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Jay-Z feat Swizz Beatz: “On To The Next One” Music Video

Submitted by on January 1, 2010 – 3:05 am18 Comments

Jay-Z decided to kick 2010 off with a bang. While Mr. Knowles-Carter was somewhere popping bottles with the Misses, his first official music video of the year premiered high above Times Square in unforgettable all black everything fashion.

“On To The Next One” began causing a stir in the YouTube community just seconds after it was uploaded. It is sure to become one of the most talked about videos ever. Some are chalking it up to artistic inspiration. Others see something disguised as entertainment break dancing on the border of satanic worship. Is this a marketing plan executed well or is it the first blatant sign of truth to those “conspiracy theories”? Check it out.

3:39 – Jesus piece nestled between two bullets
3:51- The Baphomet Symbol

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  • Nephew says:

    Man………. I aint gonna lie. That video is wierd as hell. Just something bout it dont feel right. I been watchin this guy close ever since that video that a pastor played in church on youtube with him on it saying some very disturbing things.

    You gotta think to yourself “Why would he put those things in his video.” You gotta stop it right on point to see it too because they show it very fast

  • Nephew says:

    Is it me?… or does that woman up there to the right look like a Man?….lol Honestly they all look weird but that last chick look like a Man.

  • Wasn’t really feeling the video. We were at Alibi last night all just staring at the TV with the WTF faces on.

    This is a looooonnnnngggggg way from this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxtn6-XQupM

  • luxurylife says:

    think the video was good not great the beat hot and the lyrics are serious….I think you people are looking at these theories too much. Its hidden meanings yes but most of this is assumptions. And if thats the case then Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are the biggest devil worshippers in the world!!!!!

  • Might be so @ LuxuryLife — but I have yet to see a Bophemet symbol used in a Microsoft commercial.

  • bj boss says:

    I agree with Kevin L. Clark. It almost dont even seem like the same person who made that Hard knock Life video. The man has surely changed. Hes more weird now. I think Jay-Z needs to address this video in like a small interview.

    Just too weird,Why would you put those things in your video?…..
    it really makes no sense to the song meaning either. and yes Nephew the woman up there to the right does look like a man LOL

  • FM says:

    TPain was everywhere, autotune was everywhere, DOA drops. Jayz is now in everyones heads.

    Jayz became the only talk, every said he was apart from the illuminti/freemasonary so once again, Jay is stirring more shit up by clowning on all the shit talkers, to keep his name hot and in the heads of everyone, which from a comercial point of veiw is best in jays favour

    clever move.

  • fashionforward says:

    Ok these two topics were put in there to be talked about but with all the rumors of free masonry the same sign he has being throwing up for years but now the uproar.And there have bebeen rumors of devil worship but if you been in the game over 10 years shouldn’t you be reaping success? And the weird thing Tom Cruise is weird johnny drop is weird both highly successful jayz isn’t weird he showing that like rock n roll rap isn’t just young people cause we all get older but if your taste is stiill the same then look at the old bids and listen to old albums

  • Kint says:

    This video is a lil weird but artistic at the same time. I always thought that a music video should match the lyrics to the song but i dont kno… it could have been directed differently. It is what it is. On to the next one…

  • julz says:

    he doesn’t need to explain anything. let him be. he can believe whatever he wants..you know why…this dude makes more money than all of you!!!!

  • 24 inches says:

    Julz Who cares about the money!? u must be like age 9.
    Aint like he the richest man in the world! and plus he make more money than you Too. Some people so blind its krazy. What else he gotta do ? Put a sign up that say “I worship Satan”?
    Its clear Jay-Z has changed is all Im saying. Dude hella weird. You can follow. I like jay-z but I think im going to stop listening to this kat. Its plenty Mcs I like out there. Im from the south anyway. The point is if u like this devil listen if dont then dont listen. He old as hell anyway. Im already on to the next 1. The next MC. Later

  • LaQuesha says:

    Well jay z is my fav rapper i honestly thought it was hot. Also wat no one understands he is buisnessman and watever is hot now he is going to do it and rock n pop is hot right now n so his vid had to b diff then his other his others were more down beats this is a more loud off the frame beat so the vid had to match. I mean if u listen ON TO THE NExT ONE and look at the diff scenes and how the ppl in it act u would feel the energy he trying to bring to everyone from those words.

  • tamikaishere says:

    i think this video is dope, and it’s really one of the only songs i like on that album. i’m not a jayz fan truth be told, that doesn’t detract from the fact that he is a talented artist.

    nevertheless, i want to know who DIRECTED and edited this video.

    Artists have minimal, decent say in how videos are directed and the concept. I want to know about the editors.

    I liked it, as a person in the film industry. it’s hot and it has tongues wagging.

    oh is he a devil worshiper? I don’t know, and i don’t care, I don’t condone the worship of anything evil so i would not approve. but since i never, i repeat never, have bought an album by jay z i’m good

  • BLRdsgn says:

    All conspiracy theories aside, to me this is a clever way of making his own version of the movie The Cell(2000). I felt downloaded into his mind. I wonder if it was directed by Tarsem Singh…

  • Kwaping says:

    I bet he’s heard all the rumors and is doing this on purpose as a big joke. He’s probably laughing his butt off reading all the speculation online. I know that’s what I would do!

  • julz says:

    24 inches? Really? You’re getting all butt-hurt? You calling me out now about being 9 years old? Wow really?! How about you use some proper grammar and spelling when trying to prove a point? Please, if you’re going to speak amongst adults, please talk like one.First off, you need to relax, ever heard of a joke?


    Everything is about money, whether you want to agree or not. Everyone in this world is trying to get theirs! So don’t complain when you’re dead broke living on the streets.

  • ahlot says:


  • Bran says:

    A Baphomet symbol means the same as the yin yang… its not evil…
    It kinda makes sense since he made the black album but then made a different version involving the Beatles’ white album

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