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What would you like to see on this blog?

Submitted by on March 3, 2009 – 5:46 pm40 Comments


We would like to take the time to ask our readers:

What do you like about the DrJays.com blog?

What would you like to see more (or less) of? Gossip, sports, maybe music?

We would love to hear your input. It will be heard!

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  • re51* says:

    as a dr jays fashion fan i would like to see more new gear being featured on this page because you have so many good labels on yr website it helps me to see whats new. keep up the good work. u r supreme..

  • T-BONE says:

    YA’LL do a ”GREAT” job as it is,the thing i would like to see changed is the racist comments that people post on here,about indians,blacks and yes white’s!!!!any1 that posts things about a some1 that insalt’s there race should be band ”point blank”the world is full of it, but that don’t make it right,this is a place where every1 should be able to get away from it and come together!!!!!!

  • [P.M] says:


    Maybe Some Exclusive NIke Ish, Even If Ya’ll Don’t Have ‘Em.

    and uh… MORE GEAR!! hehe

  • blackysky says:

    more style looks .. like a look to go to club to go ut etc.. match stuff to create crazy look with model or artist :-)

  • I feel you T-Bone. But that’s on the poster. I really don’t feel that this good modded or because I’ve seen many a board get modded and then it just goes overboard. Sweeping the dirt under the rug doesn’t get rid of it.

    I just say something back (they know how I roll here lol) or ignore them. There’s been idiots and they’ll come and go. Just remember when someone says something racist to you it’s because they’re too stupid to come up with anything else. Then there’s the whole being behind the screen etc. At anyrate don’t sweat it. To effect me they’d actually haft to be somebody.

    I think kiki and bosslady are doing a great job. Along with andrew and the rest of the crew. I’d like to see more brands. Aaaand this just popped into my head. How about the different styles around the US etc. Some blogs about what happens around DR. Jay’s offices would be good too. I’m also thinking a “how to” blog (kinda like the article on the ways to wear a fitted back when). But with different things like, doo rag, goatees, pants, shirts etc. Maybe a recommended read section and or what music you guys at the office like etc.

    Okay I could go on forever, but I gotta go get this grub. Peace.

  • Boss Lady says:

    We appreciate ALL feedback – thanks everyone – keep it coming!

    ~Boss Lady

  • Chris J the Genius says:

    Hey, I’ve got an idea for all the broke college students like me. What about making the “Caption This!” segment a monthly contest, with the best comment winning a Dr. Jay”s gift card? You could feel free to make it weekly instead of monthly, and to be generous with the amount! Good idea or wishful thinking…?

  • [P.M] says:

    ^ Exactly Bro… hehe
    But I Came Back To This To Say,
    How About More Street Brands. Say
    “Once Upon A Time” – The “We Run New York” Shirts.
    or 8732 or More Rich Yung or Rogue Status…

    Ish I Wear, It’d Be Nice To Buy It Here, Kinda Like A One Stop Shop.

    How About Crooks & Castles, Maybe More Fitteds….

  • goldie says:

    more fashion. also, i’d like to see more brand unique pieces, like when the blog comes out, “such and such new attire”, seems like for the ladies its always one jumpsuit/dress, and then three boring baby tees. the same tee that everybrand makes except in a different color. that could be the designers fault idk.

    also i’m getting tired of all the sneakers, and wanna see more hot pumps and stillettos for the ladies/ where to find them.

    I just wish there was more diverse fashion to look at. new and creative gear. expecailly for us ladies.

    Love the site though, big fan.

  • MissL says:

    Post on new music and up and coming artist.

  • dadecounty says:

    no need to post more gear on a FASHION WEBSITE!!! having more sports entertainment would be nice, like pics from athletes at their charity events or just out at local club or something…there should also be a special feature like, “who’s sitting courtside?” with photos of celebs sitting courtside at a bball game, i always like lookin at those pics

  • Veronica says:

    Just my op. but I don’t care to come to a FASHION WEBSITE to see sports, there are appropriate websites for that. Unless we’re talkin bout what they are wearing. Sure current events are okay, in order to keep us informed, but I like to come to dr.Jays to buy clothes and see what is going on in the fashion world. I don’t think there are enough thorough articles about fashion as it is. There are a lot of stories about I guess what some would consider fashion icons, and their personal lives, a lot of catching solange looking busted, and asking if anyone would really wear her clothes. But I guess what I would like to see more of, is “check out this celebrity’s outfit. if you like her look, such and such has a similiar outfit, here it is”. Or this is the new fashion in this part of the world, if you like this look, try these items.
    Oh not tryin to knock u dade.

