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Russell Simmons to pay $40K a month in child support

Submitted by on February 27, 2009 – 3:08 pm17 Comments

Russell Simmons with daughters Ming and Aoki

We asked in a previous post, “Are Kimora’s child support demands crazy?”.

That was when she was just demanding a $20,000 a month.

According to Yahoo.com, court records show that Russell Simmons has now agreed to pay $40,000 a month in child support until his two daughters are 19 1/2 years old.

Kimora Lee Simmons was awarded full custody of the couple’s young girls, 9 year-old Ming and 6 year-old Aoki.

The “new family”: A pregnant Kimora Lee, Djimon Hounsou, Ming and Aoki spotted this week

Kimora filed for divorce in March 2008 citing “irreconcilable differences”, and it was just finalized last month.

Russell was granted visitation rights, and Kimora gets to make the call on whether the girls appear in her reality show “Kimora: Live in the Fab Lane”.

What are you thoughts on this outcome? Especially considering Kimora and her new man Djimon are multi-millionaires themselves…

And do you think it’s wrong to expose children in reality shows at such a young age?

Images: Concreteloop

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  • Violet says:

    I think its very wrong to expose children in reality shows at a young age especially since they’re always being photographed whether they are going out or at fashion shows. Kimora is asking for way too much, she has all of phat fashions just for her, money from her show and so much more. She’s just being greedy as usually and I don’t know what kind of a judge could do that, especially knowing Kimora’s lifestyle.

  • Violet says:

    I also think its bad exposing young kids on reality show because it really gives them no privacy and looking at ming and aoki, before her show everyone always said that the girls are so cute and etc., now people don’t just say they’re cute but people are also saying things like they are spoiled brats and etc. People should not need to know about your children’s life, you should keep it to yourself.

  • Martydagreat says:

    I think it’s bad exposing the kids to reality shows because all their lives they’ve been in the spotlight. Her child support demands are wrong….she is one greedy gold diggin ass biatch! Russell takes good care of those girls and everything Kimora has iz BECAUSE OF RUSSELL!

  • I’m not shocked… but really I could careless. I do find it funny the shows name is “live in the fab lane” yet the giraffe demanded excessive childsupport.

  • Jaycee says:

    I’m not sure how true it is, but I heard Russell had no complaints about the money. If that’s true, you have to respect the man. He must truly love his daughters. You hear these stories about wealthy men who don’t want to pay child support. Frankly, if the man is rich, then his children are entilted to the same lifestyle. I can’t farhom why people think the children of rich men should live average lives. Don’t want to share your money, then don’t have kids. Simple solution. I don’t like the reality show idea either, but considering how many parents make stars out of their children, who really cares. Miley Cyrus probably has more money than her dad, but nobody complains about her, or the Olsens, or Raven Simon, or Lindsey Lohan, or thousands of other child stars.

  • Dave P. says:

    Man, Kimora asks for too much money. she makes a lot of money as well. I think the judge who presided on their divorce hearing is either blind or deaf.

  • Ashley says:

    I dont see where there is anything wrong with it if the girls are okay with it. Hasen’t anyone heard of child stars? I dont think that it is exposing she is setting her childeren up so that they can be in a great network of people so that it can help them in the future when they are adults.

  • wild child says:

    Its like this russ got that guap all day!!! it dont matter if he have to kick out 40 k he got that…

  • L0'renz says:

    Russ got screwed on this one, its his his fault for marrying that attention seeking hoe anyway.

  • Well kids shouldn’t share the money of their rich parents because chances are if they don’t earn it they’re going to be obnoxious pricks and tricks in the future. Have no real concept of how life is. Probably couldn’t survive by themselves without someone doing things for them. Believe me I know a people like that. It’s really pathetic. They got everything they wanted and thensome because the parents felt guilty for not being there.

  • rick says:

    cosign Russ got screwed on this one, its his his fault for marrying that attention seeking hoe anyway.everything Kimora has is BECAUSE OF RUSSELL!

  • Tpod touch says:

    That’s ridicoulous that’s what I like to call “adult support” they’ll receive 4 milli by the time the reach that age!!!wish he would have gotten my mama pregnant… :p

  • Kwaping says:

    I don’t see how those adorable girls can come out normal no matter what happens, because they’re being raised by Kimora. So, why not do the reality show? Such a waste.

    Maybe they can still turn it around and end up like Vanessa and Angela.

  • unknownnnnn says:

    thats bullsh!t!!
    omg thats askin fa too much!!
    why get him fa that much child support wen yu prolly makin more than that jus by yurself.
    i mean hes still gonna take care of the girls.
    so pretty much hes payin 40k a month on top of takin them shoppin nd doin watever wen hes got them.
    kimora im sorry hunny,, i rock the baby phat but thats askin fa to much hunny!!!

  • jenjenn says:

    wow dude she got a fetish for black men dont she

  • jenjenn says:

    but i ant mad at you do ya thang and Russell Simmons is a good father

  • mz.hazel eyes says:

    that is way to much money kimora is asking for.

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