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Contest: “What’s Ghetto” with Jim Jones

Submitted by on March 29, 2009 – 3:01 pm43 Comments

POST UPDATE: Congratulations to Bones, who won the $50 store credit to DrJays.com with his entry!


Jim Jones

Celebrities on Twitter often fall into two main categories: chatterboxes apparently oblivious to the thousands of “@replies” they receive from non-celebrities (e.g. Solange Knowles) or artists who’ve transformed into motivational (and often highly annoying) speakers (e.g. Diddy).

Jim Jones, on the other hand, is one of our favorites – if you’re going to ramble on, at least make it funny right? Jim’s “What’s Ghetto” tweets are some of the most hilarious entries on Twitter.

Check out a sample below (in Jim’s own words):

“Whts ghetto: using broom stick and garbage bag full of water as your weights in jail”

“Whts ghetto: cuttin 1 vip band in half to get to people in the club or venue”

“Whts ghetto: pullin up to parole in a bentley”

“Whts ghetto: girls usin cool aid to dye their hair”

“Whts ghetto: ordering some desert so th water goes bac to the kitchen n then leavin the restaraunt with out payin while hes orderin desert”

“Whts ghetto: watchin martin just to look at pams ass ( back in the day) lol”

Add to Jim’s list with your own example of “What’s Ghetto” (write a comment below) – the funniest line will win $50 store credit to DrJays.com! Winner announced on Monday, March 30 at 6pm EST.

Don’t forget to check out DrJays.com on Twitter (@drjays_com). We’re just getting started; make sure you follow us to stay in the loop with the exciting features we have coming up!

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  • Lee Lee says:

    Wats ghetto: Rockin fake J’s and callin them “limited edition” (Ive seen this a few times myself)

  • BONES says:

    “What’s Ghetto”: tryna get on the bus and paying your $4.00 fare in all pennies while everybody else waiting in line for you to get on…lolz

  • brandon says:

    “Whts ghetto: peelin the paint off of a school bus, making a ferrari emblem out of it, and elmers gluing it to ur buick” LMAO (my dumb ass cuzin did this shit)

  • good dude says:

    “What’s Ghetto”: putting $500 speakers in a $600 car.

  • hard says:

    Whts ghetto: rocking dickies double knee while opening a 40 bottle by smashing it on the sidewalk and drinking the sh*t despite your mouth being cut, listening to the latest mixtapes and shooting dice at the same time, aight?

  • dani says:

    “What’s Ghetto? sellin chinese slippers at a garage sale!” (buy 3 n get on half off). At this point and time those things shouldn’t see the outside of any closet).

  • star da el says:

    The top ten “what’s ghetto”?

    1. Wipin yo ass wit newspaper bcuz yo crackhead ass cousin dune sold da tissue
    2. Having a dope fiend try to sell you a bike…….. thats already yours.
    3. Eating suga butter sandwiches or fried bologna sandwiches wit suga water on hot sunny day.
    4.When yo grandma is more gangsta then you.
    5. When you put your jeans under the mattress all night to make creases.
    6.When you dont have any hair oil and you use crisco
    7.When you send yo kids to your neighbors house to ask 4 cigarette money
    8. When you stand outside the liquor store trying to sell yo food stamps.
    9.When you scrape and lick tha plate in a resturant
    10.When yo hair is nappy on the top and you got a fake ass phony pony on yo head, thats ghetto. Please sista remember to perm.

  • star da el says:

    you know you ghetto when you use garbage bags 4 luggage

  • Lee Lee says:

    Wats ghetto : You name the roaches in yo house! Wat up felix!

  • Lee Lee says:

    Felix stays under my fridge

  • Aaron says:

    Whts ghetto: goin thru a car wash with no windows aha

  • star da el says:

    “What’s ghetto”?

    When you take about 20 niggaz to tha maury povich show saying ” i’m 99.999% sure he’s tha daddy”.

    When you dry yo clothes in tha microwave.

    When yo momma name you after a damn t.v. talking about where’s toshiba?

  • Rick Lexington aka Noble626 says:

    What’s ghetto: You on the stoop smokin a black, wearin house shoes and dickies, hidin the beer behind your back.

    What’s ghetto: When you knock someones ass out for scuffin the timbs up.

    What’s ghetto: When you in class and your juice has a lil somethin in it to make class enjoyable.

    What’s ghetto: Is usin vasoline as hair gel.

    What’s ghetto: Is usin saran wrap or plastic bag with a rubber band, when you can’t find a condom.

    What’s ghetto: Is your “church” dress doubles as your “get some” dress.

  • star da el says:

    What’s ghetto

    when you go to the public aid office and the security guard knows yo whooooooooole family talking about hows yo momma doin?

    When you put all tha bills in each one of yo kids name.

  • Olde says:

    Whts Geto? Writn like you rely suk at gramar.

  • D-Zilla says:

    You know what’s ghetto?

    When ppl are on welfare instead of getting a job.
    If you have lots of children with lots of different women
    When you rock a fake urban name and so much more.

  • gotsole17 says:

    whts ghetto: goin to church wid ya club clothes on
    whts ghetto: spendin ya rent money on some brand new j’s when ya rent is due
    whts ghetto: when boys wear they daddy house slippers to school
    whts ghetto: girls usin black gel to “perfect” that nappy ass baby hair
    whts ghetto: walkin down tha street when its bout 90 degrees with fur boots on like you cool

  • Melonie says:

    ghetto:is when u and some body in yo family got the same baby daddy
    or when you and yo home girl switch outfits because yal whore that s**t last week to the club 0r call next door to borrow some hair or driving down the street you last seen yo baby daddy on asking people if they know him and fu***** the n***a that say he do just to piss yo babby daddy off last but not least if you took the time to post this while you at work and read everybody else coments lol I did:)

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