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And the Zoo York Friday Freebie Winner is…

Submitted by on July 31, 2009 – 2:11 pm18 Comments


UPDATE: The Zoo York Friday Freebie winner is Cory Turner.


We appreciate the advice that all of the fellas had for the ladies, and please stay tuned for more Friday Freebies.

Gentlemen, we have one pair of these crisp white Zoo York sneakers to giveaway in size 10.5!

In order for your chance to win, we want you give all the ladies out there one good tip on how to keep a man interested.

Whether it’s through challenging mind games or cooking dynamite dinners, let’s hear your advice on how a woman can win a man’s heart!

One winner will be chosen and announced on Monday August 3rd at approximately 6pm.

Good luck to all!

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  • Caleb Olivier Manuel says:

    The best way to keep a man interested, it depends of the personnality of the man, but one of the best way is to cook well every day, to make a meal that her man like and the womwn should love him the same way he love her

  • smooth rick says:

    switch it up sometimes,when i say this i mean change your hair up, weather you dye it or curl it or anything ,just don’t do the same do everyday or it could be as simple as switchin your style sometime us men want a classy girl sometime we want a urban girl and sometimes we want the girl next door, just switch it up!

  • Static Monster says:

    To put it plain and simple the best way to keep a man interested is just by being real and honest i mean for me if i know i could really trust a girl i know i could trust her with my heart too so that would most definitely keep me interested like wow this girl is something!.

  • Snakob21 says:

    Basically, it doesn’t take much really. Girls have the inate ability to draw us in with a little flirting and then we turn stupid.
    But seriously, the girl has to be intelligent in her actions. Meaning, don’t change yourself so the guy will notice you. That is how girls get the wrong guys. Be yourself, respect yourself and the guy will too. That is sexy, a woman that has it together in life.

  • Travi says:

    The best way to keep a man interested is to change it up on a regular basis. This means changing up what you wear, your makeup, how you flirt, what you cook etc…

    What this does is keep the relationship fresh. No one gets bored and looks for someone else to get some new excitement with.

    By all means this doesn’t mean being someone else, it just means exploring yourself so that you can show your man different sides of yourself.


  • d.e. manning says:

    straight up: laugh at his jokes. and if you don’t find him entertaining part ways now.

  • Paul Rocks...Duh says:

    just be yourself. speaking for myself i like girls who don’t change who they are for a guy. This will keep the relationship going since you are truely compatible with him

  • ..! says:

    Be funny, be nice, and be a good friend to me and others. Be chill, be yourself, and just roll with the punches. Don’t be too prissy. Guys can only take so much girlyness before they go insane.

  • To keep me interested you haft to not be stupid. As in don’t do games/test to see if I’ll stick around or do something because your girl said this and that. One that keeps her edge mentally/physically/ etc. I need a strong female (no not one trying to be over dominant), a female who can handle her own but knows when to fall back. A woman that can think and speak for herself by her own influence will have me interested.

  • TG3#wun says:

    the best way to keep a guy interested in you is to know exactly how he feels on a subject when your in a conversation with him. agree with his terms but also give him a new persective of the situation. it keeps the chatter going and you can learn from eachother. dont be nervous to talk either,us guys have to think just as much as you on what to say. and seriously dont go up to guys with all your friends and start giggling. its embarrassing

  • Cory Turner says:

    To put it simple there are a plethora of things you can do to keep a man enterested. Those that stand out would include keepin it sexy, being true & honest, and being openly submissive to the things he does, yet firm to hold your ground.

    Men are men. And with saying that i would like to touch on the fact that to keep a men interested u generally won’t find a man who doesen’t want a sexy lady. Change your hair up..wear those tight jeans sometimes..or maybe before intimacy dress-up in something flirtatious.

    Another thing that will keep a man interested is being true to him. More than you think us men are constantly thinking about the stability of the relationship and/or if that special someone is “playing them”, or “cheating on them”.Men just want something that is real, and that is something that applies to all relationships.

