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Tiffany Evans Far From A Little Devil

Submitted by on October 22, 2009 – 9:42 am33 Comments


R&B singer Tiffany Evans who is best known for her pop hit “Promise Ring” featuring Ciara, lashed out on twitter with a controversial tweets that seems to have been sparked by Rihanna’s suicide-heavy new single “Russian Roulette”. The focus of Tiff’s controversial tweets seems to be centered around the rumored corruption and brainwashing that goes on behind the scenes of the entertainment industry, often referred to as a group called the “Illuminati”.

If you’ve never heard of the Illuminati before, it’s basically a rumored group or organization of powerful people in the industry that brainwash audiences with hidden messages in songs, music video’s, political campaigns etc. Stars such as Kanye West, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Matthew Knowles have all been accused of being involved, as have various politicians and actors.

Tiffany Evans tweeted the Following:

“Russian Roulette= Suicidal Rate gon sky rocket!

You gotta watch what u say. Because there are a lot of weak people in the world. They are susceptible to anything so anything you say or do some people actually do listen. So make sure its nothing bad. Its okay to be deep,but not murder deep.

Man! I really wish I could tell you guys what the industry really is and what stars are apart of destroying this world. The stars who worship satan,and those who have killed to get the respect they have now. You’d be verrrry surprise. Some of your favorite people pretend to worship God but they only do that to save face. Or seem innocent.

Satan was head of music in heaven. He uses influential people…to help influence the world. Think about that. Once u make a certain amount of money. Just know that that’s when they ask u to join. To get in you have accept the beast, worship. Once you join they assist u with ur career.make u huge.only if u agree and obey to destroy Gods word.and his children.

Ppl listen and pay attention. Its a war going on right now between Good and Evil. Evil will rule this world for a min. The people that have this power are the people that RULE the whole world. I’m done I won’t say anymore before I get in trouble. “

Being in this industry for many years, I’ve come to realize artist and labels need to be held accountable for their actions. I strongly feel that artists, whether they like it or not, are role models and should act as such. I am opposed to the freedom of speech or artistic expression, but there are certain rules to be followed.

Your thoughts?

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  • larouz says:

    Im glad she said this, its the 100% truth about some artist ..like Roc Nation JayZ Beyonce are highly apart of this, Michael Jackson tried to reveal this but they killed him, study hes music and what he was trying to say, study the song umbrella, it was welcoming her into the family and she was saying come into me…but subliminally.

    Tifanny is brave to say thism but this is all part of the New World Order Tupac talked about, to destroy us using these artist…hm but Tupac Dead, Martin Luther, Princes Diana talked about these people but she is now Dead….WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • really? ppl are taking all of this from a song? I do believe that music has an influence on people, but I think they take what they want from the song. In no way, shape, or form do I think that Rhianna was even remotely suggesting that she, or anyone else, should kill themselves. Since when is it a celebs fault if someone decides to take their own lives. Don’t blame a song, blame a human being for letting another human being have so much control over their minds.

    so is Sean Kingston’s song supposed to make jealous dudes kill themselves too?

  • willie eldorado (yung albino) says:

    the Illuminati are real and operate via the free masons and big business

    load the guns

  • willie eldorado (yung albino) says:

    to restate that if you’ve researched the history of these cults like i have a knew how big they really are and what their plans are then having a loaded gun wouldn’t be a bad idea

  • sweetascandy says:

    yes she does worship the devil jay z kanye west snoop dogg beyonce lil wayne t.i. and other hip hop and rock and pop musicians all the big names you can name worship the devil you can easily know this look at what they wear all black everything just like what jay z said in his song run this town. i don’t think chris brown does he probably do but i’m guessing he doesn’t because of that alleged beating he gave rihanna he was accused of he didn’t do it it was said probably because he wouldn’t worship or he didn’t do something they asked just like michael jackson they ruined his life purposly because he wasn’t down for worshipping the devil he’s still alive he’s just hiding out that’s what i believe. all we need to do to help people is continue to tell them to turn to god give your life to christ. oh and president obama worships the devil bill clinton john mccain since tiffany came out and said this i hope nothin happens to her luv u tiffany keep ya head up girl it’s the truth turn to god he will give eternal life.
    they killed:
    pimp c
    princess diana
    michael jackson
    lisa lefteye lopes
    president lincoln, kennedy and martin luther king
    and other rock musicians i know of.

