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And The Winners Of The Radii Friday Freebie Are…

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UPDATE: The winners of the Radii Friday Freebie are B-EZ and Frost.


Thank you to all who entered – stay tuned for more opportunities to win great freebies!

This week we are giving away two pairs of limited edition Radii x IM King sneakers!

Radii footwear just launched on DrJays.com last week and has some of the freshest new sneakers out there.

Kiki got a chance to speak with Casey Arisohn, Radii’s founder, on where he draws inspiration from, how important it is to know your customer, and how it felt to first see Jay-Z rocking his Radii kicks.

Check out the interview below, as well as Friday Freebie contest details:

DrJays.com: Did you have any design experience before launching Radii?

Casey: “Yes and no. I am not the actual one that puts the pen to the paper; I’m more so the creative director/product manager. My designers and I work very well together.


Casey Arisohn

“As far as if I have had any experience in product management/creative design, yes. I worked in retail for 10 years. In that time I worked with shoe companies seasonally to put together exclusive colorways for the stores I worked for.

“In addition to that, I did private label sandals and sunglasses for a few different retail stores. So I’ve dealt with actual designers and factories over seas for years”.


Trey Songz was spotted in Radii this week at Powerhouse 2009

DrJays.com: How do you think your experience in Retail contributed to the success of Radii?

Casey: “I learned that you need to take your personal feelings out of what you produce. Though some styles and fad’s might not be my personal favorites, I know enough to understand there are many more people that feel the opposite to how I feel.

“I am very confident that without my retail experience, I would never have been able to start my own shoe brand. It made my transition very natural.

“I think the reason we have been so successful so fast is due to our inept knowledge of what the consumer wants, and what is the best way to get placement in accounts so we can grow the brand”.

DrJays.com: Where do you draw inspirations for the sneaker designs?

Casey: “I draw inspiration from history, from fashion, from anything really. Fashion works in twenty year increments so you can have an idea of what might be coming next. It’s always a twist on the past, but almost always follow suit. The way I draw from fashion is looking at future colorways and trends. I’ve taken color ways I’ve seen on purses and bags and applied them to our shoes several times”.

DrJays.com: When did you first spot Jay-Z wearing the 420 Tops?

Casey: “We actually had an account in Brooklyn tell us they needed a size 11 special ordered because Jay-Z wanted them. Now if I had a nickel for every time someone told me they knew so and so, and were going to get them to wear your shoes, I’d probably be richer than Bill Gates. But, since it was an account of ours we sent the shoes and said if possible could you get us pictures of him wearing them.

Less than a week later, on the BET Awards, Jay hit the stage and was wearing our shoes on stage, on national TV. It was crazy. Never going to forget that”.


DrJays.com: What’s your personal favorite style in the Radii line and why?

Casey: “Haha…That’s a loaded question. I mean my style is always evolving and since we work so far ahead to meet production deadlines, I’d have to really say this pair we have coming out in June 2010 called the “Hampton”.

“Honestly, we just did a huge release party for our Holiday 2009 line, in Los Angeles, and we hung the shoes on the wall like pieces of art. That’s how I look at our shoes, I love them ALL like they are Monet’s. But if I had to pick one, I love the 420 Tops…that’s what our brand was built on.

“As far as the Holiday line, the “Moon Walker” is AMAZING. It doesn’t jump off the shelves like most of our shoes, but once you put it on…you never want to take them off. Super comfy, look amazing on, and just enough detail going on that you still have people freaking out when they see you rocking them”.

DrJays.com: Any news/upcoming collaborations in the works?

Casey: “Well, we’re getting ready to re-launch our website with a make over on January 1, so we’ve been doing photo shoots for our catalogs, and online pictures. And we always are looking for some cool new brands to work with that embody what Radii is all about”.

Can you give our aspiring sneaker designers a few tips?

