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Kelis Tells Nas “You Owe Me”…$40K Per Month!

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Nas and Kelis

Nas may have spit the lyrics, but he is now the one who owes big time.

As many of you may know, Kelis gave birth to his baby boy on Wednesday July 22nd.

The Associated Press reported that just a day after their baby was born, Nas was ordered by a Los Angeles judge to pay approximately $40,000 per month to Kelis.

He’s also in the hole for another $45,000 into attorney and accountant fees that Kelis incurred.

Of the monthly payments, $30,471 is for spousal support per month and $9,027 is for their son, who they named Knight.

Since Kelis filed for divorce back in April, the couple has been going through a bitter battle over support payments. Kelis is claiming that Nas hasn’t even paid many of the costs associated with her pregnancy.

Nas’ lawyer disagrees, stating that the rapper has paid $30,000 in expenses and that he has maintained her health insurance.

This being said, the amount that Nas owes will be reevaluated in a September hearing.

The judge felt that this amount of money would be adequate to “accomodate Kelis’ lifestyle.

Apparently her income has decreased in recent months, and she is trying to get a new record deal.

Do you think that the amount Kelis was awarded is reasonable?

Method Man and Red Man definitely had something to say about the situation. Check out this video where the two discuss the absurdity of the settlement, how women should be independent and more.

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  • Boss Lady says:

    This video had me cracking up – Red and Meth need their own talk show!

  • missy says:

    i hear you boss lady.. it will be a hit show!!!

  • Damn meth is genuinely pissed! Red man is funny as hell.

  • Yeah, Meth is genuinely pissed. I don’t like it either. I really don’t, especially with Nas being my favorite rapper and all. However, it makes me think that maybe the judge had reason to believe Kelis’s claims of infidelity and verbal abuse? Nonetheless, I have to say… independent woman, indeed. I guess she really did turn out to be “Bossy,” though. Nas is gonna have to cover that tattoo with the quickness. He should have told the judge about all the money she stands to make with a tell-all book that will be sold in the Superhead section and the subsequent reality show likely to follow. We’ve gotta make sure we’re fully screening potential spouses so that we can find someone to be committed to for life – and we’ve got to treat them right as well. For the sake of the strength of our communities and children AND for the security of our pockets. I’d hate to say it, but it sounds like Nas better talk to Jay-Z about doing a collaboration album and tour. Hopefully it won’t turn out like the Best of Both Worlds, though.

  • Veronica says:

    Well yeah seems like much dough but I’m sure the judgement would not have been against him if he couldn’t afford it, and perhaps he should have thought about that before he messed around.

    I’m still disappointed they ended though, there are very few positive relationships to look at in the hip hop industry. Its really unfortunate.

    Whatever the case I’m sure they’ll both bounce back, they’re young and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of either one, I’m a fan of both.

  • I’m predicting that Nas moves on to Amerie. He’s been on quite a few of her songs, as she his – and she’s a dimepiece. He has even mentioned how fine he thinks she is in a few of his songs.

  • Kwaping says:

    I don’t see how $40k/mo can ever be considered reasonable. That’s ludicrous.

  • Da'ja says:

    Kelis is acting a damn fool with all her crazy off the wall demands for Nas to pay her dummy money and for what?! He’s already been coming out the pocket and breaking the bank for her over the years.Kelis just isn’t happy with herself because her career is going south and now that a baby is in the picture,more $$$ is all she wrote.
    I wanted them to try to reconcile too but now I say forget it and in the words of my girl Egypt—
    :) lol

  • Afrodcya says:

    This clip is hilarious! I am an independent woman and I think that the amount of money that she is going to get is extreme, but brothers need to realize that the judge is going to set these payments based on the lifestyle that they have already established for their women. So if they have these women drinking and eating champagne and caviar, and dripping in the finest bling, then that is what they are accustomed to, and that is what the judge is going to reward. Stop setting yourselves up.

    2). There is a simple solution to this. WEAR A CONDOM AND SELECTIVELY CHOOSE YOUR WOMEN! Method and Red, although very funny, made it seem as if Kelis trapped him and made him have a child or that men are not present when these babies are made. PROTECT YOURSELVES and you won’t have these problems. If you pick a woman who has you buying Christian Laboutin and Prada, do you honestly think that she is going to have a child with you, break up and go back to wearing Payless? They are creating these materialistic monsters, so now they have to deal with them!

  • Veronica says:

    I have to completely agree with you Afrodcya, they talk like this is just some woman off the street when this was his WIFE. dag its like when $hit hits the fan they have no respect, this is who he described as his Queen last year, and I highly doubt she married him with the intent to divorce him and take his money. I believe when she get married she thought it was for the long haul, and she wouldn’t be divorcing him had he stayed faithful.

    Just too bad…

  • Veronica there are women like that. I know a few of them that they make it damn near a career. One has a law degree a condo and an slk paid by doing that. She’s on her fourth one and dude doesn’t even see it coming. She even trying to get his son out the picture.

    Really there’s no way you can really predict these things. Some women just change in the middle of it due to other influences and there ain’t ish you can do about it.

    It’s not as easy as it sounds. Men are naturally providers. You know what I mean. In one way or another we take care of the women we’re with. Plus in his position what are you going to do if your woman is eating applebees and in her same inner circle her home girl is eating an appetizer that costs more than a whole groups plate at applebees. That shit just does not look right, and you know women talk.

    I’ve been around women circles and seen how it gets down. It’s straight grimey. There’s no “well I’m going to do this” there’s “I gotta top this bitch or get the same thing so I can get status or be accepted like she is too”. If you don’t believe me look at some groups… peoples and things are cookie cutter and somethings are just blasphemous.

  • Veronica says:

    I feel you Rick, but I’m not talkin in general, i’m talkin bout Nas and Kelis. I’m sayin ofcourse there’s is no way to know exactly what was goin through whos head cause I don’t know them personally and I’m sure there is no one else on this blog that does, but looks to me just like any other marraige that was good at first, then the man was unfaithful and the woman opts to divorce him.

    I just think its sad that because Kelis is gettin paid now, they make Nas look like the victim, or like it was all a part of some big scheme Kelis cooked up. I don’t believe that but everyone is entitled their opinion.

    And good to know you care to provide, but trust, not all men are
    “natural providers”. Some men step out and leave the woman to do all the providing.

  • Mz.StyleIcon says:

    Method is speakin’ the truth..lol.

  • rwr. says:

    get your money girl!!!!!!!!!

  • That’s true. I can see it going both ways. I think people are doing that because nas’s rep, the examples other females in the hip hop area are providing. And the amount is ridiculous. Seriously I wouldn’t be surprised if she got a reality show going and then a book coming up.

    Me myself I won’t cheat on a girl I’m with but I have personally seen people pushed to do it, and I’ve seen some that just go to it voluntarily. While I don’t condone it I do understand it. Clearly their communication was not up in anycase.

  • mz.hazel eyes says:

    kelis need to sit her ass down some where 50 grand is way to much money. how is nas going to live shelling out that much in child suport.ladies i let’s come to a common compromise with the baby daddy sit down and talk it ova first. why we gotta always run to child support court all the time and try and take every dime, nickel and penny!!! and for what just cuz we banged and!!!! so use condoms,get on birth control.stop being gold diggers.and to all those females who strive to date rappers, nba players,and football players y’all know exacatly what y’all are trying to do.come on now have some class about yourselves and make a way for yourself!!!!!

  • big chris says:

    meth is keepin it reel funky…women need to stop dat shyt

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