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Kanye’s VMA Jacka$$ery: Explained

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First of all, I know that everyone has heard of this whole thing by now.  I also know that you’re probably tired of hearing about it and that your opinion of Kanye West probably coincides with that of our President.  Hopefully – this being my first post and all – you’ll suffer through one more piece of commentary on it (if I had been able to post this sooner, I would have – just joined the team today).  Don’t trip, this one’s from a Genius.

We all know that Kanye West lost his mother – RIP to the late and great Dr. Donda West – back in 2007.  That and his broken off engagement to on-again, off-again girlfriend Alexis Phifer did the brotha a nearly lethal amount of emotional damage and rightfully so.  Many people would take that as their cue to break.  Kanye, however gave us 808s and Heartbreak.  The last song on the album, “Pinocchio Story”, which is also undoubtedly the most personal – was a freestyle recorded live at a concert in Singapore.  That’s what you knew.

Here’s something that you may not have known (or maybe you forgot).  That song was NEVER intended for the album.  Ever.  Someone heard it, endorsed it, and this person also told Yeezy that he should include it on the album.

Just in case you’re not a link investigator, this person is none other than Ms. Sasha Fierce herself, Beyonce.

I think most would agree that this was quite a risky song – no autotune, no bravado, just a young man who realizes that he has worked so hard to be successful professionally at the expense of his personal life.  Personal thoughts, feelings, and most prominently, pain.  All this was heard, validated, and encouraged by Beyonce.  It’s a powerful thing for someone to bear witness to your life and struggles and an even more powerful thing for them to support you as you go along.  So powerful, in fact, that much earlier this year Mr. West described Beyonce as “the greatest entertainer of all time” (sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it?).

My theory is that she really inspired him at a time when he needed it the most – and at the VMAs, he thought he was returning the favor.  Too bad he couldn’t have been more wrong.  Seriously, a Grammy winner needing your defense with the VMAs?  That’s like the Lakers feeling cheated after losing fantasy basketball.  The Hennessy, however, should be considered as well (blame it on the al, al-al-al, al alcohol).  Make no mistake about it. This is not a justification of the foolishness, just a diagnosis:  He tried, albeit drunkenly, to reach out to someone who had reached out to him.

The doctor is in.  Your thoughts?

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  • ©Love says:

    All of this might be a valid point if Kanye hadn’t already stormed the stage to broadcast his own agenda not once, but twice BEFORE the broken engagement and passing of his mother, not to mention his comments about our then President during the Katrina fundraiser.. He has always put his thoughts before those of anyone else and this latest incident was simply Kanye being Kanye.
    President Obama pretty much hit the nail on the head with his now infamous comment.

  • I can appreciate that. I’m a Kanye fan so I have to admit that there’s some bias there, but I’m really glad you commented! I thought everyone would be so done with this whole thing that they would turn the cold shoulder on me for even bringing it up.

  • rosostrov.ru says:

    Thank you for this valuable post. It changed my idea.

  • Kima says:

    Chris I must say I am very happy DrJays.com has you writing for them, I enjoy reading your comments KUDOS! I think you bring up some good points and I have a question do you think that MTV could have encouraged the situation by letting him drink like that on the red carpet?

  • ©Love says:

    no problem man.. I look forward to reading more from you.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Sweet your writing for Dr. Jays now. Good article and theory. I’m not really a kanye fan. But I agree with what you said. The reason why is because his other episodes were geared more towards himself as attention wise. This one was for beyonce. Again,it’s really good to see you writing on here.

  • That’s a very interesting question, Kima. I think MTV very well could have encouraged the situation, just as you said. If you go through the history of the VMAs, though – you realize that they are basically built around spontaneous and awkward moments. That’s their claim to fame and MTV loves it because they get their name in the news and all over the blogosphere. They might have set the stage for the whole thing – on purpose!

  • Thanks, Rick. You know that as much as you comment on DrJays you could be writing too!

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