Casey: “I admire any designer that is truly out there designing brand new innovative styles, but if you want to be a successful business person, you’ll never make it. Stay true to yourself, but know who your target customer is and design to that target”.


Radii prides itself on designs that “reflect each individual’s unique personality from the feet up”.

To enter this week’s Friday Freebie, we want to know what makes your personal style unique!

Tell us in a few sentences by commenting on this post, and include your shoe size.

Two winners will receive one pair of sneakers each (styles will be chosen randomly out of the two pictured below).



Winners will be chosen and announced on Monday November 2nd at approximately 6pm EST.

Contest open to U.S. residents only.

Good luck!

See more Radii footwear on DrJays.com by clicking HERE.

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  • Dennis says:

    My style is my own. To be unique is a simple as being yourself. Wear what make me feel comfortable and I’m good to go.
    Size: 11.5

  • Daviyon Davis says:

    My style is a laid back style ! . It’s laid back because I’m laid back . My style is also new and raw because I always rock the new stuff , never last years , last months , or even last weeks clothing (lol).

    Size : 12

  • briaw1012 says:

    Well my style is young, fly, and flashy because that’s wat I am too fly and flashy. Every time I step out the house people can’t stop looking at me, its just my style its different from most. :-)

    Size 10

  • HotChoc87 says:

    My style is unique because its directed by moods ,my own interpretation of Fashion, and is constantly evolving.Every article of clothing I wear sparks some kind of emotional response within me.My style is Cherie Infused and I dig it.

  • My personal style is unique because of my background and heritage. I have Bahamian roots and grew up around vibrant colors and outlandish attire. Now that I am stateside colors of aqua, yellow, limegreen stand out against the norm (at least where I live). My dreadlocks are seen from a distance, but my wide frame glasses, means I can see you too. Never be a clone, be yourself!

  • KAREN says:

    My style is a reflection of who I am as an individual, from Urban to Prep a blend of each makes me most comfortable.


  • ruby says:

    Thank you for this opportunity! My man absolutely LOVES these shoes!

    Anyway, what makes my personal style unique is my indifference for outside opinions. Societal trends will try to have you believe that you need the latest season`s Coach purse or that the shoes that you`re wearing now “went out” last season, but if I feel good and think I look well put together in something, I`ll rock it no matter if it`s 2000 or 2010 (with the exception of velour suits lol). I think it`s important that style is simply a reflection of your personality, so how can you show who you are by listening to other people? Basically, I guess my style is unique because it truly comes from within me and nobody else.

    Size = mens 13

  • Jorvonni Palmer says:

    My style is unique because it’s who I am. Most people tell me that style is crazy and confusing because I don’t wear the latest brands and dress uniformly like everyone else. I dress the way I do because I like to be known as a trend setter and not a trend follower.


  • justagirl says:

    My unique style? Simply put–I wear what makes me feel good and proud.
    Men’s size 12 (my guy would love these!)

  • Tanisha says:

    I have a style all my own. It only works for me. Many have tried to immitate, but just like I have my own uniquiness I believe they should have their own. My style is also very versitile. I can go from hip hop to rock, and anywhere else in between. I just love to be me!!!!

    Size 10

  • star da el says:

    simply i shop at drjays.com thats what makes my style my own. size 8

  • Kamiron says:

    Untill about my senior year in high school i didnt know what style was. Now as im older, i realize my style is what i make it. I can go in my closet in press play, its so wierdly fresh that it makes since to be me.
    size 14

  • LaVante says:

    My style goes against the grain. Its not anyone else’s. When i go out, I always stand from everyone im with, My style is unique but crafted from the fashonistas before me. Ladies always compliment me on my style, saying how different i am from all the baggy jeans and oversized boots

  • LaVante says:

    My style goes against the grain. Its not anyone else’s. When i go out, I always stand from everyone im with, My style is unique but crafted from the fashonistas before me. Ladies always compliment me on my style, saying how different i am from all the baggy jeans and oversized boots
    Size 12

