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The Real Star Of VH1′s “Basketball Wives”? Their Husbands’ Money!

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When I first heard about VH1’s show “Basketball Wives,” I immediately thought about how bad this show could be. After all, VH1 doesn’t always make it a point to show many of these reality stars in a positive light. But rather than go off on a tangent wondering “Why do I care about the wives of basketball players?” I opted to reserve my judgment until after watching a couple of episodes.

Two weeks have passed and, unfortunately, everything I thought, is true, thus far.

The REAL star of “Basketball Wives” isn’t Shaunie (Shaquille O’Neal’s ex) or Royce (the girl who is banned from being Dwight Howard’s baby mama publicly). The real star of the show is…

*drum roll*

The basketball stars’ MONEY!

The show is a smorgasbord of women who try to find strength in each other as wives and girlfriends of basketball stars who play infidelity better than they play the game of basketball. They laugh, they cry, they argue, they party and they do a bunch of other things that if they were “regular” women, nobody would care about.

But what makes the show special is the emphasis on the fine restaurants they eat at, the plush party spots they go to, the expensive shopping sprees they go on. This show does nothing to make you feel sorry for them, thus far. On the contrary, you see women who claim that their lives are in shambles because of their cheating insignificant others but are afforded a lifestyle they truly have no business having if it wasn’t for their rich husbands. This becomes problematic when a show is looking to show a side of women in this industry that is rarely shown.

You don’t hear much about how the women are looking to make their own money and create their own careers. Rather, you see how they spend their basketball husband’s loot on the finer things in life while thrashing them verbally during dinner. The most recent episode featured Antoine Walker’s ex Evelyn Lozada celebrating her 34th birthday (and her independence from her fiancé of ten years) at a plush restaurant. After enjoying an expensive dinner with friends, the spot turns to a club where the ladies celebrate while Royce, the odd girl out, performs a dance routine which Lozada describes as “[her] thrusting her vagina everywhere.”

The episode didn’t feature much more than shopping, partying, cattiness and credits. It really doesn’t do anything to show the women in a different light other than as arm candy gone wrong.

But the basketball wives aren’t the ones solely at fault here. Blame can also be placed on the editors of the show for failing to project these women as businesswomen from the start (of course if that is what they are). Lozada owns a high-end shoe store in Florida. Whether her fiancé upped the loot for it or she worked out her own business deal is not known. Either way, the show neglects to include the important part of who Lozada is outside of a woman scorned looking for liberation from a life of fancy things and shallow love. In a recent interview with the Miami New Times Lozada said this is why she decided to do the show.

“I did the show because I own a high-end shoe store in Coral Gables, Florida (Dulce, at 286 Miracle Mile). To be honest, that was the main reason. I thought it would be a good way to bring publicity to the store.”

She fails to mention anything about the series showing the personal sides of the women who deal with these basketball players. Too bad the show hasn’t included anything about her store yet. As for the other women, we only know them as the wives and girlfriends of basketball players who are pretty much involved in a poor woman’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

“Basketball Wives” will probably end up doing fine, regardless, because of its corny drama and abbreviated look into the lives of pseudo celebs. Another show called “Football Wives” is already on its way, and you can be sure it will be another group of women who end up playing second fiddle to the money their husbands make.

Sooner or later you have to wonder when there will be a show about women who stand on their own without the aid of a rich man. But maybe seeing smart and intelligent women making a way for themselves isn’t what the public wants to see.

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  • Kwaping says:

    I just had a great idea… Real Housewives of the Military. It would show how hard the lives are of military wives who single-handedly keep the household together, all while worried sick about their husbands overseas. I think it’d be a hit, and would open a lot of eyes.

  • sHAA'RA says:


  • TheTRUTH says:

    “you see women who claim that their lives are in shambles because of their cheating insignificant others but are afforded a lifestyle they truly have no business having if it wasn’t for their rich husbands.”

    Damn shame, Pre-Nups should be madatory, and their should be a set dollar amount for child support no child is worth more than any other.

    Words of a 24 year old in a happy relationship with a successful job and no kids.

  • tammie says:


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  • Jaime Perry says:

    To me they look like upscale hookers on the prowl. Seriously, though what separates them from Tiger Wood’s women ? They do nothing, and want to do nothing except maybe one new girl. Other then that they floss and talk shit all day long. And the biggest joke of all is this, Antoine Walker’s ex Evelyn Lozada who still carries on like she’s still married to a basketball player. So, she hangs out with so called friends who are barely hanging onto to their basketball husbands. So, they ad on other hooker looking women who used to date ball players. They all stay together because they talk trash about them, but they all know that the next bed wetting moment will be another ball player, because that’s who’s paying the bills. What’s even funnier is the fact that Evelyn acts as if she started her own shoe store with her own money. Please, that’s what makes them all high class looking hookers. Their fake and they don’t want anyone to tell them so! By right on to shaq’s girl who just wanted to to be a producer. We all know she is legally not allowed to talk about her ex-husband. So, she’s smart she gets a couple of tricks to talk about him for her. Life is funny isn’t it!

  • Sass Fleming says:

    Look, I don’t judge these women for the lifestyles that they have. It doesn’t matter if it is the husband’s money. What belongs to the husbands equally belong to the wives. There is nothing wrong with them sharing their life experiences. I find it a little disheartening, if your spouse is cheating on you, and you are still married to him, and exposing him publically with this show. Get a divorce, like the other wives have.
    I am cool with all of the wives except the chick who is married to Matt Barnes. She is a cold hearted, two-faced, arrogant bitch. You got the man, don’t worry about the cheerleaders. You alone, cannot make them go away. If you have trust in Matt, then what’s the problem. You are very insecure. Your attitude stinks. If i had been Royce, I would have kicked your butt on that episode.

  • dating spy says:

    Lucky girls. I’m sure they get anything they want. I’m actually searching for a basketball player on this site called match.com

  • Tisha Torain says:

    It is so funny how Gloria told Royce she would not get the ring but it and get married but it look like Royce will get that before Gloria does .I recently read up on Antoine Walker and the true golddigger Evelyn I actually felt sorry for her but then to find out she dump him as soon as he started having money problems Chad u better watch out now. I love Tami she sign a prenup and look how she struggled to support kids the rest are a wives truthfully they dont have to lift a finger to do anything

  • cieaura says:

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  • lynn harris says:

    Appears evelyn is a whore.Sadly she place judgement early in the show about Royce.Ochocinco should run like hell she is a skank.85 you cannot make a whore into a housewife everybody knows that.Remenber Eric told Jen “you don’t know Evelyn like I know her”.
    Now just what did you mean by that? Sent her ass back to the hood.A grown women acting like a hoodlum slut. Iwonder what her daughter friends really think of her? Run 85 Run

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