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And the COOGI Friday Freebie winners are…

Submitted by on July 10, 2009 – 11:09 am46 Comments


V-Back Dress W Keyholes by COOGI

UPDATE: The winners of this Friday Freebie are Chartrice P. and Stella!

Everyone else, stay tuned for more freebies. Good luck!

If you had to switch careers to do anything you wanted, what would it be?

Answer this question by commenting on this post, and you will have the chance to win the COOGI dress above.

Two lucky winners will be chosen – one size L and one size XL.


Let us know what you currently do for a living, and what your alternative dream profession would be!

Please make sure to state which size your prefer when you leave your comment.

The winners will be announced on Monday July 13th at approximately 6pm EST.

Good luck!

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  • monica says:

    i am currently a customer service represenative for an insurance company where i answer mail all day. i dont make phone calls or speak anyone- im by myself all day. if i could change my occupation, i would be a p.r. that way i could actually talk and help people and be more interactive

  • Jackie says:

    Currently I am a benefits coordinator. My dream job is to be a therapist to help troubled teens. If I win the dress I’d like a m/l pls.

  • I currently have no job! I have four years of banking experience so that is what I will continue looking for work in but if I had my way I would be working in costume on Broadway.

  • I would like a S/M if I win, my bad!

  • Nikky says:

    I work for retail at a highend mens store. Although its a fantastic job because I meet everyone from different aspects. Like snobby people to the nicest people on earth. Its great working in this field because they talk to me, and trust me like I am their friend. They rely on my views with fashion, to make their shopping expierence memorable. Now, my dream career would definately be the entertainment buisness. An entrepanuer like sean combs. He started with music, conquered that field and expanded it to clothing, perfume etc. I would want that an more. Helping the community and the people in need. I would help the us with our homeless people before sharing my wealth with the third world. Thankx. (Size L)

  • ezziefbabiii says:

    I am currently working at the school, doing office work, but this is only for the summer. If i could switch to any profession it would be a celebrity stylist. I love fashion, this would be a good oppurtunity also to meet some celebrites.(XL)

  • QBianca says:

    I’m currently working at a Restoration company as an assistant..my dream job would be to work at a radio station as either a producer or a copywriter. Another dream of mine would be a stylist, because I like keeping up with the latest trends and mixing key trendy pieces with bargin pieces.

  • Shannon Bowers says:

    I am currently in marketing as a brand manager for a quick service restaurant but my dream job is fashion marketing.

  • Bianca says:

    I’m currently working at a Restoration company as an assistant..my dream job would be to work at a radio station as either a producer or a copywriter. Another dream of mine would be a stylist, because I like keeping up with the latest trends and mixing key trendy pieces with bargin pieces.(size L)

  • K. MARTIN says:


  • jen says:

    I am currently in retail banking if i could switch jobs i would want to be a pyschiatrist for people that can’t afford it.

  • precious says:

    I would like to become a bondsman to get people out of jail that can’t afford to get on on there bond

  • Shanny says:

    Im currently on public assistance. and my dream job is to be a Radiology Technolgist. I just completed the 2yr program for radiology tech, and now i have my registry to take. My graduation is Aug 7, 09 and this would be a great graduation gift for a job well done.

  • Loraine says:

    Uhm… I am a teacher…. if I were to switch careers, I would want to be a dancer for the Washington Wizards!! yes, a Wizards Girl! I am not too fond of the skimpy outfits, but atleast I would not have to buy a season ticket to be at every home game!!! I would get to stay in shape AND cheer for my fav basketball team! (size L)

  • cassie says:

    if I had a chance to switch careers I would undoubtfully be a model to a candy gurl!!!!

  • I would like to be kiki’s teddy bear. I am currently not kiki’s teddy bear.

  • PS. I’M JOKING!!

  • Margo says:

    Be in the music industry…Love all generes of it all. Just helping them become what they wanna rise to….

  • anne says:

    I’m in customer service if i could do anyhting i wanted i would become a professional female boxer

  • Linda Lee says:

    I am a counselor secretary to a middle school. If I coud change my career it would have to be an elementary school youth mentor (coordinator) for some of the young kids who needs one.

  • Erica P. says:

    Hey everyone
    Im Erica P and im twenty years and currently work as a cashier Burger King full time,I hate it people can be so mean and rude. My husband lost his job that supported us and our 1 year old baby, so I had to drop out of college full time and work full time the economy is really bad so I took the first place that would hire me, I dont have family so I just cant go and ask for money to borrow like most people. My hopes are that my husband can find a good stable job and I could return to school full time and when I do I am going to be a social worker, I no the job was ment for me. I would love to be able to work hands on with babies kids and teenagers to see what I can do to better there life, its a very hard career you have to put your emotions aside because the kids you work with have most of the time been abused mentally and physically. I grew up in the system and from seven to seventeen and I felt so alone I would look forward to my social workers visit, because it seem like they really wanted to help me and cared about me. I could tell them anything and they never judge me for things that happened to me and mistakes I made. I really wish the economy would get better because I have a little one that depending on me to give her the best life possible. Shes my everything and I wont let her down, like I was as a child.

  • nat medina says:

    Right now I work as a receptionist at an optometry office. I hate it so much the day feels like it never ends. My dream job would be a recovery specialist for people that are addicted to drugs and alcohol. I would get to help alot of people that eventually would end up killing themselves from the substance abuse and let them know they to have a purpose of being alive just like everyone else. It a long road ahead but its what I really want.