  • Boony Black aka Matthew Horton says:

    My style only works for me not just anybody can pull it off,I might wear some levi’s with a nice black label military jacket,jo rodeo watch with a rock star band on the other wrist and my dreads hanging.

    size 10.5

  • Frost says:

    My personal style is unique because it’s the very definition of the word: being without a like or equal. I would define my style as a chameleon. I enjoy wearing any and everything. I will wear a backless skin tight dress one day and then a baggy graphic art hoodie with jeans the next. My style cannnot be boxed in. I’m the type of person to use a necktie as a belt or headband or wrap a pretty necklace around a plain black boot. I also like ordering my clothing and accessories online, that way, I can make sure people in my area (Atlanta) won’t have the same thing and also so that I can support up and coming “underground” brands from other places like New York and California.

    Shoe size: 11. Thank you!

  • Paul Rocks...Duh says:

    What makes my style unique is that i’ll rock a stuff other people haven’t heard of. I’m all about getting the next best thing. I stay with LRG and Crooks and Castle’s and some Levi’s while every other person rocks Coogi or Miskeen. I have people asking me where I get my clothes from or what brand it is but I don’t tell em cause I want to keep my individuality.The clothes I wear speak my mind and what I think.

    Size 11

  • fredo says:

    My style is futuristic you have to ask what is that before guessing.
    i like to go different and creative or weird.my style gotta have details or eye catching and simple. i wear blac lable, parish,levi jean,true religions, lrg, tk supras,orisue,akoo, ed hardy,and more.i believe the radii footwear is going to be a hit who ever created it knows what he’s doing because it caught my eye and im very picky.i think if anyone wants to step their foot game up i advice them to jump on radii or get lazi (radii the future) i want them they hot!


  • Jorge Jetson says:

    My style is, I guess unique because of the lack of fear to try anything(within reason). I could start it off at the feet with a standard pair of hi-tops, or maybe some chukkas. Moving up I could hit it with the raw denim then completely set it off with the torso. Anything from a simple solid track jacket over a graphic tee to a cardigan over a polo to short sleeve shirts over long sleeve shirts over short sleeve shirts(ha). Top it off with a variety of hats(fitted, beret, fedora, even a top hat(not really))and you could have one facet of my style.

    Size: 12

  • Mike_nc says:

    My swag dumb-silly. I try to impress every time i step out the house. I love rocking sneakers that you can wear to a job interview as well as to the club. Footwear means a lot to me. It separates you from the next person, it makes you unique..

    Shoe size: 9

  • Cameron Smiles says:

    Hi Dr. Jay. I am an inspiring entertainer. I am going to need you to help me beat my trial. I know you got he yums clothing and I apppreciate the love. I’m trying to get into the witness protection program in New york. If you cam help me get a lesser sentence I would appreciate. 4415 N. Teutonia Avenue Milwaukee WI, 53209. 414-445-6413

  • wdc says:

    My style is like my paper, I make it rain… I CHANGE MY STYLE every now and then just because I think that life is to short to stick with one think so that’s why I always try new stuff, some times it works sometimes it doesn’t. But who cares? You can get the best style but if you aint got the swagg lie me what’s the point?


  • wdc says:

    My style is like my paper, I make it rain… I CHANGE MY STYLE every now and then just because I think that life is to short to stick with one think so that’s why I always try new stuff, some times it works sometimes it doesn’t. But who cares? You can get the best style but if you ain’t got the swagg like me what’s the point? Style is not how my gear makes me shine, but how I make my gear shine.


  • larry anderson says:

    my style is very different from others.these days,people dress the same way.me,i just keep my fashion clean and fresh.at school,people love the way i dress and like so much that i started a trend.


  • B-EZ says:

    My steeze is on point like pen tip…have all the bees buzzin’ like honey dip. No need to explain what’s already understood…part up town..part down and jus a lil hood.

