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The Freaknik Is Back… Sort Of

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While it was said a while back that we would get a “T-Wayne” album from Auto-Tune aficionado T-Pain and rap superstar Lil’ Wayne, nothing of the sort has developed yet. However, the two have been working together to give their audiences something… on the small screen.

Both artists will be voicing cartoon characters for Adult Swim’s upcoming hour-long special, Freaknik: The Musical. Of course, the special is based on the popular spring festival attended mainly by students at historically black colleges/universities (HBCUs) in the ATL. After complaints about crowded streets and public disturbances and rowdiness, city officials took action to scale the attraction back. The last Freaknik in Atlanta was held in 1999, and many ATL representers seem to miss it.

“I don’t know about you but I miss the freaknik
Cause that’s when my city use to be real sick
People from other cities use to drive for miles
Just to come get a taste of this ATL style” – Jermaine Dupri, “Welcome To Atlanta Remix”

Freaknik: The Musical will, no doubt, serve to commemorate the urban Woodstock that was. The idea evolved from what was planned as a regular series created by rapper and producer David Banner, among others. The series was to be titled That Crook’d Sipp and was to be set in my home state of Mississippi.

David Banner

Yes, I’m pretty sure you already knew what he looks like, but how often do I get to mention *for good or bad* where I’m from on this blog?

Banner will be featured as the voice of one of the characters in the retooled special as well. In addition to T-Wayne and David Banner, Rick Ross will have a role in the cartoon as well as other yet-to-be-named special guests.

The special – set to air in March – is a little ign’ant peculiar, to say the least. First of all, it seems to incorporate an element from Charles Dickens’s, A Christmas Carol. T-Pain will star as a sort of “Ghost of Freaknik Past,” who revives the fest and brings it back to Atlanta. In an even wackier move, Lil’ Wayne is slated to play Jesus Christ and rumor has it that he will be performing a parody song entitled “Ghetto Commandments.”

I can’t make this stuff up. Here’s a trailer.

For the record, Adult Swim yanked this trailer from its website. Freaknik: The Musical was supposed to air sometime in ’09, but can now be expected to air on March 21.

From the looks of things, minstrelsy is upon us. Is it just me, or will they put anything on TV?

Those are preliminary statements, however, and I’ll save actual judgement of the material for the airing of the entire show.

What do you think of the trailer/concept? Will you tune in to Freaknik: The Musical? Have the folks at Adult Swim lost their minds? Let me know in the comments section!

Main Image: Blaq Sheep Blog

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  • kwame says:

    the pilot for That Crook’d Sipp was HILARIOUS, but this sounds a lil off the wall

  • dAL says:


  • Dana says:

    I had the opportunity to see about a hundred previews (or, more accurately, the same four or five previews about twenty times each) for Freaknik during the Adult Swim block on Cartoon Network over the past week. I have to say, this show totally blew me away. I was left speechless.

    There have been very, very few occasions in my life where I’ve encountered something with absolutely no positive, redeeming qualities whatsoever. Even the most idiotic shows ever made are usually so bad that they’re atleast good for the amusement and satisfaction obtained from engaging in a derisive mocking of them.

    But this… whatever this show was supposed to be… unfathomably vile in every conceivable respect. I even, out of sheer morbid curiosity, turned Freaknik on last night and watched it for as long as my ears could endure the horrible noises that repeatedly accompanied the show every few minutes (I managed to stand it for about ten minutes), just to see if it was even possible for it to fail to live up to my expectation of the utter tripe that the previews made it out to be (and previews are supposed to include the *most* entertaining parts of a show).

    It did. I don’t see how something this putrid is even dreamt up in the first place, much less written down, much *less* produced, much *LESS* placed in the same television block as Robot Chicken, much, *MUCH LESS* continually hyped as being good, or even worth watching.

    My embarrassment at being part of the human race has reached a new low. This was worse than Nip/Tuck. Absolute garbage. Adult Swim… for *shame*.

  • Jon says:

    It’s a fuckin cartoon. Chill out. Damn.

  • Nihl says:

    Yeah no kidding. and anyways, it was a great little flick! The music was fantastic, the animation was incredible and innovative, and the cameos were hilarious!

    I mean, I laughed out loud a few times, and sure, cartoon network played the thing up, and I would be lying if their enthusiasm didn’t rub off on me, but they were right and it was awesome!

    On top of everything, I really had no idea what to expect. It had way more of a plot and social commentary than I would have expected, and the political caricatures were great!

    Freaknik said he’d see us again next year. I hope this becomes an annual thing. Well done, William’s Street.

  • Taylor says:

    I have never laughed so hard I thought it was hilarious and your pretty lame if you expected brilliant, thought provoking material from something named FREAKNIK THE MUSICAL! Chill out it was entertainment and I loved it! Next time try PBS or CNN maybe it’s more suited to discerning tastes like yours.

  • Tashanda says:

    “Atlanta style”… What a joke.. Atlanta is a dump.

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