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Kanye Gets Trashed on Wikipedia

Submitted by on September 14, 2009 – 5:33 pm15 Comments

What Kanye West did at last night’s VMAs to Taylor Swift was despicable, and he’s certainly feeling the backlash. As a matter of fact, he may have knocked Chris Brown out of the runnings for becoming America’s Most Despised Celebrity. But I digress. What he did, including the apology he made, has been blogged about all day, ad nauseam.

What I find more interesting is that someone hated what he did so much, that they decided to “edit” and “revise” his Wikipedia entry. NOTE: I worked as a fact checker for a major magazine and we never considered Wikipedia a reliable source for that very reason. Let that be a lesson to those of you who think that Wiki is the solution for credible answers. But anyway, I stumbled upon Necole Bitchie’s blog and found the following excerpt from Kanyeezy’s revamped Wikipedia entry:

“Kanye West is a dope dealing, crack smoking, cocaine sniffing, no talent, immature, cowardly racist son of a b*tch who doesn’t even deserve to be on a stage or in a studio. He is also a spoiled rotten Mama’s boy who screams and cries and stomps his foot and throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. I bet his dead mother is happy that she doesn’t have to put up with his lame ass sh*t anymore. His true colors have come out. F*ck YOU KANYE! After your actions tonight at the MTV VMA’s you have sealed your career in a lead lined coffin which I sincerely hope is on it’s way to the bottom of the deepest darkest hole at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.”
You can try to see it for yourself, but Wikipedia has since locked the page. Um, they might want to consider re-evaluating how they let people submit information all free like the wind. The person who took the time out to do that is no better than ‘Ye. I’m just saying…

In the meantime, google Dikipedia.org and look for Kanye West. Hopefully it will all begin to make sense. Then again, we already knew he was a world class jerk right?

P.S. That doesn’t mean that I don’t still appreciate his music.

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  • Rose says:

    That was so rude and he should not be able to attend any award show again with that behavior. Taylor couldn’t help that she won I mean beyonce can’t win everything.

  • Boony Black says:

    he a bitch for that i would of hit his ass

  • ~*aShLeY*~ says:

    Dang rude aint the word…but he had it coming…this aint the first or 2nd time he done pulled some shyt like this…

  • luxurylife says:

    Blame it on the a a a alcohol lol, But realtalk im growing tired of white people talking trash on these blogs because of what Kayne did, yes it was wrong but he didnt say anything bad to that girl. He spoke his mind at the wrong time but we are in America you can do that. Nobody was tripping this hard when the guy screamed out you lie in the Congress meeting!!! And he said he aint apologizing anymore!!! So now its tuesday drop it people and Kayne should NOT apologize anymore… And I grow so tired of internet thugs cuz we all know 95% of you people who talk bad on the net arent worth the effort to talk back to….. Besides the VMAS are wack watch something that will benefit you like CNN lol what up Rick Chris J

  • bla bla bla says:

    ”luxurylife” um tired of white people talking trash,who’s talking the trash,sounds like you to me,your such a punk talkin all that s$it you talk ,them white people are the 1′s that help buy the clothes, records ect,people like you are in the same group as kanye,you have to say something out of place for people to hear you,point blank your ”Racist” your the internet thug!!! check yourself boy boy and grow up!!!!

  • luxurylife says:

    To Bla Bla Bla: First of im not racist,and do your research mostly White people are making a big fuss over this…..And as for as the number 1s statement please homeboy….Bottom line this a blog I can speak my mind just like you just did so Im not mad I like the input you just made. But the check yourself part not even CHUCK LIDELL checking me I grown play boy. But you are more welcome to try

  • reggin says:

    Like the words of Rodney King “cant we all just get along/”

  • A NOLA says:

    Yall aint think that shit was funny??? i was diein man dats tv for yo ass

  • DONNA says:

    The man made a mistake, doesn’t everyone! he apologized.get over it!!!!

  • Sleezy says:

    geh mee

    and wass wiv gettin racis man i aint sayin this is every1 buh like
    you have to admit people black white or asian are all hipocritical about race i could be wrong though i mean people havva go at other people being racis right? on net or wherever buh then they do it themselves?”/

    so like wats the point? ur not gaining nethin from it r u?

    ur jus bein a bunch of gayboys

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