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DrJays.com Debate: Is this cartoon racist?

Submitted by on February 20, 2009 – 3:43 pm35 Comments

The New York Post issued this statement today, apologizing to those offended by the controversial cartoon published on Wednesday:

“Wednesday’s Page Six cartoon – caricaturing Monday’s police shooting of a chimpanzee in Connecticut – has created considerable controversy.

It shows two police officers standing over the chimp’s body: “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill,” one officer says. It was meant to mock an ineptly written federal stimulus bill. Period. But it has been taken as something else – as a depiction of President Obama, as a thinly veiled expression of racism.

This most certainly was not its intent; to those who were offended by the image, we apologize. However, there are some in the media and in public life who have had differences with The Post in the past – and they see the incident as an opportunity for payback. To them, no apology is due.

Sometimes a cartoon is just a cartoon – even as the opportunists seek to make it something else.”

Is this apology is too little too late?

Do you think this cartoon is racist?

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  • t-bone says:


  • Jen says:

    I guess unless it’s about rap stars then the news isn’t important. Who cares if a racist cartoon is a blantant mockery of our first black president, ” we wanna kno wat Lil Weezy gona come out wit next”. smh

  • yeahyeahyeah says:

    I don’t think it is racist, I think it is saying a monkey could wright that retarded bill that this slow in the head president put in place. We are doomed! All that bill does is prolong the corrupt corporations from falling. It supports those evil companies and that is the opposite of what this retarded president said he was going to do for the country. Hes back tracking so fast its unreal! This bill will help spiral our economy in to the depth of no return even faster in the long run. Just wait everyone will continue to feel wrath of the destruction the stimulus bills will bring unto our country.

  • Willa says:

    I really thing this political cartoon is racist but in a very sneaky way. WAY back in the day when Africans were taken as slaves and even during the Civil Rights movement, a very common derogatory towards blck people was ‘monkey’ ‘gorilla’ or whatever b/c they were characterized as ‘uncivilized animals swinging from trees in Africaq’ when that wasn’t even the case (Hello!! Africa is mostly desert, dry and hot not jungle!) So YES this is a political cartoon probably made by the bigoted and conservative elephants, you don’t even need to read btw the lines its so clear4 its transparent! but evryone wants to brush it off.. i don’t think so.. a bullet hole in a monkey and 2 white cops saying let’s find someone ELSE to write the bill? COME ON!! if it was targeted more towards the actual bill it wouls say something like maybe we can find another animal to write the bill when clearly all you see is one animal AND 2 WHITE AND MALE COPS… I DONT THINK SO!!

  • Surell says:

    It’s just a matter of perception. I voted no, just because I could see where they’re coming from. However, they made a stupid choice by letting that kind of cartoon leak through. Maybe it’s for the controversy? I dunno. Dumb move.

  • [P.M] says:

    I Said No…
    Dont’ Really See The Racist In It…

  • t-bone says:

    blacks or any1 for that matter that think this is racist need to get there heads checked and stop thinking the ”man ”is always pulling us down .

  • Northface says:

    That cartoon is racist and if someone is intelligent they would think about it with the races reversed. White people need to get the phuck over Obama being president already, quite frankly they’re the ones who put him in there so tell them to shutthephuckup already. It had to be some cheesy cracker who made that cartoon but still for all it would be a violation of his right to freedom of speeech so that’s what they’re standing behind it. I don’t pay no mind to all the people’s comments about Obama because who the hell told white people that they’re the superior race when they’re not in any way. The artist of the cartoon is smart yet stupid with the same token. Those things just makes me laugh @ white people, but when I get ready just the same as how they like to shout out nigger I call their asses a cracker in a minute when I’m ready, alls fair in war! HA HA HA! They used that word like it’s kryptonite against us but it don’t bother me none, they can be niggers just the same it’s just a thing of the past that white people can’t be called nigger. As long as there are different races in this world there will always be racism, it cannot be recanted or fixed, that’s JMO! You will soon here about the cartoon artist gettin his ass whipped for that cartoon! LMAO!

  • Surell says:

    Why do you have to keep bringing up white people? You’re hardly even on the topic; borderline being racist yourself. Smooth.


    no this is dumb

  • waterfallprincess says:

    i cant believe dis ish man ppl are so ignorant it aint even funny they cant even accept tha fact that r president is black it shows that no matter how u look at it rasism stiil exist in our country its a dam shame that ppl cant grow up

  • yeahyeahyeah says:

    Surell I agree 100% its funny that people think that the reason people like me think Obama is not a good president has anything to do with being black. It has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH RACE. Its that he is not doing anything good at all and people have all these false hopes that are not going to play out for them the way they dream about. I wish that the hope would have reason and come true, but its not. Unless you like more abortions and black babies being killed around the world. That’s the only thing he has done so far.