    Sz 12

  • Katey says:

    My personal style is fresh and clean. I like bright colors because they match my bright and cheery personality. My style consists of fun bright styles for going out and fashionable and subtle clothes for the professional environment but in either category, I always stand out.

    My shoe size is 7.5

  • sanz says:

    My style is unique because i take different trends i think look good, put them together, then add essentials like a BBC cap or a fitted with some shades and a g-shock.

  • Foster says:

    My style is my life – fresh, comfortable, full of confidence and intricate details yet, constantly evolving.

  • Foster says:

    My style is my life – fresh, comfortable, full of confidence and intricate details yet, constantly evolving.

    size: 9 women/ 7 guys

  • Jay Brown says:

    My personal style is unique because I’m not scared to take chances. I tend to step outside the norm. I experiment with different colors, brands, and shoes. If you were to look in my closet you would find LRG,Creative Recs, Supra’s, Nike’s, Artul Dodger, Blac Label, Gap,Vans, Parish, lacoste, Levi’s just to name a few(hopefully a pair of these Radii’s). It’s all about what makes you feel good and look even better. From urabn to school boy I rock it all.


  • TJ Watters says:

    What make my personal style unique and anyone for that matter is dressing by what you feel because your attitude towards your outfit reflects is appeal to everyone else. Whether it be confidence alluding from you or just a outfit on that says, “Aye, I’M HERE. IT’S TIME TO START.” I would explore ALL brands of clothing in your gender and try the newest stuff too because you never know what you might like or determine what you really would never wear again in your life. My style depends on how I feel. Generally, it is something that is close to my skin tone or something that is eye catching, the usual bold one color outfits like white, black and brown, a couple of bright colors to get heads turning, or something business professional but can work in various settings during the course of a day. Versatility is key because different social settings you may be in required different looks and that aspect always needs to be taken into consideration.

    My size is 11.5 in Men’s but sometimes, it depends on the brand of shoe.

  • I consider my style unique because my style reflects ME. I walk with my head held high and I own a confidence that no one can touch. No matter what anyone says, always stay true to yourself. BE CONFIDENT!!!
    shoe size: 8.5

  • jaleel campbell says:

    my style is alittle bit of everything.i try to buy alot of clothes and then mix and match everything up.i must be doing something right because im always getting compliments on how i dress.i also like experimenting with diiferen things that no one else wears.overrall i just like being me!(you can see so urself got to myspace.com/jablezz95 and look)
    shoe size: 11.5

  • Ivory says:

    What makes my personal style unique? My personal style expresses me as an individual. I don’t live my life trying to keep up with the new trends, I make my own trends. One thing that I have realized growing up is that you don’t have to be a celebrity to make something “the style”; you don’t even have to be part of the popular crowd. All you need is confidence; confidence in your self and confidence in what you represent and others will ultimately respect you for that and will sometimes even follow your lead. I feel that my personal style represents me as a young leader with class and sophistication that can care less what others think of her.

    Shoe size: 7 1/2 Women

  • Jorvonni Palmer says:

    What the hell? How dey let B-EZ win, the shit he wrote didn’t even make sense.

  • Jorge Jetson says:

    ^Thats exactly what I’m thinking…

  • RiCki says:

    This is bullshit, how in the hell did BE-Z win..hell I barley understand what the hell he wrote…STEP YO GAME UP DRJAYS

  • B-EZ says:

    For the 3 cats who not catchin’ on…the first part is pretty obvious so I’ll explain the last…

    My steeze is on point like pen tip…have all the bees buzzin’ like honey dip. No need to explain what’s already understood…part up town (classy, eclectic, high fashion)..part down(such as DOWNTOWN; edgy, trendy) and jus a lil hood(pretty obvious here as well; dope chains, fresh sneaks…u know…the usual).


  • Jorge Jetson says:

    I mean, I understood it….it was kind of worded poorly though…

  • B-EZ says:

    lol…well I respect your input

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