  • Vicky says:

    I currently work as Senior Consular Asst. at The Consulate General of Pakistan and for my dream job I would choose to be a Doctor or Surgeon….. size L please

  • Verenis says:

    I work in a Library but if I had a chance to change my career I would love to be a Plus Size Model! Because I love Love Love Fashion and Makeup. (Size L) Thanks!

  • Marie says:

    Hi! I just got laid-off in March as a Shift Assistant for a manufacturing company that I had been with for 3 years, so my current job is being a mom of 5. No dream job, as long as I have one that I can enjoy and the company can value me. Right now, being a mom is the best. Size L.

  • Stella says:

    If I could switch careers I would want to open up my own counselling /hang out lounge for young adults with cancer, there are not a lot of resources out there-me being one of the people who wish they did , im a two time cancer survivor and they need to have more options out there for support =)

    Oh and right now im a tele marketer… BORING….

    Size XL Please =)



  • jae says:

    i currently work for convergy’s doing customer service and my dream job would be to go to every single person that has called in and cursed me out for no reason and open up a can of whoop a**. I wear a large.

  • shynaya says:

    I am working at bjs wholesale club as a customer service rep. My dream career has always been accountant. working and school can be really stressful, it would be a lovely dress to wear on a nice day outside. Size L. thanks.

  • jovanna says:

    i am workinq at a hotail and my dream career is to own my own jewlery store ! iswear a (xL)

  • Mary Jay says:

    I am currently in retail working as a Cashier and HR Assistant. It pays the bills for now. If I could change careers I would deffinitely become a pediatrician. I love kids, and would also be helping others. In this position I would operate privately and have a charitable organization in order to provide care to those who can’t afford healthcare!! (XL)

  • Ashley Calloway says:

    Hello. I just turned 23 yro, I am currently a USMC wife, located in Okinawa Japan. I am attending UMUC for my bacholer’s degree. And I have an Inhome Daycare as my living. I attend to up to six children at one time unassisted. And I am also working on obtaining my Dental Assistant Degree through the ARC. My dream career which is what I am working toward is a Neonatal Nurse Pract., or even my dream career would be an OBGYN. I wear a size L.

  • Chartrice P says:

    If I could switch careers to do anything I wanted, I would definitely be a CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY. I want to be able to be the voice of individuals that are treatment unequally and discriminated against in court because of distinguishing features like race. So many people have cases and pleas that aren’t acknowledged, let alone addressed, and it’s upsetting. But for now, I’m just a college student working towards that degree, employed at a local telemarketing company.

    Thanks for this opportunity!!!!

    size- either (large or x-large)

  • RavieB. says:

    current high school student with a 4.2 GPA, volunteering, and in summer school so i can graduate early, why I cant find a job?, I have no idea; and i would rather be an anesthesiologist right now, but i gotta have my education first before I am one


  • MzPerfect09 says:

    I am currently a Commerical Bakery Lead at Food 4 Less. I love my job but I have bigger dreams. I am currently a college student studing studying to become an anesthesiologist. If I win I would like a S/M. Advice to all: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, cause I am. Thanks

  • MzPerfect09 says:

    For size I meant a large thanks

  • Lee Lee says:

    I am a waitress, definately not a career I want to continue for the rest of my life! Some people seem to think because you are waiting onthem it gives them the right to disrespect you. If I had my way I would become a “hard news” journalist. I think it would be very exciting not knowing what situations could arise and having to get out there and get all the info. Ima go getter type of girl, I could totally see me running around the scene tryin to dig up the dirt. Also a news anchor could go in the same category kind of. Then you get to be on tv :) I would like a large size.

  • Ms-Worthy76 says:

    Im a out-of-work low wage earning social worker switching job industries, currently in school to become an occupational therapist. If I could do anything I really wanted I would become an actress and/or designer!

  • hollloway15 says:

    If ihad to change careers i would upgrade my stat to a RN ,something ia currently workn on.I’m now a cna in the healthcare field providing all the love care and assst.Ican give from the bottom ! Im now ready to move forward and give from the top as I learn more i find i have more to give .Thats wat nurses do they are 4 ever giving ;all the love and care they can give no matter wat level there on!

  • hollloway15 says:

    please 4give the omission size required xl .THANKS

  • Siquoria says:

    I am currently a stay at home mother of two beautiful children and I am a military spouse and half the year a single parent when he is out to sea. I am also a full time student working on my Business degree. I would love to be a OB/Gyn nurse. I love babies! Just dont want anymore for my self! (XL)

  • Ashlee says:

    I am currently a stay at home mother of a three year old boy and a military wife. I love my life and wounldnt change it from nothing in the world, but if i had that one chance I world be a marketing representive for a music label. I have a degree in marketing and looove music.I know everything there is to know! No one can beat me in the music trivia games!(L)

  • blanca puebla says:

    right now i am currently unemployed i was laid off about 6 months ago and i just wish i could find a job that pays it pretty hard i just lost my house 2 months ago,,,,so me and my 4 year old have been staying with relatives…my dream job would be a physical therapist,,, Physical therapists provide the help to restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or disease. A physical therapist would most defenitely be my dream job.

  • Deidra says:

    I would be a doctor….. I work in the environmental services to help conserve energy throughout southren CA. But I luv to help people doctors become confidants and service people of all ages.

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