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Cop savagely attacks 15 year-old girl

Submitted by on March 2, 2009 – 1:10 pm45 Comments

Check out this video of a King County sheriff deputy viciously attacking a 15 year-old female (watch at your own discretion – it’s pretty violent!)

According to Globalgrind.com, Deputy Paul Schene told investigators that once the girl kicked her shoe off at him, he entered the cell to “prevent another assault”.

The girl was being held for an auto theft investigation.

Schene was previously investigated for shooting two people in the line of duty, one of whom he actually killed. Both times his actions were found to be justified.

Schene has pleaded not guilty to fourth degree assualt following this incident.

Despite what this girl may have said or done to ignite his temper, do you think that Schene should be punished? If so, how severely?

Incidents like this make you wonder why someone with such a short fuse would decide to become a deputy…

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  • Eric says:

    and thats why i dont like cops. they job to protect and serve but they have they badge on so that means they can anything to anybody. the system is really f’d up real talk.

  • WTF?! says:

    What happened to this blog? What does this have to do with clothing or culture? I started following this blog because I liked the mix of hip-hop culture, music, and fashion. If I want to see ish like this, I can go somewhere else. You guys are slippin’ and need to refocus!

  • bindi says:

    You just can’t stop showing images of women being beaten can you? I came back to this blog thinking there was going to be relevant information on fashion again, stupid me.

  • Ummm like it or not cops are a part of hip hop/urban culture. Good and bad cops. If you don’t like the article go to the other one’s kiki posted. It’s not like this is an on going thing.

    But what do I think. I think it’s his job and he shouldn’t take it personally no matter what the girl said. I would’ve took the slipper and locked the stupid girl in there and added a charge of assult. I think he should be delt with, I think there should also be audio on that.

  • Jennabee says:

    so then why don’t we hear anything about the good cops?

  • Kiki says:

    @WTF?! and @Bindi:

    On this blog, we do primarily focus on urban fashion and lifestyle, but we also have a “Society” category where we post current affairs to raise awareness and allow our readers to discuss or debate them.

    We understand there will be varied reactions to posts like these, and do appreciate your feedback.

  • JJ says:

    This is soo disgusting,

    If this girl was already booked and processed, OBVIOUSLY she had no weapon to harm the armed cops…plus she is super tiny compared to them…they are just making that ‘prevent another assault’ excuse to cover their ass…poor girl

  • yoyo says:

    fuck the police

  • SaRa E♥ says:


  • SaRa E♥ says:


  • SaRa E♥ says:

    cuz there aint any lol

  • WTF?! says:

    @ Sara E
    No right to say ish like what? That I don’t agree with posts like this? At least I can express my point of view without getting racist and saying crazy things.

    I follow things like this regularly. The Philly and Detroit cops that abuse their power, the fatal shooting in the back in SF by the BART cop, the incident in this post, etc. I feel that cops that pull stunts like this should actually be punished MORE than a civilian. We trust these people to protect us, and some bad apples are abusing that power.

    That said, I don’t agree with posts such as this because you are going to get nearly everyone saying things like yoyo and Sara and Eric. A blog absolutely fails when they only present one side. That’s not journalism. Jennabee said it best.

  • bindi says:

    @WTF?! and Jennabee – Well said the 2 of you. Thanks for you replay back, WTF?! – good point made.

    @Kiki – Thanks for addressing my comment. Its hard to see stuff like this on a fashion blog, especially when you hear about the negative stuff around every day. You hear about it in the news, at home, etc. Sometimes you want to go somewhere where you can read about something that makes you feel good, and when you see the negative there too it hits home. But again, thank you for addressing my comment.

    @ SaRa E – In acknowledging SaRa E’s racist comment, I pitty somone like that. Quick to pull out the racist slurs and assumptions about people. Awesome, give yourself a pat on the back for being a bigot and a racist.

  • SARA E..... IS FULL OF HATE!!!!!!! says:

    sara e…….you have know right saying shit like that?????who the f$ck do you think you are?who are you to say they have no right????are you fu^kin high you dum crackhead b*tch,LOOK at what you said about BINDI,thats Racism to the fullest,these people were stating whats on there minds ,YOUR SCUMMMMMMMMMMM!!YOUR WORSE THEN THE KKK,to talk about some1 like that shows your not 2 bright at all,you should be kicked off of here,i truely feel sorry for you,you need to get alife!!!!!

  • T-BONE says:


  • jenjen says:

    before or after that big ass law suit man thats some bulls***. press charges do something that is just wrong he needs to get fired let him go he crazy. we dont need police like that.

  • Yung Gunna says:

    As long as stupidity and pride is around people are going to act this way yes we have a black president yes its 2009 but we in this country this world have a long way to go….We prey on the weak because its in our nature and nobody can change that but you the individual this happens everyday but it isnt always caught on tape but when each and everyone of us wants to change this will stop. But change is never easy Good article KIKI wat up Rick!!!

  • Ok really come on now WTF and BINDI are the same people. Time stamp, composition and grammar don’t lie. There’s some other obvious stuff but whatever.

    Anyways there are good cops around but good news doesn’t really get as much publicity as bad news. Same thing goes for blacks, hispanics etc.

    It’s not like she’s totally innocent she stole a car. If she didn’t steal the car in the first place she wouldn’t be there. If she didn’t give them tude he wouldn’t have unleashed the can of whoop ass.

    And for the love of baby norris, can you have a debate without calling each other racist names and other BS. Your really not getting your point across, just making an arse of yourself. Not to mention makeing the people that visit here look bad.

