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Shaq’s Technical Foul on Gilbert Arenas

Submitted by on November 17, 2009 – 4:27 pm43 Comments

oh boy. the love quadrangle.

The biggest, most exciting game of the NBA season is tomorrow, November 18, 2009, between the Washington Wizards and the Cleveland Cavaliers, but not for the reasons you’d expect. The Cavaliers’ Shaquille O’Neal, one of the NBA’s most personable and well-respected players, has committed a serious technical foul on the Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas.

The last thing I’m about is gossip, but this is such a lowdown dirty shame that I feel like I’ve gotta talk about it: the 17-year veteran has been caught cheating on his wife Shaunie with Arenas’ baby’s mother, Laura Govan. And I don’t mean some girl Gilbert just randomly knocked up, I mean his fiancée.


Damn! Do you see those pictures!? How can she do her man like that!? And if you’re curious as to the accuracy of this report, all speculation was put to rest after The YBF provided evidence that Shaq had been doing both his NBA colleague and his wife dirty.


These e-mails are from the beginning of 2009, and everything’s just coming to surface recently. Oh, the agony! This is the last thing Arenas needed, after having back-to-back seasons plagued by injuries that sidelined him and forced him to watch his team fall apart after consecutive playoff runs in seasons prior.

And let’s not forget, the two teams have had beef a-brewing for the last few years, stemming from Wizards forward DeShawn Stevenson‘s statement on Cavs superstar LeBron James being “overrated”. Stevenson’s comments weren’t taken lightly, as Bron Bron’s big brother Jay-Z came out with a diss record to put Stevenson in his place. Even Soulja Boy was part of the beef (I’m not even playing – read here for a more in-depth breakdown of that whole situation).

My question to you guys is, how the hell do you keep your composure for 48 minutes on the hardwood floor, knowing that Shaquille’s hard wood has been inside your baby’s mother?

I’ll leave you guys with that diss song that Jigga made for DeShawn. 

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Please leave a comment and tell me how you feel about this situation. Oh, and wouldn’t it be brilliant if while Shaq was with Gilbert’s baby’s mother, Gil was kickin’ it with Shaq’s wife? The ultimate twist. I’m just saying though.

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  • I don’t know Gilbert Arenas personally. I didn’t just get off the phone with him or nothing but I think he can keep his composure. He seems like a professional. Had this been Ron Artest or idk pretty much anybody else in the NBA I think we’d have an issue. However I will be tuned in specifically to see if any fights break out. Grimey sure but oh well. Quality entertainment.

  • judge mental says:

    “My question to you guys is, how the hell do you keep your composure for 48 minutes on the hardwood floor, knowing that Shaquille’s hard wood has been inside your baby’s mother?”


  • Shoshannah says:

    AH exposing it all! I wouldn’t be able to keep composure for sure. Definitely checkin this one out!

  • Gav says:

    “Gil’ How my ass taste”! Maybe that is why Gil has been so mum to start this NBA season. Realistically though, Gil probably has like 5 or 6 side jawns at least. But thats his day one fan! Shaq has got to understand you don’t touch a day one fan. Thats like when Cleveland lost Boozer to the Jazz. Shady business real shady business!

  • Laura V. says:

    Dude…thats wild! If I was Arenas I might have had to whoop this nigga Shaq mid way through the game.

  • Odellas J says:

    Dang son!
    shaq gettin it in for real?!

    he always had a fun, composed nature. these girls these days can manipulate anybody.

    whats peoples thoughts… was it her who got him, or him who got her?

  • Raquel says:

    That’s fucked up. I hope he waits til the last 30 sec of the game and gives Shaq the tech of a lifetime. Or meets him in the parking lot after the game.

    Men are trifling, but women are too.

  • ListenToLeon says:

    We’re living in the Post-Supahead era, so groupie sh*t like this doesn’t surprise me all that much. That said, if I were in Gilbert Arenas’ shoes, I’d probably be able to handle myself like a professional. That is, until Shaq makes a joke or foul comment. Then I’d take a steel chair to his big ass, WWE style!

    I’m sure Arenas was getting ass on the side too, so he might not be too broken up about it, other than the fact that he got her knocked up. Who knows. Whatever the case, the Cavs/Wizards rivalry just got that much more interesting!

  • Odellas J says:

    @Laura “If I was Arenas I might have had to whoop this **** Shaq”

    …shaq will absolutely DISMANTLE arenas… with his hands in his pockets, and NBA shorts dont even got pockets!!

