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What’s Up With Allen Iverson?

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Does anyone know The Answer? Why is the former MVP and four-time scoring champion almost having to beg for a new NBA contract, and even then, with the beyond-terrible LA Clippers?!

Just one season ago he finished third in the NBA in scoring, behind only LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. He’s not a scrub, he’s not a busted veteran trying to hang onto a roster spot. So the question has to be asked – has AI’s colorful history in the league now caught up with him?

One of the main ways Iverson shook up the NBA was through his hip-hop fashion style (and brash hip-hop attitude) which was on display from his rookie season in 1996. He even – directly or indirectly – brought about the NBA implementing a dress code in 2005, which stated players have to wear a suit on the bench if they’re inactive/injured, and also to and from the arena on game days. This “Iverson rule” also banned chains, headphones, indoor sunglasses and headwear. Some saw this as a subtle form of racism, and of course AI was one of the first players to speak out.

“I don’t think it’s good for the league – it kind of makes it fake. They’re targeting guys who dress like me, guys who dress hip-hop. Put a murderer in a suit and he’s still a murderer. It sends a bad message to kids.”

So why do you think AI is seemingly on the outer in NBA circles? Is he just another aging veteran on his last legs, or does it have more to do with his various off-court run-ins with the NBA powers that be?

ai3Ray Allen photographs a post-cornrows Allen Iverson at last year’s All-Star Game.

Special shoutout to the two biggest Iverson fans on the planet – our very own Boss Lady and her lil’ sis “Mrs Iverson”!

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  • Boss Lady says:

    I’m sorry Leon…I’m stuck looking at the pictures…I’ll get back to the article in a minute ;)


  • luxurylife says:

    Well i hate to say it but IVerson isnt the superstar he used to be….He stirred up problems in Detroit when he thought he should start over Richard Hamilton which some would agree was a good move but Rip has won a ring and Iverson has yet to do so……He then was angry to come off the bench but he made 21 million last year but in the league he came off as selfish… Whats even more crazy is the team he left got better the Nuggets and the team he went to got worse. He has to realize he isnt the same Iverson of 5 years ago injuries have taken there toll and he will have to humble himself to win a ring how can a man with all his alcomplishments not be mad if he doesnt win a ring, The conversation will be Iverson the best basketball player under 6ft,Well He didnt get a ring so is he better than Thomas is he better than Nash is he better than Stockton.Hate to say it Boss Lady but your boy needs to do like on old Michael Jackson song and look at the MAN in the mirror before the game passes him by lol Whad up Rick Chris and Russ (where you at)? Hello KIKI =)

  • luxurylife says:

    BTW he should be glad to play for the Clippers nobody is going give him a 10 million dollar contract. This will be a observation period for him to see if he can get a 3 year deal if he behaves and acts right Jason Kidd is older than Allen and he services are still wanted and we know Iverson is a better athlete I wouldnt say player Kidd is the 3 best point guard off all time without a ring and top 5 all time of all point guards but anyway Iverson needs to behave if he wants to be paid!!!!!

  • Ok I see what get’s bosslady going, damn him. Can we get a hater smile or a :rollseyes: smiley in here or something?

    I agree it’s the attitude. Some friends of mine met him some years back. He was with his crew and wouldn’t autograph shiet because my homies weren’t hot ass girls. I’m telling you the nice version lol. Anyways it’s a completley different NBA now. And the clippers weren’t that bad a couple of years ago damnit. The dresscode was BS considering other sports associations were looking a hot mess. You had the baseball champs lookin a hot mess going on oprah with wrinkled ass jeans, t shirts etc. Then again iverson isn’t the best person to speak up for it lol.

    Sorry don’t really care for a brotha, but I loves me some bosslady. So what can you do? Still hate on a nigga that’s what. Whaddup lux, chris j, russ, and the ball of sunshine known as kiki. That’s right lux they’re not just in my arms or my waistband anymore, I’m bringin out the guns.

  • dsuave allday says:

    It don’t matter what happens…. AI is still going to the Hall Of Fame, so…. He accomplished everything except a championship, and this past season was really his only bad season. I see alot of hate above. And I think he is still worth over 10million. I can name plenty of players that ain’t worth the over 10 million they’re getting annually, like, hmmm… Michael Redd of the Milwaukee Bucks. And I stay in Milwaukee. We could use him, but our GM is too cheap. All in all, Iverson still got it. He from the class of 96.

  • Wow! Rick is going for Boss Lady and Kiki at the same time! In the same post! Summer madness is in effect. Despite all the controversy that he caused with his attitude about practice as well as the jewelry and clothing, the fact of the matter is that A.I. is divides teams. He doesn’t do it intentionally, but he is a ballhandler who takes a lot of shots. That equals less touches for the other players out on the court which usually means that they don’t work as hard on defense, rebounds, or other loose balls because they are less likely to get rewarded with a nice pass. Iverson’s getting old as well, so he’s going to have to step up an already quite-pronounced passing game (that most people don’t know much about because he shoots and dribbles so much). He also has to display the leadership skills that are expected of his position in general and will certainly be expected at his age. So far, he hasn’t really done that. Everyone knows that the point guard is the quarterback of the basketball team. Iverson has to play like it, or he’ll be The Answer to the question, “Who took too many shots and wore too many chains?” I like Iverson, so let’s not start the hater accusations (hater seems to refer to anyone who disagrees with a person or his actions these days), I’m just being honest. The NBA is about filling seats and winning titles, there’s no loyalty beyond that. Heck, the Lakers made a significant personnel change even after winning the finals! It’s make or break, so the former Georgetown Hoya with the crazy crossover better get made like the MTV show – ya dig?

  • Mrs Iverson says:

    I have to agree with Boss Lady- I was too busy looking at the photos for a good 10 minutes before I read your story! What can I say about my man Allen? I think him being on the ‘outer circles’ definitely has more to do with off-court controversy. I believe he definitely still has what it takes, and I pray that he does continue to play so I can watch him play one day!!! Thanks for the shout out!

  • Haha chris j, my admiration of bosslady is very different from my liking of kiki. Even with that accent… omg that accent, rawr. Sorry, I’m done now.

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