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Cassie shaves her head!?

Submitted by on April 10, 2009 – 6:50 pm30 Comments


Check out these new pics that R&B singer Cassie Ventura just posted on her Twitter account.


It looks like Rihanna‘s just been given a run for her money…

Are you feeling Cassie's new hairdo?

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  • star da el says:

    I think cassie shaven her head is goin a little too far with this edgy hair trend shit. 4 some reason im havin flash backs of when i was a baby watching mad max beyond thunderdome, seriously.

  • Kenkay says:

    This reminds me of the pic of Britney when she was sitting in the barbershop… I wonder why she did it but then again… not really!!

  • Chris J the Genius says:

    She lost a bet with somebody. Well, no new video shoots or magazine covers for her anytime soon. Favorite song on her iPod right now – I Am Not My Hair by India.Arie

  • MvK979 says:

    Well I think she’s so cute it don’t matter what she dose. The chicks that don’t like it are just mad they can’t pull it off (you know the type can’t go out without putting on ten pounds of makeup). I’d still take her over most other women out there in the spotlight right now.

  • cookie says:

    well I never wear makeup and people tell me I’m really cute and I’ve done some cazy things with my hair and pulled it of but this is much too much. She’s still pretty but pretty or not, much too much.

  • Chloe says:

    This hair style is on some other is. I can see a lil cut like the edges maybe but look at it this way…if she turns her head on one side she can pick up girls and the other side she can pick up boys if thats what she likes.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    It’s weird I don’t like the bald half but the half that’s there I like. I just gotta look at her from one side. I agree with chris though, she lost a bet.

  • styles-p says:

    A cut like this has to be done a certain way. I’ve seen girls with this style but the side that had hair was usually still long but not as long as cassie’s and their hair was cut in some zig-zag way and it actually looks cute. Hers is too long on one side and also she’s not that type of artist to rock a cut like this. Like this is something I can only see on someone whose like Kelis. Cassie (to me) started out as that pretty, beyonce, like chick. High heels & the hair. Unless she is trying to change her style thats the only way I think it will work. Until she can prove me wrong

  • styles-p says:

    I do think she has the ability of becoming a bigger artist than what she is so I hope puffy really sticks and works with her.

  • Vicki says:

    i don’t know what she trying to prove, or if it means something but oh well she looks wierd but beautiful

  • Veronica says:

    ultimately she’s gonna shave the rest of her head. hopefully very soon. what can she do with a half a head of hair? just comb one side and brush the other? but who knows, maybe in a couple months girls will be shaving half their head now, lol.

  • star da el says:

    its taken me years to grow my hair out and im not gonna shave my buttas just becuz some chick is tryin to show her originalty. as black women you know how long it takes to 4 our hair2 grow out, that sista is crazy. please black women dont start shaven your heads!!!!!!! your just gonna have to put weave in and at that time it’s like whats tha point of shaven it.

  • All I said was… “What Was She Thinking” ?

    Then I thought, P Diddy must be behind this, monetizing off her hair loss.

  • victoria esteve (remember that name) says:

    p. diddy must b pissed as HELL. (but we all kno they are together anyway, she left ryan for him but she and ryan are still friends… too many people are saying it for it NOT to b true. c’mon)

  • kris says:

    she really can’t be serious. her face is really beautiful but even that doesn’t help her rock this “haircut”. it’s not even really a haircut, just half of her head is shaven off. at least try&style it or cut more layers, OR DO SOMETHING! what is this chick famous for besides being diddy’s jumpoff?

  • NiTA_BOo-=[ says:


  • Chris J The Genius says:

    Let’s keep it real. We all know what this is. Rihanna changed her hairstyle and went from having a few hits but no real breakthrough to being a super star (who was later assaulted by Chris Brown but I digress). Cassie really only had one hit, “Me and You,” (a song that, when one listens to the actual lyrics, sounds like it very well could possibly be about giving fellatio – just saying) and since then she’s been releasing singles to little or no fanfare. Obviously, they think that a drastic change in hairstyle will do the same for her career. What they have to understand is that Rihanna’s image, style, persona, and overall tone changed before the hair. In fact, her hairstyle more than likely changed as a result of these other changes. If she wants similar success, she needs similar change across the board. Robin Thicke changed his style and crossed over as well, though. He used to have shoulder length hair and ride bicycles before he got “Lost Without You.” I don’t think this works for Cassie if it is contrived to give her career a boost. If it works, you’ll probably see Donnie Klang rocking some crazy mohawk or even a bald head.

  • Veronica says:

    Lol. Your right Chris. However the difference between Cassie and the other artists you described is that Cassie lacks talent as a vocalist. She should restrain from singing anywhere but in her shower. She’s a beautiful girl and i know Diddy admires her marketability to a broad ethnic consumer base (and yall know the rumors over wether or not he likes her for other reasons, who knows), but talent is talent. If your theory is correct she just waisted half a head of hair.

  • Chris J The Genius says:

    You’re exactly right. Rihanna can actually sing, as can Robin Thicke. Cassie… looks good. Maybe she could hook up with a vocal coach? But they probably don’t even have to do that because there are very few people singing who actually have talent. All she needs is to wear next to nothing, have really good high-energy dance routines, catchy hooks, good beats, and promotion. That’s basically the music biz these days.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Actually this is how rihanna started. She was in a band of a different music genre. Also was the gf of one of the members… Their music was so so, she was slightly better. Left, broke up with dude tried it by herself… meh lol. Joined with rocafella done lol. It wasn’t really rhianna time till umbrella hit.

    Thing with cassie is she’s on a different beat or rhythm. You actually haft to come up with a crazy beat to get her to go with. I have a couple of her songs in my mp3 player “kiss me, addiction and must be love”. I’ll giver this tho, she is progressing. Other than she’s friggin smokin i’m not really a fan but I can respect that she’s actually getting better where as others keep giving the same wack shit.

  • Spades11 says:

    A personal problem I have with girls with shaved head.
    Is if I call them cute I feel like I’m calling a dude cute and nahhhhh mannn nahhhhhhh lol

  • Dunt Wrry ! says:


  • Chris J The Genius says:

    You’re right, Rick. I was saying when she came out with “Official Girl” that I certainly noticed and appreciated the growth in her voice and singing ability. She used to just hit the notes with no feeling. Now there is more emotion and she uses more runs and ad-libs. Not sure if it’s enough yet…

  • Dee says:

    Mayb she fancied a huge change.. but went a little too far..lol…or mayb the hairdressers hand slipped and cut some of the hair off and they had 2 shave it..lol…

  • Celeste says:

    What the hell was hse thing? she was one of the prettiest girls i ever seen and she does this. i loved her and now she looks retarded!

  • lolasmith says:

    cassie new hairdo is called dallas

  • trace92 says:

    I personally think it’s original and cute regardless her music genre. There no need to compare her to Rihanna and just because it’s weird and different don’t make her look any worst…..I think its beautiful on her

  • Dee says:

    trace92 u actually think that is cutee…it doesnt matter what genre of music she does it still is the most ugliest hairdo in the world…Im not even jokiing..but i guess thats my opinion..but it is still a wack hairdo…

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