  • [...] You can read Tiffany’s original comment after listening to Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette” HERE. [...]

  • JESSICA B says:


  • ms reel says:

    Anyone who can’t spell or use proper grammar has no right to voice their opinions in public, period. How old is this girl? She does have an education that goes beyond the 1st grade, right? Anyway, everything she said is pure bullshit. What exactly was she drinking or smoking when she wrote that? And I love that she wrote “I’m done I won’t say anymore before I get in trouble.” at the end of her tweet. Really, Tiffany? The damage is already done, idiot!

    Oh yeah, and I also love “Being in this industry for many years, I’ve come to realize artist and labels need to be held accountable for their actions. I strongly feel that artists, whether they like it or not, are role models and should act as such. I am opposed to the freedom of speech or artistic expression, but there are certain rules to be followed.

    Well clearly, if you agree with Crazy Tiffany!

  • JEANETTE says:


  • JEANETTE says:


  • abgael williams says:

    WOW!! i think some people have taken this to a different level. since when do the actions of this so called devel worshippers be escape goat of the western society??
    if you can’t control what goes in and out of your brain then that’s your fault. People always look outside of themsleves and don’t stop to realise that YOU have control over YOUR perception of reality. for example you know fruit and vegetable is good for your health but yet you eat junk and you wonder why u are getting fat??? you have control what goes into your mouth!! the same thing as if u are listening to music. so for people to blame artists is weak and pathetic action on THIER part.

    You should take the blame and ask yourself.. What can i do BETTER in my life?

  • Firsttwin says:

    I believe Tiffany! Other artists have come forward like Ashanti and another artist from “Color Me Bad”(notice their careers are not great) If you really want to learn more, Look for Minister Craig G. Lewis. He has evidence to backup all of the alligations of the illuminate etc. It makes me so mad that people will believe what they see in a magazine or something on TV before they even believe what’s in the Bible. There is nothing in the Bible that will stir you wrong or forsake you. People try to down talk Christianity because of the actions of some but remember, the people that are used as examples to critisize Christianity are HUMAN. We all know HUMANS make mistakes and do stupid things. That’s what Christianity is all about!! Working to become more like CHRIST!!! Wake up people because the Devil is on earth!!!

  • abgael williams says:

    “Russian Roulette= Suicidal Rate gon sky rocket!”
    I say religion is the biggest killer, past and present! look at the wars that have been going on since 2000 AD known to the rest of us as CE!! the trillions of people who have died to go fight in the name of religion. the amount of blood that have been shed since the crusaders were formed. I would say that being in the masonic movement looks like legos while religion is armed with nuclear warfare…. hmmm guess what hotline i will be calling suicide hotline or the church.
    we have a group of masonic of people, christian groups and muslims.. this is the reason why we have wars!! everybody has opinions and its time that we respect each other and work in harmony.
    we on earth temporarily guys its up to us to have a good time or just continue beating each other up.
    nuff said
    peace and love xxx

  • BELLA says:

    Did it ever occur to anyone that the stars with “not so great” careers are blaming it on not being willing to participate in the Illuminati, or citing that as an excuse? I mean, I’d never want to admit I was a one hit wonder or that I suck at my career, either. It’d be quite a blow to your self esteem, but reality is like that sometimes!

    And wearing all black? So what? Lots of people (including myself) wear all black- it’s timeless & sophisticated, it doesn’t have to be scary or Satanic.

    Furthermore, a lot of music is not meant to be looked at literally; it’s metaphoric, like poetry often is. I think Rihanna is talking about her abusive relationship that she was obviously in; that staying is like gambling on your life, just as playing Russian roulette would be, because violence occurs along a continuum, starting with verbal/emotional abuse and culminating in death.

    Obviously Rihanna isn’t advocating suicide, or she would have killed herself all ready, don’t you think?

    To me, this is pretty much like hip hop beef, when a nobody tries to come at an established artist to get famous and engage them in a “beef”.

    Yes, the song is much darker than what we’re used to from Rihanna, but she was at a dark time in her life.

  • BELLA says:

    P.S.- Great article Karen.