  • Boss Lady says:

    Thank you so much guys – keep an eye out for a number of your suggestions becoming a reality soon :)

    ~Boss Lady

  • Kiki says:

    I agree with Boss Lady – there are many great ideas here, and we will definitely incorporate as many as we can into the blog!

    Thanks again :)


  • dani says:

    It would be cool is you had a contest every so often where viewers could post themselves lookin presentable with their outfit combinations made incorporating the brands you sell on Dr. JAYS. Then who ever gets the most votes wins a gift card or sumthin.

    I also like the exclusive fashion interviews with the companies or behind the scenes footage.

  • yoyo says:

    high end european luxury goods..

  • h8r says:

    More fashion related postings and less celebrity gossip.

  • Veronica, what you mentioned could be a good idea. The covering a sports star for their style. Some of them are really good dresser’s reggie bush for one, another would be mvp from the wwe. You get the point though.

    They do a similar get the look thing… I think someone tried to knock kiki on it once, oh noone knocks kiki lol.

  • Northface says:

    I think the site is great and I am glad you put stuff on here that has nothing to do with fashion like the racial incidents around the world. Regardless of who cares to see or talk about it, ish is real in the battlefield! Being a shoe fanatic I would like to see more posts about the latest shoes/sneakers. I am a crazy NIKE DUNK fan and I love to see what’s in the new. I would like to see more biographies on stars with clothing lines like Eve in particular. If the blog is going to be only about fashion then maybe they should create a DO’s and DON’Ts column and let viewers post pics of their style, that would be funny or fun.

  • WatDatDo says:

    I Would like to see more contest for shopping sprees like da one yall havin now for DJpremium.com…TIMES ARE SOOOOO HARD>>>I NEED THIS BECUZ I CANT GET A JOB :(

  • shard`e says:

    I would like to see like a blog competition between different brands for woman, girls, boys, and men.
    For example which you would you rather wear
    dereon or apple bottom and show new clothing from apple bottom and dereon.

  • CapoRegime says:

    Well i wld like to see more clothing such as Laguna Beach wear and also Yall Bringin Bac the CHAMPION hoodies and got the Timbs out the…. Wheres the GORES?…. how you not sellin Vasque Goretex Boots.. you’ll make a killing i promise you

  • More insightful info on what hip hop, streetwear, urban wear is.

    Educational information.

  • Rube says:

    I REALLY REALLY wanna see those DRJAYS Promo Codes on Here Im an avid shopper and I need that HOOK-UP!!!

  • xoxo SECRET says:

    less gossip and MORE FASHION!

  • BrazilianGangsta says:

    Eyy.. I’m a brazilian boy – adopted 2 noruega…
    Soo… a q 2 DrJays ->Can u get some brazilian shiit on DrJays?? PLEASE!
    like if adidas, new era 59/50, anyything..(!)
    THANK U! :D

  • Mz.Style_icon says:


  • Shakera says:

    twilight lol

  • Dee says:

    Im Wiv T-Bone…=)

  • King Solomon says:

    I would like to see more positive, inspiring messages rather than negative ones. There are plenty of negative things in this world, let’s talk about some good stuff. I want to hear about rappers who are giving back to their communities, who help the poor, the sick, the homeless, the hungry, and those who help charities. Like Jay-z when he supported those water wells in Africa, or Kanye West’s foundation supporting the fight against national education crisis, or T.I in his show “Road to Redemption” helping youth stay away from the problems of the drugs, and violence of the streets, or how Lil Wayne went to his old high school and talked to students there about his charity “The One Family Foundation”. This is the kind of stuff that inspires people to be greatness like these hip hop role models. Give the people more of this stuff. Thank you, keep up the good work.

  • Northface says:

    I would also like to see more Jamaican artist on here too not just a little sprinkle here & there… Mavado, Vybz Kartel, Bounty, Beenie. Lady Saw etc…. Jamaicans run NY!

  • nike dunk says:

    to be SB hypebeasts, u all are surly dumb. SAMPLES DONT HAVE FAT TOUNGES! the fat tounge is silly and dumb looking

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