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Are Chris & Rihanna Trying Too Hard?

Submitted by on May 31, 2010 – 10:53 am15 Comments

Please forgive the fact we’re continuing to beat the dead horse that is Chris Brown and Rihanna (a.k.a Chrianna Pound Brown), but someone needs to say this. Things have cooled down since Chris unleashed that Crouching Tiger combo on Miss Barbados back in February 2009 and the two have progressed with their lives and careers. Their style and musical identities, however, have been changing more than Curtis Jackson‘s weight! Something in the milk ain’t clean.

“Mighty Chris Young” did make that failed attempt at an album, which clearly tanked since the nation’s church mothers and hearty Wal-Mart employees were not trying to let that sh*t be great. Then, out of the clear blue, the Virginia kid starts jiggin’ and rappin’ about “n****s,” diamonds, and condoms with Young Money’s Tyga. Before a weak heart could rest, Brown is in another video licking half-naked women and displaying enough sexual energy to get viewers pregnant. All of this added to his angry rants on Twitter and sudden fondness for the color red…if you catch the drift.

Then we have “Rihanna Mae Bullock” who has licked her battle wounds clean and shown fans a very grim and vulgar side of herself. Don’t act like you haven’t seen that once sweet little island gal in these videos grabbing her crotch, dancing to songs about male erections, wearing helmets that make her look like Lucifer and grinding on woman! People have not been calling Little Miss Sunshine a foul-mouthed, devil-worshipping lady lover for no reason.

Are these two doing the most to get attention or are they growing up and showing their true colors?

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  • Well its not a surprise:

    On an interview before chris stated that he’s not as innocent as he may seem, he can be bad if wants to be. On a whole new level bad. I think he’s tired of taking shots from everyone and their momma. Although I wasn’t feelin the new album anyways. I think if the protesters heard it before it came out they would’ve said “we’ll save our efforts for the next one”

    Rhianna. Most of her clit riders (yeah I said it), Don’t even know about her career before Jay z. She was in a different genre with a band. One of which she was going with and dumped. The thing is she’s pretty much always been like this but people are so quick to blindly hop on a wagon. Especially when it’s endorsed. For the love of kiki, her slogan was “good girl gone bad”. People tossed that to the side when it was damaging. She’s been known to have a temper, agitate people and she’s hit chris. People tossed that to the side. What really gets me is that people talk so much shit about nicki minaj with her sexual lyrics, lack of role model material etc. But when rhianna does it people make an excuse toss it to the side cause she’s “rhi rhi”. She’s made a career off of monotone yodeling.

  • K says:

    U think rihanna is the one trying too hard to be tough she a fake a$$ b&&)h


    Chris Brown is a young talented man who has made wonderful music for years. To keep judging him off a situation you have no real clue about or as a person you don’t even yourself know about is ridiculous. DO you honestly think he just hit her just to do it?. I’m not saying him hitting her back was acceptable especially since he is a celebrity always being followed by the public eye but honestly situations like these escalate every day between people where one is provoked to their breaking point by the other. Rihanna is not innocent. I like her music, love some of her songs but her new demeanour is a turn off. She can’t even sing live, she doesn’t dance, can’t give a real hype performance like Chris Brown can. Or as women, Lady Gaga can, Beyonce’ Can, Nicki Minaj can. Like really only thing that pops about Rihanna is her grim videos, dark make-up, fashionable taste, and body. After the incident she has acted like a whole new person, giving off an impression to now be severely dysfunctional, traumatized. She’s just being dramatic to me really, she is doing it for attention, hits, and sympathy. It’s too overdone. Chris is still doing him, happy and smiling as usual. He didn’t make that dramatic change for more attention to himself or the situation. He wouldn’t even speak much on it because it’s not anyone’s real concern. Either way sides are picked and would have still been picked if he did tell his own side of the situation. It would have been even messier than it is now. But I still just don’t think RIhanna was right to take advantage of the incident in her favor, that was wrong. But that just goes to show, people are for their own gain in society no matter who they are to you or how close you were to them.

  • Paige says:

    I think they’re both trying to hard to be something their not. But I think Rihanna is a total fake.