  • Kardi says:

    That’s the worst part. There aint shit Hibachi can do about it. What’s he gonna do, fight Shaq? I’d be surprised if this was the only cse of one chick smashing two dudes in the league. I heard Shaq’s doing a “popular demand” freestyle….”Like that gil gil, had that a long time ago”

  • J Nich says:


    This is wild stuff. I love LOVE shaq but this is kinda grimy….. the nba is like a fraternity. come on dude, u can get 100000000 chicks, u dont need gilberts

  • e. limo says:

    the emails, wow… so why didnt they send text messages?? i thought shaq was smoother than that but then again why waste time? they dont call him the diesel for nothin: “can i come put it in” lol! and again “tomorro after lunch”! LOL! get it how you live… one song rolls through my head, “don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved . . .”

  • Boni says:

    that is the most ridiculous thing i’ve read all day

    that’s a serious low blow on shaq’s part…

  • Beezus says:

    yea, at first i ain’t wanna believe it until i saw those emails… that man shaq grimey lol i just hope this nigga gilbert don’t try nothin stupid, or fuck up on the court. he on my fantasy team.

  • Ché says:

    Despite my personal hatred for Agent Zero and my unwavering support for Shaq I do feel as though someone was done dirty in this whole mess. Shaunie. It’s one thing to mess around on ur wife but to get a girl pregnant after the two of you had broken up over the same shit a season ago?? That’s foul. Gil wears the dunce cap for this one for A. Getting played and B. Trying to “make it work” once he did find out… honestly I think he almost deserves it for last season’s bait and switch he pulled w/ the Wizards (see holding out for bigger contract then having a knee surgery no one knew was coming.) Plus how could he not have known? He must have recognized the assumed “looseness” that comes with pumping the diesel. I dunno man, I think he should change his name from Agent Zero to Captain Save’em… I don’t care what you say, if you don’t wanna get caught cheating on your boyfriend you don’t do it with the most noticeable person in the USA. If you see Shaq, you know it’s him… it’s not like he’s sneakin anywhere. Won’t find his big ass trapped in the closet lol. It’s foul, but I guess forreal you get in where you fit in. And in Shaq’s case there ain’t too many places that’ll work out.

  • Andre says:

    “The biggest game of the NBA season is tomorrow, November 17, 2009″

    No it’s actually tomorrow, November 18, 2009 but it’s cool big Dre gonna let it slide this time lol

  • uristocrat says:

    “My question to you guys is, how the hell do you keep your composure for 48 minutes on the hardwood floor, knowing that Shaquille’s hard wood has been inside your baby’s mother?”

    lmao at that line..

    so apparently Im really late cause this is the first I am hearing of this. Its a fail on the fiancee’s part. I mean Shaq is to blame as well bu tthis lady new she was getting married so why did she have to do all that.

    here is my theory. gilbert and the lady were prolly done a few months ago. She decided to move on to shaq. gilbert can be mad at shaq but what does that prove?

  • Goat says:

    In a world of so many Women why would Shaq do this. He asking for some gun work to come his way. And in a world where he’s messing with someone with money too, it can happen.

  • Vegas Vision says:

    Okay, I’ve had enough, I wrote my own editorial about Gilly da kid on my school newspaper if you want it and wanna know what I said then holla front @NasVegas.. But let me break it down to you, here’s what has to happen, either Gilbert has 2 score 55, make Lebron fall, and dunk on Shaq Fu or he just has to leave DC.. If one of those two things doesn’t happen, then he loses respect in my eyes, first of all he already loss big time respect from me once the wizards and I blame abe polin for resigning Gilbert Arenas to a huge contract after he had those knee surgeries, Gilbert is probably the prime reason the Wizards had below 20 wins, along with some injuries, but we could’ve signed someone on the up and up and what do the Wizards do? sign someone on the decline he hasn’t been the same since the 06 season..

    AND another thing I need Gilbert to do is this, make sure the game is close, and when the Wizards are down by one and he’s at the free throw line, I need Gilbert Arenas to call Lebron James over to him and whisper in his ear something ridiculous, like after I make this free throw you gotta sign wit the Golden State Warriors in the summer of 2010..
    Back to the story at hand, Gilbert, this is what happens when you slippin on your pimpin, Im not condoning it, but damn get your ish together, score some points pass the ball get some rebounds, and let me reiterate Gilbert has to do one of two things to retain his manhood..

