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Netjitsu 101: Defense From The Internet Racial Slur

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We’ve all either had this happen to us or seen it happen in forums, youtube, myspace etc. Some people either ignore it or respond to it. Personally I respond to it. There’s an art to it. Let me school you grasshopper on how to handle it.

Your in a debate and the other person spits out a racial slur to you.

1. Don’t get freaked out or get mad. It’s really not worth it. Chances are your assailant is lashing out because he’s scared to in real life. Oh and he might be in his grandmas house looking like this.

2.DO NOT RACIAL SLUR BACK. Reason being is you are better than that. Also the genius doesn’t speak for his whole ethnicity, but when you open your mouth you represent yours. If you say one to him it will be taken as a generalization. Then people from other races will come in and then it gets crazy. The feelings will carry off the net.


1. Congratulate yourself. Usually when people make a racial slur it’s because they either don’t know what to say, have nothing else in their arsenal of insults. Your doing so much damage to their ego that they got desperate. The video below is probably how angry you got them.

2. Analyze where this is going:
We all know it’s going to end, but you might as well enjoy the ride. Truth is internet bullies are predictable as well as cowardly. If you know their style you can choose when and where to end it. You can even control them. If you know why they do it then it really doesn’t phase you. Remember that they want you to be more irritated than they are, they also want you to say nothing else so they have some sort of satisfaction of having the last word. Essentially the racial slur is an online scare tactic. If you respond in a manner that their not expecting then it throws them off balance.

3. Let it go or respond:
Sometimes I’ll let it go because it’s not worth it. Yet 90% continue because they mistake my kindness for weakness and think they have me. Sometimes letting it go makes things worse. Depending on how you respond it may also make things worse. If your going to respond keep it universally understandable and entertaining. Here’s a few choices.

Respond with ignoring them:

If you have other discussions going on, continue with them. If he continues or decides to follow you around calling you more things. Inform him that he no longer has anything of value to say and his lame racial slur just proves how idiotic he is. Something like:

“Hello stalker, I’m ignoring you bore me and because your really not saying anything. The pathetic racist attempt to get me mad is beneath me. Your clearly seeking attention, have fun with that *deuces*.”

The key to this is not responding because they will try to egg you on. It irritates them when you don’t. And it fades away.

Respond with a farewell:

This is similar to the ignoring them tactic but it’s carried out before you ignore them. It goes something like:

“Your last resort at fail infamy was racism. And you still messed it up. Anything else you have to say will go unanswered. You bore me, I find more entertainment picking lint. You shouldn’t be so sensitive. Your dismissed.”

Respond in a letter format:

Dear E-thug,

This letter is to inform you that I am thanking you for being a racist loser. It makes your humiliation that much easier. Your previous statement put you on the map. Congratulations on the net cred. I acknowledge your desperate attempts to get my attention. I commend you on holding the tears in while trying to hurt my feelings. I would be offended, but I don’t get mad when I step on dog crap, I wipe it off and move on. My apologies for stepping on you then wiping the floor with you. Thank you for reading this, I’m going to move on now.


Rick Lexington

By the end they should’ve steered away from you, learned their lesson because they just got out classed. If not then their like this:

The most important thing is to keep your composure. If you have any tips please put them down. How would you handle a situation like this?

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