  • LaBrandon says:

    It is a racist cartoon, period. People have always made excuses. Racist…the end.

  • NiTA_BOo-=[ says:


  • yeahyeahyeah says:

    1. Most of everything he has done so far is the opposite of what he promised to do.

    2. Or just plain and simple bad for our country and bad for the HUMAN RACE. He did say he was going to support aborting babies and make it easier and he has done that much. Great! (NOT!)

    3. He has yet to come up with any sort of plan that will help instead of hurt.

    I think the guy seems like a great person, but not a great leader except for maybe a social club or something along those lines. My opinion has nothing to do with race and to be more clear on that I would rather have a black president than a white president just not Obama!

    Some people may hate this statement but I also think that Bush and past presidents have this whole country so screwed up that they wanted him in so they could blame the final fall on the 1st black president. Even if he did have good ideas I think we would still be screwed, but hes shooting us in the foot with this stimulus package and bad family values supporting abortions so strongly. Even some of the very most prominent African christian leaders agree on the abortion issue I speak of. So far from what I have seen he is not taking us down the right path. The world will never be the same and it’s not his fault, but he is not helping at all.

  • Northface says:

    Surell, I bring up white ppl because for the most part they are the ones who have the biggest stick up their asses about him being president. Hey I’ll be the first to say that on some aspects I am a racist. If a white person does something against a race it’s not racism, yeah ok whatever…. Sometimes I like white people and sometimes I don’t, you say potatoe I say potatoe hahahaha I have the right “to do whatever I like” I said I can do whatever I like yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m not doing nothing white people haven’t done, don’t complain about it deal with it!

    I agree with the post stating that they chose him so that they can blame the phuck up on him! That’s no different that white people committing crimes and then saying a black person did it when they did it themselves! White people cracks me up! Get it get cracks me up!

  • gerald says:

    im not black half my family is black i dont like racism… but honestly for al lthe black folk who think white people are trying to bring them down get over it obama is fuckn black and white and who gives a fuck what he is as long as he does his fucking job god ol mightey stop with teh cracker shit and all that dumb shit. and u know what yea slavery was wrong but for all the african americans where woudl uw ant to be in todays world? america or africa dying of diseased cuz there goverment dont give a fuck? and the cartoon ehhh i would say its partially racist due to the fact its up to obama to pass the bill but i mean god ol mightey if its racist fuck it.. its not effecting anyone there not getting any benifet from it its a cartoon to make people think and conversate and make trouble its to stirr shit up period im tired of the black and white shit ur enviorment makes u what u are not bc ur black ur a theif and hood or got skills or if u white ur up tight and all taht bullshit your a product of ur enviroment im from fucking france i moved to harlem when iw as a kid .. people say i act ” hood” or try to act black hmm no i am a product of my enviroment i dont give a fuck.. i moved to a all white town when i was 6 in connecticut.. who was my best friend as a moved there a black kid y? cuz i can vibe wit him and his family its all about how ur raised how u act where u from i dont want to hear the black and w hite shit black people get the fuck over it.. u got black people running american and rich ass mother fuckers doing big things so stop it its not 40 years ago racists now a ways are usually scared to even act all gully cuz they know they will get ran on…

  • Varz says:

    If they would of never put that quote in then the cartoon would of been ok.

    And you people thats criticizing Obama already need to calm down. The man just got into office. Be patient. We was dumb enough to do it with Bush for 8 years so fall back and relax.

  • dimedeva says:

    i think the dumbasses that dont think that wasnt racist need to get their eyes checked ASAP. if it was reversed what do you think white people will be saying they just made “MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK! BITCHES”!.

  • red83 says:

    dag, if BLACK people would pay less attention to the fact that our president is black, and just look at him as the president, maybe yall can pay more attention to what he’s doing politically. Some of yall think he can do no wrong just cause he’s black. WAKE UP and PAY A _FUC*IN TENTION dum a$$es.

    As far as the joke, it is racist, but the point is not to be racist, its sayin “dum move Obama”. Get over it. Most of yall are just as racist as the people that made this cartoon, and stop talkin “white people this, white people that”. If white poeple hadn’t voted for Obama he wouldn’t be president period. Read a book.

  • Jaycee says:

    I must say ,specifically to Gerald, that I take offense to the idea that we should be happy about slavery. Do you honestly think we wouldn’t give up the comforts of today to spare the cruelty and suffering our ancestors faced for centuries. That caught my attention because I has white teacher make that same racist comment. My mother had to explain to her and the Principal how ignorant that comment truly was. Instead of relying on what little knowledge you have, perhaps you should do some in depth research on the slavery and its resounding effects on our nation. Most people read those little passages in their school text books and feel educated on the subject. It isn’t about people working for free. It’s the torture, mutilation, degredation, dehuminization, and murder of particular race. It’s an inhuman institution that defied the essence of the nation that upheld it. The end doesn’t justify the means. It doesn’t even begin to. We all want a nation where race doesn’t matter, but that begins with emphathizing with every race and upholding each race as equally beneficial to this country as a whole. Sorry to get off the subject everyone, but that comment was out of line, especially from someone who claims to be blinded by color lines.