  • ccmeshining says:

    @ms reel it is tru belive it or not it is true remeber houston the hip hop or singer that did that song with chingy called i like that the real reason as to why he gauged his eye was because he wanted out of the industry. amil former female rapper aka jay-z’s ex explains it all in her song called “quarrells” and she explains it clearly. dave chappelle that 50 million dollar deal he walked away from was a 50 million dollar deal with the devil. soulja boy posted on his twitter how he thought about the industry and how everything has changed for him and how they are trying to portray him to people he said all he wanted to do was make music people could dance to he never knew the industry was this way he talks about how he wishes it was before he got signed and how he wants out this message he wrote was quickly tooken down from his twitter ever wonder who hacked his twitter and deleted his account? aaliyah was damon dashes sacrifice. j-huds family was her sacrifice. type in the industry exposed on you tube. do you think anyone would admit they worship the devil claiming to be christian.

  • [...] I thought that was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, and perhaps someone told Tiffany the same as she eventually denied ever making said comments and put the blame on bloggers – although they have already been posted all over the Web. [...]

  • rochelle says:

    people are so stupid when it comes to the entertainment industry, these people get a taste of what they can have for as long as they live and run with it, living the life of no worries while you struggle to keep your outside looking like them, PLEASE DON’T BE STUPID!!!!!! the ILLUMINATI, is so real, please take the time to listen to some of the documentations that the late rapper 2pac left behind he states clearly in one (with a visual of him actually speaking) “DON’T JUST SIT THERE AND BOB YOUR FUCKING HEAD, LISTEN TO WHAT THE FUCK THEY SAYING.” don’t be dumb people its bigger than you really think….to all of ya’ll who think its not!!!!

  • noyb says:

    Naw,Naw, it aint about religion, religion is man-made, it’s all about having a relationship with GOD…Bump all that religion mess!! N e wayz…I’m glad she spoke out, but now she on her tweeter talkin about she aint said non of that, when she know she did…If u aint gon own up, close ur mouf, that’s all i’m sayin…Omarion spoke on it too…here’s a link…http://thatgrapejuice.net/2009/10/omarion-talks-rihanna-devilish-industry/

  • rochelle says:

    ok but the song oh boy spoke on by amile called quarrles DAMN that was crazy

  • Me says:

    Who the f is this Tiffany? Isn’t funny how a one hit wonder makes these accuasations? I think the song was very dark but it was a metaphor and this girl is too ignorant to realize this.

    People take artists and expose them as someone they are NOT!

    They say Jay Z said 666 murder murder jesus. A ridiculous and stupid preacher shared this with his whole church. It was a mix tape and edited!Jay never said any of it! And what about his song Lucifer? It’s talking about getting RID of the devil and finding your self and not being influenced.

    And Beyonce always thanks God. All the negative videos saying bull that she is a devil worshiper, if you see REAL interviews with her, no person claims she is. Cause all the idiots know you can tell she is nothing more than a humble, beautiful, and talented person. She has sung about God and she thanks him, what satanist would get on stage and do that?

    Sorry to talk about them, i’m huge fan of the Carters, Rihanna not at all. But seriously people read way into it too much! Rihanna’s talking about a risk. Y’all would fail at metaphors in my LA class!

    P.S. About the MJ sh!t, he really, REALLY liked Beyonce and i saw him photograph with Rihanna. If he thought they were satanists and that he didn’t like them, why would he be around them?

    This Tiffany girl is so clueless it’s not even funny. Honey hasn’t even BEEN in the industry! Hating on Rihanna cause her music sells. By saying Rih Rih’s a satanist your saying the writers, one of which is Ne-Yo, and producers are satanists.

    Get off their cases…

  • carina says:

    The one hit wonders are one hit wonders because they did not give in to the offer of the ones who make you a big star. look at rihanna’s pics before she “went bad” it is a vast and very quick transition. why are all her recent videos so dark compared to her first video? My dad is a musician and has been since i was.. well before i was born and he has seen some crazy stuff.”they” have been doing this for ages and yes we should have more control over what we do but when the control is hidden and the force that compels us is from the outside, how do you defend yourself if you don’t see the enemy? Rihanna is not the problem;the people who made her are. think about it. an artist gets signed and is told what to do and be from then on controlled by the record label. even if they are not worshipping satan;there is someone somewhere using the music to control and fool the masses.don’t just assume from your own oppinions though until you do some research. look into it people and get out of the “matrix”.

