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Hip Hop & Freemasonry: Should We Be Worried?

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For some time now, conspiracy theories have been posted to the Internet linking Jay-Z to Freemasonry. There have even been posts and comments about it on this site. More recently, however, the theories/allegations/suspicions have begun to broaden dramatically and now include the entire hip hop industry.

First of all, Freemasonry in and of itself does not seem to be the source of the perceived threat. Many people suggest that the Freemasons are strongly linked to the Illuminati (see this article), a mystical group (whose existence has not been proven, of course) that seeks to bring about a New World Order and ultimately, the end of the world.

Both the Freemasons and the Illuminati, as well as other secret societies, have been referenced and discussed in many songs by various hip hop artists over the years. Many of these references have become the focal points for the allegations levied against so many hip hop artists.

Over and above the explicit references, however, artists are suspected due to rhetoric or beliefs expressed in their music that are believed to coincide with the ideology, teachings, or beliefs associated with the Freemasons, Illuminati, or New World Order.

Blogs and videos which argue these points tend to show pictures in which rappers and other celebrities make a hand signal, referred to by some as “El Diablo,” a supposed satanic symbol.

obama_handBarack Obama

That’s right, people are even suspicious of our president, as they have been of many past presidents. Oddly enough, many of these figures are inexplicably pictured giving the same symbol. The symbol, when given with the thumb sticking out (as pictured above) is sign language for “I love you.” Other symbols include the pyramid, the “all-seeing eye,” and a hive of bees (the hive symbolizes a collectivist mentality).

Even the celebrities who are considered the most conscious and responsible are unsafe from allegations of apocalyptic proportions.

For instance, accusations are made against KRS-One because he tends to promote “positive thinking” (for example, the notion that poverty is merely a mind state and that one can change his level of wealth by changing the way he thinks). This is allegedly a direct reflection of New World Order doctrine, which is believed to say that people should be blamed for their suffering because their thinking causes it. Dead Prez and Nas are also called out in this fashion, among others.

Also, the Illuminati (and therefore the various artists suspected of associating with the group) are accused of trying to replace current religious/cultural values and systems of morality, right and wrong, etc. with a culture of relativism where “anything goes.”

Furthermore, the Illuminati is allegedly concerned with the destruction of the family unit via public schools, social workers, and Planned Parenthood (I’m not sure what hip hop has to do with any of these). They go on to say that the socialization and conformity of children, brought about by mainstream media (which has a lot to do with hip hop), is a method used to create generation gaps. These generation gaps erode the communication between age groups, therefore eroding the family unit.

Another claim involves a cultural push to bring forth a synthesis between human beings and robots/machines. Common and Pharrell’s Universal Mind Control video is cited in this argument, as are other rappers, songs, and videos.

_CommonUniversalMindControl_thumbnailPharrell and Common

Other claims include heavy militarism and surveillance, a turn away from individuality and free thought, and a blending of sexes and genders – all of which is supposedly on the way. Almost every rapper one can think of is somehow connected to these conspiracy theories, from Lauryn Hill, Kanye West, and Lupe Fiasco to Will Smith, Mobb Deep, Canibus, and even Grandmaster Flash. It is pointed out by some theorists, though, that many of these people are forced into their “apocalyptic affiliations” due to threats or interference with pending legal issues.

There is some merit to the arguments about cultural consciousness and mentality shifts which happen, in part, due to images and messages transmitted via mainstream media. However, many of the arguments contain claims and “evidence” about certain popular culture icons and/or mediums that are dramatically far fetched and feature chronic overreaching on the part of the conspiracy theorists.

That said, I don’t think we should focus too much on trying to connect the dots as far as the Illuminati are concerned.

We should, however, keep our eyes open and take the time to evaluate the messages explicitly or subliminally sent by public figures – just in case. Otherwise, the consequences – while they may not mean the end of the world – may prove quite significant.

Basically, we should never accept messages without questioning them to determine whether or not they are actually acceptable.

Here are Parts 1 & 2 of “Hip Hop & Freemasonry: Culture Creation and The Shape of Things to Come” (for the rest, go to Youtube.com and type in “hip hop and freemasonry”), a series created by The Human Condition Forum.

The entire series and the theory itself are quite interesting and definitely worth a look.

So what do you think? As the saying goes, “Is it me or is it a conspiracy?” Let me know in the comments section!

Main Image: RealGM

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  • Sunidivine says:

    Most of the people in this world don’t believe it but its so true. Illuminati been in power for a very long time. Allahu Akbar

  • Monnowman says:

    Declare interest: I’m a mason.