  • Jaycee says:

    On the subject: The cartoon seems racist, but I don’t believe that was the intention. Congress writes and passes the bills. Not the Pesident. The bill was absurd, but what choice did they have, but to pass it? Get mad, but the congress we voted for are writing those bills, and until they decide to stop working for lobbyist and start working for us, Obama’s hands are tied.He can strongly suggest that they abide by what we want, but he can’t force it, Pesky balance of power, you know. They need to impose more strict criminal penalties on these CEOs’ blowin’ our money. People are losing jobs daily and our “beloved” Congress members are still basking in a time when they could put corporate America first without a peep from us. So, instead of asking black people to stop worshiping Obama, maybe you should start putting pressure on your State Reps.

  • Northface says:

    red83, suk my dik u bytch azz, azz banana… I will not stop referring to Obama because he’s a black man for the simple fact that MY SON can be President, thru him it has been made possible so put that dik back in your mouth and go sit down somewhere, you sound much more intelligent with it in their anways! You don’t know what the phuck I’m thinking for you to say we think he can do no wrong, that’s no true. Obama has been plotted against for failure before he was sworn in Rush Limbaugh said it loud & clear he wants Obama to fail. What am I thinking now since your claire voyant all of a sudden???? That you are bytch azz, yup you got it BINGO! It is not just saying Dumb Move Obama, it’s saying more than that so as far as reading a book… get on your job player! LMAO!

    White people this, white people that, there I said it again what are you going to do about it? Go figure out whether to scratch your azz or wind your watch, that should keep you occupied for a while!

  • Sidney says:

    Well yes this Definitely falls under the category of racism I also think that it is SCREAMING for some one to assonate our President. who ever thought that this is funny they are a very twisted and demented person that needs to understand that that is totally unacceptable its 2009 people wake up we have come to far to accept things like this to many people fought for our freedom in so many ways this is disrespectful to not only our president but to us as BLACK Americans..

  • t-bone says:

    ”northface your a racist peice of shit

  • Northface says:

    why thank you t-bone, now take your comment & go bone yourself t! LMAO!

  • Northface says:

    Sidney, well said, thank you!

  • red83 says:

    northface, grow a dyk first. and why get your sons hopes up like that? he’ll never be president.

  • notice the Aryan Nation member on the left cop’s sleeve.

    its made to look like the shading, but its there and very racist

  • Northface says:

    oh really he’ll never be? just like they’ll never b a black president put the dik back in ur mouth i said….. it’s hard 2 understand u w/o it! ahahahahaha!

  • DIMEDEVA says:


  • scarlyjones says:

    Quote from “Dimedeva”: “i think the dumbasses that dont think that wasnt racist …” uh,…’don’t think……that WASN’T racist..’????? Can you say double-negative? Oh,…probably not. You probably don’t even know what a double-negative is. Why don’t black people just f*cking admit it, already? You are the ones keeping the greater percentage of racism alive today by crying “RACISM” everytime you don’t get a job or someone “disrespects” you. I was in line to vote back in November, and this ignorant black guy was walking up and down the line looking at white people and saying “Thats right, bitches,…we in charge, now” I will bet you a million dollars that moron has never voted in ANYTHING in his life. And right after he voted in this past election,…I bet he went right back to NEVER watching any political commentary on TV,…NEVER reading the the paper OTHER than the sports section,…and probably the only President Obama speech he has ever seen, was his inaugural speech. I am sick of black people thinking that racism doesnt exist coming FROM them. Ya know,…the definition to RACISM is “The segregation, seperation, or discrimination of an entire race of people”….not discrimination from whites against blacks. But,..thats the definition its taken in the last 40 years. So much so,..that whenever we have seen BLATANT racism by a black against a white or hispanic or any other race,….they actually call it REVERSE-racism. Unbelievable. If some organization suddenly announced a White-Man’s College Fund,…black people would have a heart attack. Or if some network announced the beginning of a new channel called W.E.T. standing for White Entertainment Television, black people would riot. And you know what?….They would have every right to. Because that WOULD be racist. That WOULD be ridiculous. So,…why on earth is it okay for black people to do and say blatantly racist things? By the way,…I f*cking VOTED for President Obama. I think the man is the best chance this country has.

  • Pookies says:

    obama= black man, monkey=black people bac in da day, RACIST PERIOD..

  • rwr. says:

    i just see a gorilla i dont see a black man even though i know the sterotyope im not gonna let society get to me

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