the animal directly used. But it also impacts severely on the lives of humans. Each day 30,000 human babies die from hunger related issues. The UN states that 842 million people in the world suffer from chronic hunger. By choosing to impregnate an animal, a cow for example, just so we can eat the flesh of her calf we have made a choice to use between 10 to 20 times the vegetables needed for one meal from vegetables to make one meal from flesh. Of course there are more portions than one from a bull calf, so that number needs to be multiplied by the 10 to 20 amount (depending on the vegetable used).
    The Cow, the calf and the 9 to 19 people who will die from the use of that first flesh based meal will not be grateful that none of their rights were respected. (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Art 25 (1) cites a right to food.)
    Respecting Rights benefits every rights holder.
    See: (http://www.abolitionistapproach.com/)

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