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Which celeb would have the hottest line?

Submitted by on April 14, 2009 – 3:08 pm16 Comments

Teyana Taylor

We’ve seen Nelly and Travis Barker do it successfully, while others like Young Buck and Andre 3000 didn’t do so well…

Either way, nothing seems to be slowing down the launch of clothing lines by various celebrities.

As they are popping up everywhere these days, are there any that you have found especially appealing or disappointing?

When the DrJays.com staff met with T.I. at Akoo‘s official launch party in NYC, he told us that he does not want the success of his line to solely rely on his name and fame. He wants it to continue to stand alone as a hot, sought after brand and is willing to get his own hands dirty to achieve that.

While T.I. sounds like he is pretty involved with his brand, do you think too many celebs are just eager to make some extra cash, resulting in clothing that doesn’t accurately reflect their own style?

From the stars who haven’t jumped on the clothing line bandwagon just yet, which one do you think would have the hottest brand? It could be someone who has it in the works already, or has not mentioned it at all.

Here are a few ideas:

Kanye West
Keri Hilson
Lil Wayne

Check out DrJays.com for hot brands launched by your favorite celebs:


Pop Roc Terry Coverup by Rocawear



Wicked Skinny Leg Jumpsuit by Deréon


Rugby by Rich Yung

Images: Tash, Edu, Hollywood Teen, Jack Book

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  • Rick Lexington says:

    I think keri hilson should do one. I think stars fail at the clothing market because.

    1. They’re just putting their name on it.

    2. The stuff they wear and the stuff they’re putting out is completely different. If them themselves aren’t going to wear it then don’t expect the fans to. They’re loyal not stupid.

    3. They’re not keeping the price right. Know your fan base.

  • yung albino says:

    although i’m no fan of Lil Wayne’s new music if he were to put out some jeans kinda like the ones he’s rockin in that photo I’d be on board because its really hard in the 804/Richmond (VA) to find jeans like that without having to go to Norfolk or Newport News.

    Truthfully i don’t think Keri Hilson’s style could carry over too well, but if ri ri where to try she could probably move units

    definitely not Kayne the whole metrosexual thing don’t look good nothing wrong with straight fit jeans but skinnies on a dude is just not a good look(thats probably because i’m so country)

  • star da el says:

    i think ciara would have a successful clothing line (i love her style) i also believe that if left eye and aaliyah (r.i.p) were alive their lines would do well too bcuz they had their own style. busta ryhmes should have came out with a line years ago and snoop should come out with some pimp wear.

  • Chris J The Genius says:

    Yall left Lupe Fiasco off the list! You know if Lupe came out with a clothing line it would be the illest. Robots all over everything and crazy colors so a brotha can get his nerd on.

  • Kenkay says:

    I can’t call it but I think Rihanna is cute as he!! in that picture…

  • D-Zilla says:

    Man, you forgot Diddy aka Mr. Sean John….from a rap atrist to a CEO of Bad Boy Records to owning Justin’s restaurant (in ATL) and the other one (i forgot the name) and so forth. The guy didn’t base his income on one thing, he ventured into other things that made him a lot of money and was very successful on his ventures, besides being a rap artist and record company CEO.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Yeah that true d-zilla… But his clothing line is successful. He rocks a lot of the stuff he sells a long with sells a lot of stuff he rocks. The prices are good too. Plus he branched out.

    I have his dress shirts, ties, cuff links and one of my suits is a sean john pin stripe joint. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it and other stuff I’ve worn. I also have his other shirts amongst other gear that i’ve gotten from here. He recognizes what his fan bases wanted and needed. He keeps them loyal while getting more.

    Whaddup yung, man I need to roll back to VA sometime.

  • Veronica says:

    Ima say Keri. I’m tired of low quality over priced gear for us ladies like baby phat and dereon. Your right Rick, the only time I see B rockin dereon is in her ads but when you see her day to day stuff she be on sumthin else.

    A lot of Kimora’s stuff is super tacky to me, and made out of that cheap polyester material. Its okay if your 14 I guess. Applebottoms is a better fit, but I wouldn’t wear logos on my behind, cause thats tacky too, and I am glad they’re starting to tone it down.

    I guess what I’m excited and hopeful for is a womens clothing line that is classy and tasteful for women of their mid to late twenties. Something sheek and sexy, that doesn’t have glitter, or rime stones, or big logos, and is affordable. Keri has the look, although that shirt is hard to pull off with no spillage, lol.

  • B easy says:

    I think for a an artist to sell, their personal sense of style has to be popular. I think T.I will do extremely well because he has an excellent taste in clothes and I am already seeing that reflect in his clothing line. Other rappers who have failed…well they may have had their own style and whatnot and it may have not been very popular at the time. G Unit collapsed only because it was at the height of popularity right when every started switching from hood gear to more fitted attire. I honestly believe that Kanye’s line will be hot because he is an interesting character with an interesting taste in just about everything so I am definitely looking for Pastelle to be the next big thing. I just don’t think it’s a good idea for every artist to drop a clothing line because most artist are out of the box people with out of the box ideas and those ideas will probably not do to well with the youth of mainstream America.

  • B easy says:

    and another very important thing to point out…and veronica was on point wit this…is that the clothes have to be quality and not too over priced. For example, sean john is very affordable and is made with a high quality… but nobody is gonna buy clothes that are cheap and cost 120 dollars at the minimum.

  • RealDeal says:

    Not a fan of lil wayne, but I have to say if he had his own line I’d be most interested in seeing what it looked like……

  • Dennis Horan says:

    Kanye West would have the hottest line most definately the man knows style him and lupe should come out with a line also it would add on to kanye’s success in life I am highly sure the line would be a success

  • Courtney says:

    I think AKOO looks good on men (don’t get me wrong…it’s not for everyone lol). Rihanna and Keri Hilson should definitely put out their own clothing line but only if it’s stuff they’ve worn in videos and to award shows. Rihanna wears the most flyest jewelry and accessories which are big things w/ us females. Keri Hilson is so out there too that she will think of something lol Ciara should be up there cuz that girl can dress her ass off. Lil Wayne would do really well cuz he’s very diverse. Kanye West…I don’t care what he does, who he does, or anything to be honest…he was awesome at first, now he’s just getting to the point where he’s old news.

  • NiTA_BOo-=[ says:


  • toodie says:

    mi baybeh lil wayne luk fuqkin sexxc wow

  • toodie says:

    well lil wayne nd teyana duh wtf yall ask dhat 4

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