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DrJays.com Debate: Do Haters Even Exist?

Submitted by on October 12, 2009 – 11:40 am5 Comments
Dave Chappelle as Silky Johnson - Player Hater of the Year
Dave Chappelle as Silky Johnson – “Player Hater of the Year”

Before you take another step you need to play this song. It’s “Do You Have The Stamina” by B.o.B. (One of XXL‘s Hip-Hop Class of 09 Freshmen) and has Kanye West on the chorus.

That’s why I don’t read all the comments on the blogs. Everybody’s a fan if you boo me or applaud. Give me your energy. Even if you’re my enemy.”

I like what B.o.B. said in that quote because it’s something I’ve always thought. I don’t believe in haters. If you dedicate any of your time and energy to me then you’re a fan. Easy. Too often people get discouraged when someone is constantly going against them or calling them out.

If they are taking the time to critique whatever you’re doing then just use it wisely. It might be constructive. It’s a ridiculously large slice of humble pie when someone you don’t really like or respect starts “hating” on you and you realize what they said is actually true. Put it to use. Don’t brush off the advice because it came from an unwarranted source.

Now, for the not-so-useful advice. Hear it and let it go. Simple. Anytime an argument or debate arises I think about what I’m arguing. I ask myself if my opinion could ever be changed on this subject matter. My answer is usually no. Then I realize if that’s the reason I’m debating this, that’s probably the same reason my opponent is too.

Hear the person out but don’t let it get you down. You’re not always going to get positive feedback. Honestly you don’t want all positive feedback. The positive feedback you get feels so good because you know people are picky. You know your product may not be well received by everyone.

My point is simply take the good with the bad. Take them both and there you have – The Facts of Life. Haters don’t exist. Just people who give criticism – some constructive, some not.

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  • KS says:

    Good article, definitely some valid points Opinions are like asses, everybody has one so take the good with the bad and keep it pushing.

  • Ricky G says:

    The whole arguing an opinion and never changing is right on point…The reason why someone is so passionate on their side of the argument is similar to mine…I love the hateful fans..It gives energy and motivation…

  • CASEY says:

    The term “hater” was played many years ago. It is only used by those who can’t withstand criticism and those who still say “swag.” Most times, people only dislike something and it is wrongly termed “hate.” Actually, hate is a very natural emotion that you can feel just as strongly as something you love. It’s called having a pulse and an opinion. I hate when people still use the word “hater.” I have a cousin who will ask me my opinion on a topic, I say something he doesn’t want to hear, and all of a sudden I’m “hating” because I’m not a “yes” man. Then I tell him to get the [email protected] outta here.

  • KS – thanks and exactly. take the advice how you want to.

    Ricky – You have a great outlook on it. It’s motivation for me too.

    Casey – You raise a great point. People just cannot take criticism anymore. I have plenty of friends who want to rap and if I don’t say they’re the next Jay-Z, they get offended and say I’m hating on their goal.

  • 207shawdy says:

    It’s called narcissism and artists seem to be obsessed with it.
    I feel like I’m above calling people haters because it’s such a second grade playground thing to do. For God’s sake, I’m in college, I’m past this playground hate thing. I’m not foolish enough to call people haters. There has to be a time in your life where you resolve your differences with diplomacy, not by calling people haters. IT’S STUPID. STOP IT. I feel like slapping the wrist of every woman child or man child that spouts this haters name calling crap. If you’re name calling, go back to elementary school. PLEASE.

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