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Eminem Gives Mariah Carey “The Warning”

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Mariah Carey spoofing Eminem in her “Obsessed” video?

Eminem retaliates against Mariah Carey, after assuming he was the target in her song “Obsessed”.

In the song, Mariah sings “why are you so obsessed with me?”, and “lyin’ that you’re sexin’ me when everybody knows it’s clear that you’re upset with me.”

It was obvious to many that the stalker she played in the video was supposed to be Eminem. Mariah denies that it was anyone in particular.

What do you think?

Check out the diss track, “The Warning”, where Eminem dishes dirt on his fling with Mariah back in 2001, and even goes at her husband Nick Cannon!

Mariah denied that they ever hooked up, but in the track Eminem says things like “I can describe areas of your house you wouldn’t find on an episode of Cribs“.


Will this feud ever end?

(Warning: The lyrics are quite explicit)

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  • Ashley says:

    This is pure genius! Mariah should’ve known better than to beef with Em. And as for Nick, who cares for Nick Cannon anymore? He barely had a career to begin with! The best thing that happened to him was Drumline, and that’s because “Upperclassman” and “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” were trash! And as for Mariah’s career, it’s so sad that such a talented singer can’t live up to her ’05 standard. “The Emancipation of MeMe” was untouchable.

  • yung albino says:

    i really hate Eminem he’s always beefing with somebody. if i recall correctly Eminem said something about her first in a previous song. Eminem is too touchy i guess he’s gonna start beefing with Gucci Mane because the verses he spit could easily be directed at Em if that was the songs purpose in the first place. But Eminem is a ***** and would not even dare beef with Gucci because Gucci’s career is stronger than any other rapper Em’s ever beefed with. His mixtape sales are strong (10,000 tapes at 10 dollars a copy with 3 and 4 tapes a month) and he has the South on his side

  • hahaha this shit is funny. The only good part of this is eminem is at his best when he is beefing. It’s just retarded the people that he beefs with though.

    As for nick cannon. He does have a career. He’s just a better business man than he is a rapper & actor. The projects he does may not necessarily get him street cred in the hip hop community all the time. But best believe he’s getting paid.

  • DMARTIN says:


  • Sean Turner says:

    Listen fuck what people think or say Em is the best rapper alive they know it but just hate ta say it so stop the hate and just enjoy the man’s music. Shit cant nobody sell records like Em just look through is record sales then stop the hate.

  • sluggproof says:

    GET EM EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Veronica says:

    Whatever, Em is the best WHITE rapper alive. The reason he had so many sales was because white people that ordinarilly don’t even listen to rap buy his music. His voice is annoying, his beats sound generic, and all his music is about the exact same $hit. He is so boring. He was cool cause of the shock factor at first, and thats it. He just used to say off the wall stuff, he’s washed up.

    What rapper beefs exclusively with females? And females that do not rap by the way? Easy targets, when he beefs with somebody thats legit we’ll see what happens then.

  • Kenkay says:

    Wow, Veronica basically said everything I was going to, lol! She know’s her ish. It’s sad when people use record sales as if it equate to talent…FAIL!
    I like Em old stuff but this so call beef with an R&B diva is sad. This dude seriously look like a lame at this point.
    I hear rappers from the Boot Camp Clik taking shots at him all the time but those some real dudes w/ lyrics. He’ll NEVER respond to anybody like that. He stay in Disneyland w/ calling people out.

    When you really think about it, he really have an issue with the female species. His mother, baby momz, female pop singers, and Mariah is about to catch hell for it, LMAO!!!

  • rwr. says:

    LOL!!!!!!! i have a theory that this is all for profit and their into it!! they are probably laughing their asses off while counting stacks! there grown ass people and the fling happened years ago why the fuck would they b going at it now?! think!!

  • rwr. says:

    P.S. that song is mean! curious to hear about whatever “pictures..voicemail..etc”

  • styles-p says:

    WoW! That was something. But you know people say its sad he’s beefing with her but I don’t think so. My reason is, first she denied ever talking about him. I think the reason he ever put her in his raps previously is because of that. I’ve heard her in interviews telling people she don’t know why he talks about her so I started to think he really was obsessed with her. Just to find out, that she really did date him. So i don’t blame him for coming at her like this, especially after her video and husband kept talking greasy. Good For You Em!!! Mariah- NOT COOL!

  • styles-p says:

    I meant to say she denied ever dating him

  • Dee says:

    Mariah Carey is a very big headed freak coz for 1: She thinks Em is obbessed with her and 2: Why would anyone lie about somefink lykk that..its just stupid…N it took me an hour to actually think of wht 2 write…LMAO!!!!

  • NiTA says:

    i AGRee WiT STyLeS-P.. BuT BOtH Of DEm NEEdA Go SuMWHERE N SiT DoWn.