  • Nia says:



    All you young ladies above are just dick riding chris because yall like him, typical young dumb & full of cum females. SMH

  • Ms Miami says:

    They both trying too hard.

  • lilmizsunshyne says:

    i couldn’t agree with you more. before she was singing “umbrella” with jay-z, i was totally convinced that her career was going nowhere. now that she’s gone all loca, she thinks she’s in it for the long haul; but sweetie, everyone is doing that “dark, mysterious” thing with their music career now *ahem, miley cyrus, for example*

    i think she’s trying much harder than chris because he’s shown a lot of growth while she’s simply living for the moment…which isn’t a problem, but that light will fade and that buzz will fizzle soon enough.

    c.breezy has always been talented to me, and i admire him as one of my peers. i’m looking forward to him making a big splash in the upcoming months.

  • Uhmm says:

    All female celebs feel the need to grab their crotch in public and sing about how they’ll fuck you senseless and I think it’s so ridiculous. If you have talent, you shouldn’t have to go on stage wearing a leotard just to prove it. Open your mouth and sing. Dance if you choose to, but save the gyrating and what not. I’m over all that.

  • Yuup says:

    CB is trying way to hard
    His mass appeal shrunk and he does things for attention
    Hes a attention whore
    Hes running out of things to do tho
    Now hes selling sex instead of trying to improve his self
    He can only go so far with that around the house voice he has
    Hes merely just a dancer who got lucky and got a deal to me
    Cuz vocally… ehhh
    but he can dance and that enough to distract folks from his voice

    And if he believes his album was so great how come hes not releasing new singles and videos from it?
    He knows that shit was wack thats why hes moved on to new music projects
    And rihanna she never could sing she just has catchy songs folks act like this is something new
    Both have lost fans but rihanna still managed to go plat
    And is STILL promoting her album
    Both need Jesus and a swift kick in the ass
    And CB will probably get a lil boost when that Takers movie drops

  • Britney says:

    I agree. Both are trying WAY to hard. But Chris needs to do this to get the attention back onto his music and not on the fact that he beat up Rihanna. He wont survive in the music industry if he doesnt do a 180 turn. Rihanna on the other hand is just getting dull. She is obviously trying to be something I could never see her as, a dark hard chick. But I cant blame her I mean she has no where else to go. Now that she started that Im dark/fierce thing I dont think anyone will take her seriously if she drops it and she already lost a buckload of fans in the US because her album is NOT platinum… She has a good 200k to go for that.

  • okin says:

    Her album has sold 3 million worldwide!! rude boy was at number 1 for 5 weeks and is still in the top 10. her album is beating her last albums records internationally. her album is doing great, plus album sales count for nothing, it’s singles and concerts that make you money!!sold out concerts and hit singles, create television and fair bookings!

  • philly11 says:

    Man, forget trying to hard. It don’t even have anything to do with Rihana anymore..I just think Chris Brown is trashing what is left of his career on his own with help from no one else. It’s sad…

  • te says:

    i’ll give rhianna one more album before she call it a day chris brown did the sex thing as a mixtape and he is releasing videos from his album he has talent and it can’t go away ! i belive in karma and karma is a bitch you watch chris got waht he deserved and soo rihanna will too

  • alon says:

    Considering that both Rihanna and Chris Brown started in their teenage years and most likely their record companies shaped their images, thus both artists’ true personalities were not exposed until their older years.

    I co-sign w/ Rick Lexington. If you read to Chris’ lyrics to Poppin’ and Take You Down, those are not necessarily the words you would want to hear coming from the mouth of an 11 year old. People saw him dancing and smiling and didn’t pay attention to what he has been saying. I think Chris was going to eventually go this route of being more sexually explicit because he is older and he is doing more of his own writing. Songs on Graffiti like “Take My Time” and “Movie” are just as racy in my opinion. I think Chris has a number of things working in his favor–> his looks, songwriting, dancing, acting, and singing to keep him afloat in the entertainment business for the next couple of years. It is doubtful that he will return back to platinum selling status but I think he could still be a relevant contributor to today’s and future music scene.

    Unless Rihanna does something new with her next album, that may be it for her because she has some singing skills and her looks but that is it. Besides her being hot, there is no other real substance to what she offers.

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