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COD MW2 – Resurgence Pack Releases June 3

Submitted by on June 2, 2010 – 2:27 pm81 Comments

If you haven’t already traded in your COD4, now there’s an incentive to do so. Infinity Ward/Activision definitely planned this out strategically, to stimulate their wallets.

They published two old maps in their recent map pack called the “Stimulus Package.” Then BAM! Here’s another one. A record turn around time to release a new set of maps, which also includes another two remakes from COD4.

The new map pack is called the “Resurgence Pack”, out June 3rd for Xboxers. It will be exclusive to the 360 for a month, then released to PS3 & PC sometime in July. Why? Because sometimes it pays to pay.

Carnival – abandoned carnival playground
Trailer Park – perfect for running & gunning, its all about tight corridors
Fuel – large map perfect for snipers based around an oil refinery
Vacant – COD4 remake, wide open Russian office complex
Strike – COD4 remake, urban town surrounded by hotels

Just like all the other map packs, the new maps will cost you $15. If you could care less about them, wait around for Call Of Duty – Black OPS out November 9, 2010. That’s right. Activision is working hard to keep us entertained.

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  • harry says:

    its perfetic 4:20 and still no maps does anyone know wat time there being released

  • Ccheatle says:

    Every one is saying 6: oclock or the 6th its all rumors might aswell just play mw2 stimulas for bit till we actully find the exsact time that we will be able to download it, but it better be soon lol :D

  • Paul Ferrie says:

    Good luck playing just stimulus!
    They have removed that option. The stimulus maps are part of all modes now.

  • anton says:

    quarter to 5pm where are my maps cant believe they not on yet

  • Ccheatle says:

    iv bin reading n 75% ov the mw2 sites n blogs r saying 6pm so lets hope

  • mentaldemonz says:

    Great! I just heard from Robert Bowling himself that there are legal complications at microsoft and they can’t release the map pack until JUNE 30th.! Wonder if this was all a microsoft scam,,, so people would mass purchase points so microsoft could make money early!!??!!

  • mentaldemonz says:


  • Ccheatle says:

    I highly dobut they would even think ov summet like that not only are they one ov the biggest company in the world i dont think they would be that selfish todo summet like that , so +1 FAKE

  • mentaldemonz says:


  • Mattrix12 says:

    Yo it sais the game mode is up but u cant download it i cant wait till 6 o clock i’m so fucking bored!!

  • Mark says:

    Is that 6pm uk time btw??

  • Paul Ferrie says:

    They would not have released the title update if there was no chance the dlc wasn’t being released today.

  • Paul Ferrie says:

    Maps now available for download.

  • Nathan says:

    its now 18:22 (uk time GMT) and still no maps this is turning out worse than the stimulus launch

  • jason says:

    restart your xbox 360 see if its there now or not, just in case.

  • harry says:

    still no map packs what time will they be up has anyone actually got them yet

  • moss says:

    yep still no maps waiting for microsoft to fix whatever problem there having.

  • ryan says:

    come on!!! it keeps getting delayed. why can some people get it but i cant?

  • bigred says:

    The instructions are on the modern warefare website, you have to go through the game marketplace. Worked for me :)

  • Paul Ferrie says:

    you need to go through xbox.com market place. NOT via the 360 console.

  • bigred says:

    Not true I went through the console, and it worked but only through the market place – all games – m – modern warfare 2

  • claire says:

    the only way we could find it is by going through game add ons and modern warfare 2 and it was in there

  • funkbrother1 says:

    got new map packs went through the marketplace and it worked

  • arun says:

    HEY! The map packs are available NOW! I’m downloading it now but its sooo slow. Go to game market place>browse>search up M>find MW2 then it’s under stimulus package. If you think im joking then check it yourself. By the way my download has been on 1% for the past like 5 mins(try to restart your console first THEN do what I said. =) happy gaming guys

  • mr hateful 408 says:

    There up! I got em….yay!!!!!!!!! Soooooo f$*#ing awesome

  • Mark says:

    I am in the uk and can now download the maps.

    Like people have said u need to go to Marketplace, all games, m, modern warefare 2, then u will see the map pack.

    This is on xbox btw

  • FemaleAssassinX says:

    Well it’s now 8:10pm in the uk and still no maps… I see that there is 16211 playing it.. So were is ours…
    They could at least put them on at a good time, instead of making us wait … More so for what we are paying for them..
    I know i shouldnt buy them but im so bored of the other maps… Also i agree.. It is a rip off… Plus out of 10 maps we only got 6 new ones.. And 4 old.. If i wanted to play them maps i would of just stuck to that game..
    I got MW2 coz i wanted something new to play .. And now i might as well go back to cod 4..

    What are they playing at.. I am getting fed up of waiting..
    They need to sort it out … Its a joke…
    Also i have gone to what you have said and nothing there for me…

  • FemaleAssassinX says:

    I Have got them at last..

  • jason says:


  • Jenny Wu says:

    Itching to go home to marinate in COD………………..

  • bigred says:

    I’m auk play and I’ve had them since about 7pm aaaawwwweeeeeesssooooommmeeeeeeee

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