  • too.fxckin.tired says:

    come the hxll on! so i guess it takes someone to beef with someone “legit” to be somebody??? get that wack shxt outta here. we all know that we’ve nodded our heads to some EM stuff before. better yet, we all know that one way or another we’ve related to him. so get all this hatin shxt outta here!! he still makin more money than ANY of us in here, so apparently what any negative influence has to think doesn’t fxckin matter. and if a female come at any dude wrong, he’s gonna get mad and go crazy. especially if she denies having sex with him. ugh, that’s basic human nature. women do the same. what, he should be sooo different because he’s white and a rapper?? grow up.

  • mz.hazel eyes says:

    well em neva is afraid to speak his mind which makes him a an easy target,but if mc’s and or rappers can not get on his level than they need to kick rocks 4real!!!!! mariah carey wat was she thinking with that song obsessed?? come on it was so clear she was coming at em and he jus got at her with warning!! as for nick please get a career already how many more re-runs of wild-n-out can mtv run.!!!!!

  • Jonesy says:

    Aight… for one… em is one of the best rappers alive. Lyrically, if u take the time to listen to him spit… he cant really be touched… for too… he got her on his song at the end!!! For real, he to crazy to lie about dating her… why would he just go off the wall to lie about mariah carey… wasnt she goin through some emotional breakdown at the time of the incident. Get real people… em go hard… and “the same shit that he raps about” is different from what every carbon copy rapper talks about… etc. money, cars, clothes… thats why he go hard

  • Kenkay says:

    Hahahaha!!! Awww, poor Eminem got his feelings hurt because some chick don’t want to claim she had sex with him. Are you serious?!?! I’m thinking ya’ll just the same person but commenting with different names. There’s noooo way it’s more than 2 people blogging on here with Em’s stalker characteristics.
    Ya’ll must’ve had your feelings broke or some s**t and thought you’d poor out your frustration through Em’s sadness! He’s pathetic, re-read what I wrote above, seperate your own lives from this ****, and get your minds right! Being a great lyricist and having money doesn’t mean you can’t be a lonely lame that nobody wants to have sex w/ more than once!
    He let guys put there bare a** and n**ts in his face on live tv, can’t control his b***es, a crackhead drug addict/stalker but it’s cool though…he’s a great lyricist w/ money!
    Oh yea, I almost forgot, didn’t he go “so called crazy” when some black chick broke up w/ him when he was younger?? Hahaha, he recorded a racist diss towards a whole race of women over one broad who probably also don’t “recall” sleeping with him! Man, this dude is pathetic but it’s cool though…he’s a great lyricist w/ money!

  • me says:

    I have been waiting to hear what Em came up with in retaliation to her video and I wasn’t dissapointed I remember back in the day when they had this fling and she came out on MTV b4 she had her break down and threatened to bring lawyers out if he released any of the voicemails she left him … well it was clear who she was dressed like she just tried to add the goatee to cover it up but lets face it the set they used screamed immatation of one of em’s videos … I thought her video was tacky anyways not even because of the em part but because it was more like she was obsessed with herself totally puke worthy how she was in it but NOT surprising because it is Mariah and she is a puke worthy person !!! This was a gross song with things that were said but I’m glad em didn’t sit back and take it …

  • Veronica says:

    Lol @ Kenkay. Said it all.

  • Dr. Phil says:

    So…Mariah says something and yall get mad cuz Em says something back? This dude been in the game for 10+ years now, so you should know that no matter what he says about someone, as soon as they say something back, he opens the floodgates. You should just take the song for what it is, comedy. KenKay, dont forget you posted multiple times wit ya girl Veronica…on different days at that. C’mon, yo, i know you got something better to do on the weekend than to spend it on a Dr. Jays blog.

    P.S.- Em hasnt beefed with a rapper, because too many rappers respect him too much to diss him. Plus they know thats how he thrives and he’ll eat that a**. Lol. Gucci Mane…lol. Comedy

  • Wait he did beef with benzino… nevermind your all still right.

  • Kenkay says:

    Ouch, now I know how it feels to be Em! Dr. Phil, hey guy, go easy on my so called girl Veronica, please! From what I can see, she’s a cutie pie.
    I’m sorry sir, but where “I’m located” in the sand box there’s not much to do with your free time but call fam & surf the net. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in the states by the end of the yr so I can promise you won’t be seeing too many more comments from Kenkay after this deployment. I’m not a hater so I’m glad and I think its safe to assume that you had a busy weekend!!
    Obviously, you’re an Em fan and didn’t read everything I wrote but it’s all good…I understand. I do agree w/ you about the incredible wakeness of Gucci but dude c’mon, if you go back and read what you wrote you’d probably feel like slapping yourself! I mention real rappers like the Boot Camp and you brought up Gucci?!?! Hey Dr Phil, is this the real Dr Phil? Have you ever had a chick not wanna have sex w/ you anymore?? I don’t know but you seem a lil sensitive about me blogging about Em…
    P.S. I’m back blogging again on Dr Jays so I really must don’t have a life. Now I feel like slapping myself…F**k!!!

  • Dude says:

    Mariah made a big mistake here. I, myself, likes her song. But, Eminem is at his best, a battle rapper. He’s ended the careers of almost everyone who has tried beefing with him, Cannibus, Ja-Rule. He gave her a chance, she’d better take it, or else, his next song is gonna end her.

  • Darneisha says:


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