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Is There Room In Hip-Hop For More Than One Female Rapper?

Submitted by on June 5, 2010 – 9:07 am18 Comments

At a recent show in New York, Lil Kim took the time to address Nicki Minaj and her lack of “respect.” The Queen Bee asked that Minaj pay “homage” to her and took things a step further by saying if the Young Money femcee doesn’t pay her respects, then there’s a big “f*ck you” coming from Kim.

While the similarities between Kim and Minaj from a superficial stance are apparent (sexy, shapely and oozing of sensuality) to say Minaj has to pay homage to Kim in such a threatening manner is beyond me. The situation is brought to the forefront because it appears there’s only room enough for one “hot” female rapper at a time. Right now, Nicki Minaj is that chick. Lil Kim hasn’t put out an album since 2006, yet it’s obvious she wants to make her way back into the spotlight. And maybe taking shots at Nicki will force people to pay attention to her.

Maybe not.

But maybe, just maybe, Kim should focus on making a hot record rather than demanding Minaj acknowledge her accomplishments as a female in hip-hop. I’m not sure when, or why, the hip-hop box shrank to fit only one rapper with estrogen, but that has got to stop.

The truth of the matter is there are several really good female emcees who don’t need to take shots at other females to prove that they’re good. Take Jean Grae for instance. She doesn’t have sex pouring from her mouth, but as a rapper she commands the microphone better than a majority of male emcees. She has yet to get the credit she deserves, but does that mean that she should make a dis record toward Nicki Minaj or Trina? Nah.

Remember Lauryn Hill before she started working for the circus went a little crazy? She never had to take shots at any other female rapper, she was just better than everyone else and proved it every time she touched the mic. There are other femcees that have been lyrically inclined but didn’t feel the need to verbally spar with other females: Heather B, Lady Of Rage, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Bahamadia, etc. But for some reason, Lil Kim feels the need to take shots at another female rapper.

In my humble opinion, it’s corny and the catty games need to stop between the ladies of hip-hop. If you female rappers don’t like what Nicki Minaj is doing, make a better song and pipe down. Demanding respect in hip-hop is a moot point. You don’t see Rakim demanding that Nas pay homage, even though it’s a no-brainer for Nas. The whole respect thing is reaching; you may feel like you deserve it, but you’re not entitled to it. Minaj hasn’t dissed you—yet. So keep it clean and get busy in the studio. The rest will take care of itself.

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  • ton says:

    I agree with this entire post.

    Lil’ kim isn’t a relevant name in rap anymore, so she has to go after the “it girl”(Nicki Minaj)to get attention like the article said. I feel its a bad business move as well to go after Nicki. Nicki is the hottest thing in female hip-hop right now and if Lil’ Kim dissed her, she’d be viewed as hating on her. Yes I know that Minaj rip off Lil’ Kim’s gimmick, but instead of trying to make beef and possibly do bad business, i’d embrace her and make her out as the savior of female hip-hop.

    Overall, Kim is sounding like another one of these bitter, old rappers from the past who’ll do anything to be in the spotlight.She should be taking lessons from guys like Bun B and Fat Joe and embrace the new school and try to help them carry on the legacy of hip-hop, not crap all over them.

  • Rissa P. says:

    i agree Lil Kim needs to put a record out before she hops on Nicki’s top… BUT Nicki def did bite a lot of Kim’s style. Take for example the infamous Lollipop squat photo that Kim did first?!

  • Lauren says:

    I agree with everything completely!!!

  • Dre says:

    LMAO! I hate when people think someone owes them something! lil Kim needs to sit her tired ass down! she’s only had a few good hits with every wack ass cd she came out with. Nicki go hard, Kim needs to just go home.

  • diamond says:

    i really think this is sad because lil kim is hatin and thats a bad look for her as a person why cant there b alot of “female” rappers an not just one or two tryin to get the spotlight thats the problem us as women dont know how to b happy for each other without hatin or disliking each other just b happy that ther is another girl out there trying to represent for the few female rappers there is and i would like it if felmales stop saying female rapper just be a rapper i know its only a few of them but just b a rapper its just a better idea if we dont single our selvs out

  • kevin says:

    i agree kim doesnt need to hate just congradulate her for the fact if kim the original barbie why cant there be 2 barbies everyone remember if u was a girl u had more than one barbie so why cant hip hop have 2 barbies? there plenty of room in hip hop for 2 barbies i respect kim and the fact she did the barbie thing first but i also think nicki pretending (i hope shes pretending) to be a ditz to pull off the barbie persona is a little far fetched. but as far as lyrical ability nicki has more wordplay than kim but i think if foxy would make a new record she may shut em both up

  • nicole says:

    well i think if u are on her thong u should least did a song with her on there .i luv lil kim and nikki is likeable .but her trying 2 f#ck wit kim is crazy .

  • nicole says:

    and drake stay out of the cat fights you are not ken lls

  • WNicci says:

    I dont agree!! Thas why she used the term homage!! Jus like my girl Keshia sang…”Im payn homage cuz u paved the way 4 me…!!

  • Kool N. Gangz says:

    Nicki Minaj = 23
    Lil’ Kim = 43

    It’s obvious Lil’ Kim has had an influence on the new generation of female rappers… WTF! That’s like Snoop Dogg dis Nipsey Hussle it’s obvious the influence different generation! Any one entertaining this is wack! Let these new female rappers eat already… Lil Kim, Foxy, Trina, Eve are just in the way! They old heads, I’m tryin to see the young girls do they thing… Rasheeda, Diamond, La Femme Nikita, Nicki Minaj, Keys <— Let's go!!!!!!!

  • smelly says:

    kim deserves respect, but she has already had her heyday, she is old bottom line, ppl need fresh artists and perkier b**bs. but nicki minaj is def not a lil kim and never will be. i think her songs are good, cus whoever wrote and produced it are good, and is riding wayne’s fame. bottom line is i saw her live on young money tour and she was super wack. all attitude no talent. quite a disappointment. in this day and age where music can be stolen, u need a strong stage act to pay your bills. can’t trick those kids forever.

  • Timba says:


  • breski says:

    nicki been paid homage to kim a long time ago ; check dis youtube video out ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-h5rtdZGKg&feature=related

  • Liv says:

    Keys is killin’ it!!!! Go girl

  • shard'e says:

    Lil Kim is THE ORGINIAL QUEEN B HEAD BARBIE while niki minaj is taking kim style. But every one is influenced from someone in the past. Idk who is better and has songs out now is overall AND LYRICALLY AND ORGINIALITY IS LIL KIM. while both of them are fake nikki ass or chest aint real and kim looked way better wen she was fuckin wit biggie
    KEPPIN THE SHIT 100. no favortisim

  • Ann says:

    If Nicki is going to dress like, act like and talk like Kim the least she can do is show some respect

  • Ann says:

    She def needs to come out with an album if shes gonna keep talking shit

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