  • Amber V says:

    I too have heard for myself the satanic messages in Beyonce music. She is really deceived. It makes me sad to know that these people with talents and money have sold themselves for these record labels. This is very dangerous people because this life will one day be over and then eternity begins. We must spend it somewhere. Satan LOST when Yashua (Jesus) died on the cross. He deceives only to take as many people with him as possible before it is all over. Gods beloved, Gods precious sons and daughters that He created to take over Satans place because satan blew it for himself and the rest of the fallen angels. Satan ruled earth at one time and God overthrew him and made man to rule, then satan deceived eve in the garden of eden, not by eating an apple like people think but into worshipping him.

    How sad that these young deceived talents are throwing their souls down the toilet. For money cars clothes I suppose…..wow. Pray for the lost ones because they look successful now BUT oh boy, woe to them when it is all over….woe to them.

  • TruthRevealed says:

    Devil worshippers exist! Tiffany Evans even had a song called “Promise Ring” where she’s ‘promises to wear the devil’s promise ring’.. Don’t let them fool you! The truth will be revealed!

  • neecee says:

    i think Tiffany is right. the music industry is probably alot deeper then we know or think we know for that matter. Its amazing what people will go through to gain fame and fortune. Michael Jackson talked about it. Tuapc talked about it. It’s so hard for people to believe that there favorite artist are capable of anything bad. the truth will come out in time.

  • neecee says:

    This is Amil’s song Quarrels. She was like a former prodigy of Jay-Z then she just dropped out of sight. But this song has alot of messages in it.

    Amil Quarrels lyrics

    Yo, ever since I known you, you been out to get me
    Acting like my peeps, but I know that’s how you tricked me
    Love to see me get high, love to see my tipsy
    Heard you even wanna stick a little chip in me
    You been trying to play me close ever since my shine
    Wanna take me to dinner, feed me shrimp and swine
    You said, Amil I want you to meet a good friend of mine
    His name is Money and we partners till the end of time
    Introduced me to your clique, hate, envy, lust and greed
    Said you want the whole world in ya custody
    And if I give you my soul you’ll give me luxuries
    Said you could hit me up wit power, it’s just up to me
    I turn you on when I’m in short skirts and tight jeans
    You want my kids to write Santa and celebrate Halloween
    Told me sell my people crack and get rich off fens
    You love the number 6 but hate the number 13

    You wanna, be the one to pick me up when I fall
    Told me hang Casear bojease on my living room wall
    It was always something bout you that made my skin crawl
    You turned me into a player and showed me how to ball
    You give me rewards when I rob and steal
    Want me to abort my babies and get on the pill
    You put burners in the hood so each other we kill
    I see your eye watching me on the dollar bills
    When I got the scoop on you, it just made you mad
    Cause I moved out your crib, packed all my bags
    Them days I turned to you was the days you laughed
    You used to smile every time I pledge allegiance to the flag
    We speak now and then but we ain’t smacking hands
    You be up in the clubs asking me for a dance
    Still trying to convince me to go cheat on my man
    Begging me to please give you just one more chance

    When we was kids you was the one who taught me how to lie
    Said I could always use you as my alibi
    And you kept me from knowledge, wisdom, and the most high
    Had me believe God had blonde hair and blue eyes
    Our relationship went sour since I found the truth
    You know you can’t have me so you fuck with my youth
    You got all my phones tapped, I gotta talk at booths
    I learned an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
    You built Sodom and Gomorra for us all to live in
    When we was cool you used to tell me all your visions
    Like how you gonna rule the nations under one religion
    You got this New World order, it’s like a big prison
    You said you wanna be worshipped from noon to noon
    Nothings gonna get better is what we all assumed
    Cause nights is getting shorter and it’s snowing in June
    I see you working overtime cause you out of here soon

  • God's child 420 says:

    You people really need to wake up and stop living in mtv and bet land people who are in power right now will take over soon enough and you all will be thrown in Fema camps. I love it how people think nothing bad can happen to them becasue the live in freedom land they call America, dont get me wrong this was a great country and still is but the people running it make me sick to my stomach. This isn’t their world,k it is God’s and he will soon step in and do what needs to be done. And iggnorant people are always saying ” oh God won’t let people in power over rule me” well, he’s not, You are!! It’s all americans fault for letting this happen, there’s also documents saying that our fore fathers even warned us about this new world order.

    I just want to say thanks to all those americans who dont do anything to try and stop this and don’t really care,I just wish when the time comes I can see the dumbass look on your faces.

    Love you all and may God have mercy on your soul

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  • Dr. Truth says:

    its a really wicked industry out there, but we’re just too blind to see it!

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