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10 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Purse

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Guys talk a lot of mess about women who carry big bags. They refer to them as luggage but always end up needing something we have. “Can you hold my 2 liter bottle of water for me?” “Do you have lotion in there?” Besides the usual ipod, cell phone, wallet, lip gloss and keys, here are a few items you’ll find useful to carry around.

1. A compact mirror

There’s a big difference between conceit and vanity. Conceited women know they’re beautiful and will stare into anything they can see themselves in. They need a constant reminder as to who the fairest one of all is. Vain women check mirrors every five minutes just to make sure that at no point in time do they look crazy. Then there are women who know their friends wont always tell them they have broccoli in their teeth or lint in their hair. It’s important to make sure you look presentable. This should go without saying.

2. Breath Mints

Personally, I love onions, garlic and chocolate but all three of these things along with lots of other foods can really ruin your breath. In these situations, mints become heroes:
-before the first date
- after the first date
- before the meeting or interview
- before the reunion with your ex
- before the reunion with your ex who broke your heart and wants you back now…

3. Mace/Pepper Spray

Perfect for when a derelict decides to follow you home or you have to go Jackie Chan on an unruly subway rat

4. Pen & Notepad

Crazy driver hit and run? Write the license plate number down as well as a description of the car. Tall, dark and handsome wants to exchange digits? Someone giving you an address or directions to the new thai spot downtown? Someone needs to borrow a pen? Always carry at least two. One is a keeper. The other, is one you don’t mind giving away. I can’t tell you how many pen theives I’ve encountered this week alone. *chuckles*

5. Antibacterial Hand Gel/Lotion/Tissues

Keep the germ fighting power of Purell in your bag for quick and easy cleaning. You’ll need lotion when coming from a public bathroom, unless you like stiff, dry hands. Tissues are great for sudden runny noses, small spills and the occassional crying episode. For major stains like ketchup on a white dress or bbq sauce on your jeans, definitely look into purchasing a stain stick. A bunch of brands make them and they’re supposed to work like magic. No word on whether or not they actually do. We’ll need some reviews.

6. Aspirin

I’m always being asked for Tylenol. There’s always someone around with a headache or a menstrual cramp. Maybe you’re the one who keeps asking. Claim independence, girl. Aspirin is available in tiny bottles for a reason. As for the water, that should be relatively easy to find.

7. Umbrella

Ok, so obviously you can’t fit a normal-sized umbrella in your bag. You’ll need one strong enough to protect you from the rain and small enough to fit.  Searching for one of those will definitely be an adventure because most small umbrellas are worthless.

Let’s say you’re taking a long walk in the park with your honey and it starts to rain. How cool would it be to whip out an umbrella, shield the two of you and not even have to pause the conversation? Cool, indeed. Especially if you live in NYC, where lately every day is a candidate for rain.

8. Nail Clipper/Nail File

I used to keep these two on hand more for the boyfriend than for me as I was essentially his manicurist. Hang nails have the power to turn your day upside down and a sharp broken piece of nail can cause serious injury to your loved ones.

9. Deoderant Wipes/Body Spray

“Hey um, so after work you wanna grab something to eat?” You, frazzled, sweaty and tired from running back and forth between the computer, the printer and the fax machine all day wearily accept the invitation. Freshen up in under five minutes with these two little gems.

10. Brush/Comb/Ponytail Holders

Let’s say you forgot that umbrella. Maybe you fell asleep at a friend’s house during the fifth viewing of “Love Jones”. You don’t have to leave looking like who did it and why.

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Pictured Above: Lysette Medium Tote by Baby Phat

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