    I also personally feel that nobody, whether male or female, wants to be in a relationship that’s boring or dull. So gurls, a rule of thumb – keep it interesting. For example, say you and your boyfriend/husband are sexually active.Ok that’s fine and all, but the excitement of having sexual relations with someone dies out quicker than you may think. So to slow this down..change it up! Do that “special something” that you WOULDN’T normally do.Even if your guy isn’t tellin you that he wants these things, don’t be fooled.Because as stated before….men will be men. There are other avenues and gurls it’s your job to keep us interested so that we don’t explore them.

    And last, but not least, the single most important rule would be to try to establish an open relationship with such person. When i say open relationship i don’t mean just sharing your feelings. I mean being able to admit your mistakes to your partner and work to fix them TOGETHER.

    I promise ladies that if you follow my tips, you are setting yourself up for a long-lasting, flavorful, interesting, relationship with your man. Every gurl and situation is different. So don’t feel that because a rule doesn’t apply to you, it means your relationship is set-up for turmoil. Just be yourself, and if it’s to be, then it will be.

    Your unknown cyber buddy, Cory

  • al new jersey says:

    it’s simple –just treat me how you want to be treated. keep things spontaneous,and always stray away from routine to keep the relationship fresh.and ladies you must always be willing and able to try something different in the bedroom. i should have a phd in this lol. one

  • There are several simple steps to keeping a man interested:
    1st step is buying nice attire(clothes) from Dr.Jays.com
    Respect yourself and him.
    Give him what he needs and not what he wants.
    Cooking can also be cherished by a man.
    Groom yourself. Weekly hair visits get your nails done.
    Stay in shape for your health and sexual activities.
    Show him your worth more than just pleasurable night, but let him still have control.
    Take him out to eat and pay a couple of time.
    Underrstand that a job is for the success of you and his future.
    Like Beyonce said Cater to him.
    Make sure he feels like he has a dime on his right hand.
    Don’t be boring and if he’s the boring one approach him on the topic with caution.
    My last tip of the day is shop at Dr.Jays to stay fly…

  • TG3#wun says:

    haha i see ya Marckendy,suckin up sayin to shop at Dr.jays. not gonna work my nigg

  • Daniel says:

    It is the simplist things in life that keeps man happy and interested. Ladies, a real man like simple things, mostly honesty. A man will be interested in you as long as you are real with him and don’t play no games. Lies get you no where, be honest with yourself if you want to keep a real man, cause what you have inside will show on the outside and there is nothing better than a real woman. Show him that you can be trust worthy. Trust is a sexy quality in a woman to a real man. Also confidence, real life goals and ambition turns a real man on just as you (women) like a man with these qualities. Lastly, everyone is different, you might meet a guy who likes you just the way you are and you might meet a man who will not like who or what you are, it’s just fact of life, so don’t change too much to please a man because you will never meet his expectation and he will leave at the end. Know who you are and what you are worth, a real man will never ask you to change for him and a real woman don’t change to please a man. Be yourself and if that is not enough then the man is not worth your love or time. Be simple, honest, trust worthy, and most importantly be yourself and a man will love you for you.

  • Cory Turner says:

    I also forgot to mention the fact that in-order to keep your man happy don’t stress him out. Nobody wants it…especially not us men. We don’t want to come home to stress and can only deal with so much of it. So the next time u start gettin on your man for something insignificant such as leaving shoes at the door, not putting toilet down/up, just don’t say anything about it. Now…i’m not saying you should be a pushover and constantly take such things. Just don’t be persistent in your arguing, yet be firm enough to let him know that if he continues there will be consequences. So again ladys, follow my tips and i guarantee your relationship will last longer than with ought, and possibly until death due you part.

    -Your unknown cyber buddy,Cory

  • Kevin says:

    To keep ya man, ladies need to stop makin fellas work so hard to get their attention! By that, sometimes I feel the female should step up and spit some game at your man. Don’t make your man have to do all of the work to keep your relationship interesting. Ladies can have a swagga about themselves to, switch it up every now and then and you make the move on your man. Instead of your man having to put in all the work for a nice nite in, you can switch up and do the duties, put on ya mans favorite music, but somethin sexy on for him, do him up right. You know. Don’t make the fellas do all the work ladies, ya’ll can be creative too!

  • Cory Turner says:

    Yay i won.Thank-you so much drjays.com .Iv’e already exchanged shipping information with them and i hope to receive my shoes shortly!

    -Cory Turner

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