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DrJays.com Debate: Should safe sex be promoted to teens?

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The controversial Bristol Palin has been called a hypocrite for promoting abstinence

According to a 2007 study by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), almost two-thirds of high school seniors are sexually active. The same study showed that 22 percent of those teens have had at lease four partners.

Teen pregnancy rose in 2007, for the first time since 1991, and cases of HIV/AIDS among those ages 15 to 24 more than doubled to 80 cases in 2006-2007.

Females account for majority of STD cases (approximately 3.2 million are infected with at least one), and African American teens have the highest rate.

Scary statistics or what?

Knowing this and all other facts we’ve collected over the years on this topic, do you think schools, parents and society should focus on teaching teens about abstinence, or safe sex?

We’ve heard many different thoughts on this age old topic. Some believe that promoting safe sex is not a good idea, because it’s conveying the message to teens that having sex at such a young age is acceptable.

Others argue that if we keep our teens sheltered from information pertaining to safe sex, we will continue to see rises in STD and teen pregnancy cases.

A post featuring Solange Knowles promoting safe sex got mixed reactions from teenvogue.com readers

Jim Jones discusses AIDS on BET

What are your thoughts on this touchy topic?

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  • Soulja Girl says:

    What be tha matta yall, yall scared to talk about it, JK

  • I think people are overly sensative now in crack a bottle some lyrics about condoms are sensored out. Why would you edit out condom promoting. Ok it’s about sex but common sense. People don’t want to get sued or go through a hassle from “groups”.

    Also people are a little too judgmental now and people get hassled for a justifiable opinion. Ok fine she had a baby and is supporting abstanance it’s not hypocrisy when you realize “holy shit raising a baby is friggin hard and i’m ballin maybe just maybe I should prevent others from doing this”. Hypocrisy would be her supporting this while she’s in a video with a dude going raw dog about to have a moment.

    Kids are going to have sex anyways. They need to know options and understand things. Parents need to parent, teachers need to teach. Anyone who aren’t in the equation need to stfu.

  • Chris J The Genius says:

    Hell yeah, safe sex should be promoted to teens. Wanna know why? Because on every media outlet on earth they promote sex as such a “cool” or socially acceptable thing and use it to sell everything from snacks to drinks to clothes. Pretty much everyone on the radio at this point has sex on the brain. As a result of this, we claim that the youth of this nation are oversexed? You’re damned right we are. Abstinence and safe sex should both be promoted to teens because we have to balance out this message that “everyone’s doing it.” Children are having children and no one is showing any self-control or restraint. Discipline and responsibility make the difference between children and adults, and it’s time we learn that before we lose another generation.

  • Lucky says:

    safe sex all the way. kids will find out about sex in some way or another, its better to be educated through trusted parents, teachers etc. rather than being sheltered and finding out inaccurate info from random tv shows and people!

  • Real says:

    I believe that both abstience and safe sex should be promoted.

  • veronica says:

    uummmm. didn’t we all start fuckin in our teens?

  • s says:

    whats wrong wit promoting SAFE sex??
    everybody should do safe sex no matter if theyre teens or adults or whatever… who wants hiv/aids?? or any other std? go test ya self or use a rubber…

  • rawr. says:

    I am about to go to highschool and already i know a couple of my friends who are not virgins, and who dont even use condom. Its really peer presuring so “safe sex” really sounds like a good idea. Just remember to speak the truth and nothing but the truth

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