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Senseless death in Oakland, CA

Submitted by on January 7, 2009 – 3:41 pm19 Comments

Oscar J. Grant lll

On New Year’s Day, a 22 year-old man was shot and killed in a train station by a cop.

Oscar J. Grant lll was en route from New Year’s Eve celebrations in San Francisco to his home in the Bay Area.

Witnesses say a fight broke out on the train between two groups, and Oscar was one of the men who BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) police brought out on the train platform and confronted.

There have been videos circulating of the incident where you can clearly see Oscar getting shot in the back while he is restrained, face down on the floor.

What could possibly make the cop pull out a gun and shoot while this man was unarmed and already under restraint?

There is speculation that the cop was reaching for his taser but instead pulled the gun.

Some spectators are saying that Oscar was actually being co-operative and was trying to keep the situation calm.

His family just filed a $25-million wrongful death claim against BART yesterday.

Your thoughts on this horrific incident?

Image: SFGate

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  • dsuave allday says:

    See… thats that BS… Every urban city them boys be on some hatin shit. Thats some BS for real.

  • Chris J the Genius says:

    WAIT A MINUTE!!!! WAIT A MINUTE!!!! Did they really just say that “there is speculation that the cop was reaching for his taser but instead pulled the gun”? So that excuses NOT looking down at the weapon? Was this a blind officer? It’s obvious that he was shot for the same reason that Rodney King was beat and for the same reason that Sean Bell was shot. Black still means expendable to too many (most) of those who are in authoritative positions in this country and we have yet to see our government take a stand and do anything about it. Meanwhile, pundits across this country say we have entered a post-racial America because a black president was elected. We still have a long way to go before that happens. To quote the late, great Tupac Shakur
    “Cops give a damn about a Negro
    Pull a trigger, kill a ni99er
    he’s a hero.”

  • Gone-Jah says:

    N.W.A. says it the best when it comes to COP bullshit…” FUCK THA POLICE…”

  • yung albino says:

    one of these days the cops will get theirs i really despise anyone who uses their badge as a mask to murder an innocent man Sean Bell and this guy were murdered by the badge that is in place to protect us

    F*** the Police and Court systems of America for letting the officers who killed Sean Bell off

  • Eric says:

    FEDS these days are sp stupid smh….what a shame

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Here’s what’s bullshit about it. I’ve basically done their job and it’s not easy but still:

    1. If he thought it was the taser then how’d the hell the safety come off? I’m pretty sure that’s not the same configuration.

    2. Hypathetically let’s say that it was the same. What the hell is your taser doing on the same side as your gun. Anywhere further back than the gun is going to be awkward to get. Anything further further in front will leave it vulnerable for other people to grab.

    3. What the hell do you need with a taser that damn close? He’s on the ground pinned etc. This is why they do hand to hand to subdue people. Also factor in that they could possibly electricute the officer next to them.

    4. There’s an escalation of force rules that are supposed to be utilized. If your handcuffed faced down on the ground everything else is null and void.

    I’m sorry it’s just bullshit. I can’t say all cops are bad but they need to hire people that actually want to help not abuse power and not just for a paycheck. Also we need to keep on them about this and not let it pass away like so many other cop shootings.

  • Dee says:

    Dats pissed.. cops r f***** up..hope dat familly sue for every f***** penny dem c*** police has…Dat aint fair..F*** THE POLICE!!! dat badge dat says they cn shoot people is FUCKIIN PISSED!!!!

  • Luxury Life says:

    Wat are you going do against the Real Worlds Biggest gang??? Sorry people its terrible but it does happen it didnt stop with Sean Bell nor will it with this young man we just have to be aware of these injustices and make them public

  • Dee says:

    or instead of bein aware of dis..y dnt anii one do sumfiin bout it instead of givin da police man a smack n say dnt do it again…its pissed…n its worse dan terrible..its messed up…dis system is pissed…n day r sayin dat its because of teenagers coz of wot der listenin to…b******** its coz of fings lyk dis dat mke people wnt revenge on the feds.. n dis aint da first tym is it..n it definately aint gunna b da lst…n y do u ave both a taser n gun..y nt just da taser so then fings like dis n sean bell wont happen…it aint all cops..its feds like dis dat mke the feds seem like c****!!!!

  • Luxury Life says:

    I agree but its hard to convict law enforcement because they always protect themselves its a way of life for them to bend the law their way

  • It should be just an eye for an eye thing. If you make an unjustified killed then you get popped in the head.

    Oh and it can’t be just a taser thing. Cops need self defense, bullets go farther than a taser. Tasers are only good for so many shots. If your in a fire fight your going to be out of luck with a taser. That’s why there’s the escallation of force.

    And yeah it is hard to convict law enforcement. I know people in law enforcement that told me not to even bother going after a bad cop, it’s virtually impossible to get them fired.

  • YoUnG OC _CEO says:

    FUCK THA POLICE!!!!!!!!!

  • Dee says:

    i get it now..lol..well in dat case it sucks..the law..coz if some hood done dat day wld get locked up!! its unfair..!!!!!

  • michael birriel says:

    i cant believe the things that are going on in this world.a cop gets to kill some innocent guy an gets away with murder.eve if he was involve in whatever he doesnt deserve to die.are we going to keep letting these cops get away with these sensless killings.we need to stand up for this man.if that would of been your average joe then it wouldnt be no rap,jail would of been the only solution.so that rule should apply to the cops 2.we cant keep turning our heads away.its that we stand up an do something.

  • Dee says:

    But wot cn we do..?! its nt fair..its actually really annoyin coz if a police man got shot then it wld b dragged on about how they r tryiin to find dis guy dat dne it!! bt situations lyk dis r f***ed up badly..the law needs to learn dat if some cop dne dis 2 sme inocent guy who dne nufiin they deserve to get wot a hood wot of gt..imagine hw oscars family feels..didnt da cop fink of dat b4 he decided to stick a bullet in his bk.. they need to get rid of dat badge dat allows them 2 shoot people for no reason n make a badge to say dat if a guy is shootin at dem they r allowed to shoot n if they guy aint shootin day cnt shoot…u feel me!!!

  • chris says:

    dat is BS its 2009. Y are police still shooting unarmed men who jus happen to be BLACK???????????????? tis is gettin out of hand.I’m not a violent person but if he gets off the hook i hope there is a riot of some sort.

  • mame says:

    oscar j. grant III, ahmadou diallo ….
    rest in peace

  • Dee says:

    R.I.P Oscar J. Grant III, Sean Bell and everyone else! We need to nag the police and hold dese MURDERS against them until we and the familys get justice..no matter how long it takes..dis needs to stop..just coz day black day fink day cn do dat!!! we need to do sumfiin dat dese people would of done..der r so manii voices out dere dat need to b heard badly..!!!!

  • victoria says:

    i got so mad when i saw that video…

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