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Is Dallas Austin really that stupid?

Submitted by on December 18, 2008 – 4:10 pm25 Comments

Dallas Austin

Back in July 2006, Grammy award-winning producer/songwriter Dallas Austin pleaded guilty to drug charges in Dubai, after Dubai Airport authorities found more than a gram of cocaine in his luggage when he landed.

Although he was facing a four-year prison sentence, Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashad Al Maktoum gave Austin a surprise royal pardon and allowed him to travel home to the United States.

Fast forward to earlier today, when we received a press release promoting Austin’s new sneaker. The kicks are named Rowdy after his record label and the release’s headline read “Blunts and Condoms: Both Fun To Unwrap”.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The sneaker has a hidden pocket for condoms and other goodies – it also features a “how to” guide for rolling the perfect blunt as well as the classic Rowdy wing insignia.”

It goes on to say the shoe retails for $110 and reflects Austin’s “personal style”.

Here’s the shoe:

After escaping real jail time overseas due to a drug charge, do you think promoting drugs with his new business venture is a wise move for Dallas Austin?

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  • DJ Diva says:

    The pocket aint a secret no more if you advertising it! What a fool!

  • Thats why i fully support Starbury @drjays_com should sell them Starbury.com sells sneakers for $14.00 20/20 did report on Starbury sneakers same construction inside Nikes Air Force Ones. Stephon Marbury and Ben Wallace deserve community empowerment/ NAACP IMAGE Awards for creating & endorsing STARBURY.com under$15 sneakers

  • dsuave allday says:

    He can promote his product however he feels because when the product sucks, only ppl gone be rockin’em is his ppl. Them won’t be seeing my ft.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Man I used to hide stuff in my shoe when I was a kid. It’s really nothing new. It’s a gimmick. I don’t think cops are going to trip on it. But yeah he is an idiot for promoting it like that. He doesn’t need to say. People will automatically know what to use it for.

  • Diva. says:

    they look a mess

  • Thrillogy X says:

    NAW, I don’t think it is for Dallas Austin to promote drug designs on his new line of kicks.

  • Mackinjordan says:

    they look like them ugly ass Ice Creams Pharrell make…besides that he got too much time on his hands if he creating a shoe with a pocket so you can hide shit & telling you how to roll a blunt…like who doesnt know how to roll up???? lmao

  • Kenkay says:

    If this is real, which I find hard to believe, then he’s really that stupid!

  • FlashyFloy says:

    Sadly there a to few Barack Obama’s and to many Dallas Austin’s. Shame on him for that.

  • [...] Austin does though. He better not got to Dubai again with these shoes on. If he gets nabbed with drugs instead of having the book thrown at him it will be his shoes being [...]

  • Kwaping says:

    Right on, flashyfloy.

  • Shaa'ra says:

    That shoe is ugly. It isn’t even worth a nickel.

  • NEE says:


  • Dave says:

    Another case of special treatment of celebrities. If an average joe did the same act, he’ll go to jail, regardless. However, since he is in the biz, he got off the hook, no questions asked, straight from the royalty itself. he better learn the lesson or next itme, he won’t be so lucky.

    As for the kicks, they look like a hybrid of G-unit I and adidas superstar. basically, I’m not feelin’ it.

  • Chloe says:

    He and whoever buys those shoes are crazy. The shoes are ugly for one and who is he again?

  • Chris J the Genius says:

    So basically, anyone who wears this shoe can be put in jail on suspicion of marijuana possession. Suuuuure, that’s what being black is all about. Sex and drugs, right? Hell naw. Backward a$$ mentality needs to end with 2008. There’s more to us than what popular culture (AND EVEN OUR VERY OWN) would have us to believe, and it’s a damned shame. Oh, by the way, I’ve only ever heard one artist off of Rowdy. What kinda numbers did he do? DA, stick to writing movies about roller-skating and promoting your ARTISTS. Oh yeah, are you sure you’re not Ryan Leslie’s thugged out alter ego? Like The T.I.P. to his T.I.? Or the Sasha Fierce to Ryan’s Beyonce? Inquiring minds wanna know…

  • j.Are says:

    LOL at Chris J for “put in jail on suspicion of possession”.

    Let’s take a look at that scenario…

    Somebody gets stopped and a cop just happens to recognize these shoes (yeah right)

    The cop checks the “secret” pocket and finds nothing.

    The cop arrests the guy anyways because they still suspect there might be something in there? Suspicion of possession? No such charge.

    and by the way Dallas Austin can just go on TV like Cam’Ron and claim that he’s just an entrepreneur and a “Ghetto news reporter” and that he in no way condones violence or drugs. It’s pure bullshit but a lot of people believe that excuse.

  • Chris J the Genius says:

    Just sayin’, young black males are already a target of law enforcement. No need to give them a REASON for the racial profiling by wearing shoes that have a pocket specifically for weed and a how to roll a blunt guide…

  • RealDeal says:

    What the F? Drjays do you really think the perfect herb compares to coke? I think Drjays is stupid as hell for even comparing. Are you guys that stupid? Herb is Herb not a drug get real ya lames! I don’t even smoke anymore, but I’ma supporter of 420 to the death! Step ya real shyt up!

  • Kris says:

    Shoes are ugly bottom line.

    &……by the way

    Lmao. Dude we’re talking about the shoes, not if weed & cocaine are drugs are not. Not the time nor the place young one.

  • Markie Furr says:

    all you girlies wit dat swagg dats nicey nice MArkie Furr shoes are comin girl dont you worry your your pretty little headz now aight ,we comin soon

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