    * Score 55, Make Lebron Fall, and Dunk on the The Big Cheater aka ShaqFu, and in that order which would give Gilbert 57 points


    * Leave DC

  • DURK NIGGLER says:


  • Kayla says:

    Shaq is going to take the biggest L. Shaunie has been taking a little bit of his money and hiding it and trying to get out of there for Lord knows how long. Now she has the proof she needs to take him to the cleaners. And she is smart enough to file in California to better her chances. She was ready for it and she is not playing.

  • alex says:

    i think its bullshit, how could it possibly be neccessary for shaq to pursue gil’s fiance, there are plenty of fish in the sea…and obviously i support gil and will jump in the fight that will happen tomorrow. but at the same time who knows whats going on in any of these dudes personal lives. i mean andray blatche was caught soliciting an undercover cop prostitute. gils prolly having an 8some as we speak

  • Andy Tassara says:

    Modi! you crazy! haha… your bold statement the paragraphs from the top is epic!

  • Trent says:

    She doesn’t even look that good from the pictures..I don’t know why she was on the radar haha. But yeah that’s effed up by Shaq. He sounds like an idiot too she asks him questions and he sounds like he’s brainless the whole time with shit like “wht rm.” thats like 7th grade TEXTING or IM-ING. I don’t think I could keep my cool though.

  • Ashley says:

    sooo watching this game tomorrow!

  • Ks says:

    I’ll definitely be tuned into the game for all of the wrong reasons. I’m just not sure when people will learn that the truth always comes to light. Everyone should have taken a cue from Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick….smdh. Black men can’t get it right.

  • Domdia says:

    What is she thinking? Did Laura really think that no one would find out about this? Not only is he in the public eye constantly (as is her soon to be husband/ex-husband) but he is married as well. I hope Shaunie goes CRAZY on him. No joke, I hope this game plays out as an extravaganza but I fear both players will keep their composure.

  • Brick City Lady says:

    This is a very grimy situation. It clearly shows that Shaq has no appreciation for his wife, kids and the loyalty within marriage. This isn’t the first time that Shaq has cheated on his wife. They have separated numerous times for the very same reason. It sickens me that a man of his fame and age is being such a dickhead towards his family. I feel bad for his wife who keeps trying to make a marriage work in the public eye and continually gets dissed. I am disappointed in the role model that Shaq is portraying. He is showing all black men that his disrespectful actions are acceptable. Meanwhile the fiance he is cheating with is nothing but a home wrecker. What goes around comes around? Why go through this situation when you know your in the public eye. She is making herself look retarded and extremely classless due to this behavior. I hope Mr. Arenas can hold his composure. I would love for him to fuck him up and then get his sister or cousin to beat the shit out of his fiance but a hoe like that isn’t worth it.

  • Anna Miya says:

    …I don’t even know what to think. People can’t seem to be honest these days and it’s a shame. I hope it’s not true, I don’t know what to believe!!

  • Tahir J says:

    wife (baby mama) swap – the nba edition.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    If I was deshawn I’d laugh my ass off:

    1. He off the hook with the fiance, that’s a get out of jail free card like mutha if he decides to still go through.

    2. Shaq is done for. His wife is going to take him for everything and thensome. He’s going to go from “superman” to “I’m super broke man”.

  • Clark Kent says:

    Yo, this is sick! Nothing is sanctified anymore. I’d hope that Arenas doesn’t let his private situation spill out in the public arena, but I wouldn’t be mad if he decked Shaq for what is going on. I’m from Ohio and Shaq is on my favorite team, but that isn’t cool, no matter what.

  • Vannie says:

    Ladies, ladies, ladies what is wrong with us women? Ok, guys will be guys,and I’m not saying that all guys will cheat, cuz there are some good men out there, but men can be weak when coming to some azzzz. That is why we as women need to respect ourself and each other, and stop cheat with married men or men that are seriously involved with other women. Women, we have the power to stop this bulls###, because if we don’t allow it to happen it won’t. I feel bad for Shaunie, and that other girl, SHAME ON YOU for disrespecting yourself and your sister like that, whether he came at her or not, she knew that man is married. Ladies, please can we stop this blatant disrespect we show for ourselves and each other. Shaq I’m sooooo dissappointed.

  • nick says:

    what a dumb song by jz. it sounds like a 12 produced it.

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