    Whaddup YUNG!!, Whaddup kiki

  • Kiki says:

    Hi Rick!
    Appreciate your input as always :)

  • T-BONE says:

    she kicked her shoe at the cop thats what pis#ed them off,it still don’t make it right!!!!

  • WTF?! says:

    To be perfectly honest, Bindi is a different person, but I do know her personally. We work together and were talking about this before posting. Time, grammar, and composition do lie…

  • good dude says:

    Very shocking.

  • good dude says:

    Also if you go back and read some of Sara’s previous respones you’ll notice a pattern of angry racial slurs and inappropriate language. It’s best to just ignore her because we only entertain, and feed into her when we reply to those things.

  • Cookii says:

    i love how the other officer didnt do shit,
    the first officer swung her around by her hair…

  • goldie says:

    I noticed the same thing, Cookii. I’m just curious to find out about the follow up to this. Ofcourse I think there should be repicusions to this. He punched her twice in the head after the other officer was holding her hands behind her back.

  • Bre says:

    He need to be fired….. No questions asked….. Fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RealDeal says:

    I think the cop needs to be PUT TO DEATH. Just like all crooked cops should be put to death for abuse of authority. Just an opinion though….

  • Mz.Style_icon says:

    OMG..all dat?! just cause she flicked her shoe at him?! it hardly touch him!! diz chick better sue and get her cash $$

  • KT says:

    Wow…He should be dealt with, regardless of what the girl said he should have maintained his temper.

  • Dee says:

    SARAH E..grow up…u sayin that other person is racist..read back what you said in that comment n tell me it ain’t racist..you little idiot…!!!!

    And by the way that cop needs SHOT!!!! =)

  • Dee says:

    SaRa E..grow up…u sayin that other person is racist..read back what you said in that comment n tell me it ain’t racist..you little idiot…!!!!

    And by the way that cop needs SHOT!!!! =)

  • Walt W. says:

    couldn’t be my lil’ girl

  • lauren says:

    yal haters! wtf yall sayin shit for its a blog yall

  • lauren says:

    like wtf yall havin a big fucking fite for

  • Dee says:

    Fuck off Lauren..don’t bother ur ass getting involved.. Stupid Dick..

  • starryiis says:

    i think its nice drjays is mixing some real shyt in with fashion…be real…most of our generation is so hooked on celebs and what their doing and what their wearing…their completely ignorant to the injustices goin on the world…some of yall need to be schooled instead of tryna keep up with the jones’. i respect it…

  • Northface says:

    I swear on everything I love that if that was my child I would make sure to find a way to get that cop F***** up! He could have scalped her by the way he picked her up by her hair and the two punches he gave her to her face.. i’m sorry but he would walk the rest of his life watching his back. I don’t condone any type of police brutatlity. The cops take too much liberty with their ability to apply force to people. DIRTY PIGS! Like the person said in the other posts ok she threw the shoe @ them they could have just locked the door in her face, they WANTED to abuse her, this is why I don’t feel sorry for cops when they get dealt with for doing something & getting caught on tape–this is the job they chose! That cop needs some street justice done to him!

  • l3ah!! says:

    Sara E.. ya racist durty slut i bet u luv there curries though dnt ya!!

    lauren dont say anything if people got an opinion on peole bein racist just llow it.. And mind ya darm buisness
    that cop got sum anger problems what was his excuse its been a long day & all that shit talk, dickead put him bhind bars shes 15 for godsake get this shit sorted snap his f***in legs what goes around comes back around tonnes worse believe it!!!!!!!!

  • Dunt Wrry ! says:


  • Miss white says:

    What the F*@k i hope those cop get fired for that [email protected]*t. Now sometimes it is nessacary for cop to use force.yes she kicked her shoe at them but how much could that have hurt compared to what they did to her. that girl could be at lease 100lb. It does make any sense that girl maybe a criminal but she is still am minor and she have special right that adult criminals do. If they don;t get fired than all female girls in that town should protest in front of the police station.

  • Miss white says:

    northface you are right that [email protected]*t didn’t make sence to me at all. i hope thay don’t live in that town and if they do they should move. Where i come from police officers live far away from the city and for a good reason. that do s*@t like that here to and if they live in the city they get there [email protected]$t back to them. thats why most of them don’t live in the city

  • layal says:

    the cops tell us about it is not right to hit but there the go and then they pulled the girl by her head what did she do to deserve that girls are senstive you can just throw us around like a piece of meat and also this is a cool club i agree whats does this has to deal with clothes or are you trying to see our point of vieew of htese difeerent sbject

  • Northface says:

    Dr Jays blog representers have already answered this question about why this post is on here, althought I’m not gettin paid for it I’m a answer it for them…. There’s also a society column and this falls under it, get it, got it, GOOD!

  • commenting says:

    sara e. that was really wrong of you to say that and that was really reterded i cant believe you would say that on a website where people comment everyday someone like you probably get suspended a lot in school and if your not in school then thats just sad and i bet your parents are so ashamed of you i know that because what you say reflects the way you act you are so racist shame on you devil child i wont be seeing you in heaven

    about that video that was so sickning i bet that shoe didnt even touch that police officer and did you notice that he pulled her up by her hair if if that was me after i got out of those handcuffs i would have beat that officer to a pulp and he slammed her into the wall ummm ummm ummm

    has anybody else noticed that sarah e. didnt even come back after that horrible racist comment she probably did that as a publicity stunt

  • commenting says:

    and yes sarah e. is full of hate i cant believe someone even that stupid and full of crap

    would say that on a website where police can track him/her down that is really sad

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