    If Hip Hop artists are taking an interest and indeed joining regular freemasonry, that’s a positive thing. Freemasonry promotes personal development and provides a moral compass.

    If, however, they are doing it to give themselves an air of mystery because of the (largely misinformed) mystique that surrounds it, then they are joining for the wrong reasons.

    By the way:

    - masons don’t make silly hand signals in public (We make them in the privacy of the lodge!)
    - the “Illuminati” are the fantasy of deluded conspiracists: any connection between freemasonry and an imaginary secret society is therefore impossible.

    My blog has more

  • It’s been awhile since a brotha got a COMMENT! Thanks, people.

    @Monnowman: Thanks for clearing those things up. You definitely solidify my argument that while some of the concepts may have merit, most of the actual allegations and “dots” being connected are quite far fetched.

  • jason says:

    I have heard of these theories before;but I think people are bugging because of this tired economy.I wonder ,would this theory have wings if we didn’t have a black president ?

  • willie eldorado (yung albino) says:

    do a little research further than the first page you see on google

    the Illuminati did in fact exist they were born in the dark ages and carried over into the renaissance until they were disbanded because their satanic agenda was found out. the masons were a group founded on morals and helping the fellow man but in any organization it can go terribly wrong(examples include Black panthers, Crips, Klu Klux Klan, Nazi Party, and the political parties of America, which George Washington himself warned against). just look at the Christian Church spawning off Evangelical extremists who basically made it a death offense to be gay because they dont like it, they’ve twisted the Bible to fit their less than savory objectives. the Islamic extremists have twisted the Qu’ran the exact same way only they use much more force in their methods of spreading their religious truths(which go against the beliefs of most Muslims).

  • STEADFAST says:


  • zurita says:

    I agree with Stedfas.People need to focus on a relationship with GOD instead of just religious beliefs.GOD gave his best just for us . If your friend gave you a gift ,would you throw it back in their face ? When we don’t believe in Christ that’s what we do to GOD .

  • WizardG says:

    Every facet of our existence is infiltrated by the Illuminati machine.
    The rich “White” power-structure will use anyone to get the results they want. If they call on you and you refuse you might have a problem. Similar to the mafia, you’re either in or you’re destroyed.

    On a larger scale they usurp whole nations by bringing in the country’s leaders to bend to conformity. If they don’t conform they will be replaced by any means necessary.

    The “white” elite can afford the finest think tanks to help them create whatever situation, or diversion they need to influence whomever they wish. Their control of our tax-paid military gives them physical strength of unimaginable proportions.

    When I say white it is specifically because the power-structure of the world is a concoction devised by “White” men, but it does not include “white” people as a whole. They too are being used.

  • Sanojonas says:

    I also think that people shoutld stop fassing and worring themselves about illuminati and all these other ludacris groups or societies or whatever it is that they are..whether they exist or not.. that is not the issue, after all, the illuminaties and what not,, were created by people.. and the only way for one not to be affected or “infected” by them is to be close to the almight God, whose powers and existance is unquestionable, like they STADFAST said.. God is the way..

  • greenlntrn says:

    Wizard G is pretty much on target. I can argue a few of his points, but his whole premise is correct. Does anyone ever notice how jazz and smooth jazz soothes and hip-hop seems to make you agitated?

  • jesse timothy says:

    (For the conspiracy theorists: Jesus is the Way, the Truth & the Life. Like brother Stedfast and other brethren have said, pursue and establish an intimate relationship with God. Jesus is God.) (For the hip-hop fans: i been raised on hip-hop so i can speak on this. It’s true that jay-z, nas, kanye, among rap’s elite r freemasons. Sad to say nas is cuz nas was my favorite rapper and nas used to believe in Jesus Christ-i’m assuming. R&B fans, sade is a freemason. i think common may be freemason but im not sure. pharrell is a jay-z associate so he could be freemason & pharrell made common’s beats so there may be a connection. this blog is wrong about lauryn hill. listen to her lyrics. she is all about: Jesus, the Bible, love, Zion , New Jerusalem, prayer, truth, church, along with her beef with wyclef jean lol. but “the miseducation of lauryn hill” album brought Christian values & beliefs to hip-hop radio just like m arvin gaye “what’s going on” album brought Christian values & beliefs to R&B radio. peace.

  • How did this group or society came into existance on our Lovely planet earth. . . !???

  • george says:

    “Illuminati” is a cover word for people who do not have the guts to call them out, or who simply find the fact too antithetical to what they have grown up thinking about the world.

    Forget “the illuminati”. Thats for baibes.
    Its the jews, stupid.

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