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Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. Scared Of Manny Pacquiao?

Submitted by on July 23, 2010 – 9:27 am14 Comments

As the deadline passed for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to respond to whether or not he would face Manny Pacquiao in an epic November 13th showdown between the two best fighters in the world, murmurs started circulating that perhaps Mayweather was possibly scared to put his undefeated record on the line against the Filipino wrecking machine.

Allow me to put that to rest.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is certainly not scared to fight Manny Pacquiao.

The reason that he didn’t respond to Top Rank CEO Bob Arum‘s deadline request is simple.

Nobody puts Floyd Mayweather Jr. on a deadline as “Money” answers to nobody.

When the deadline originally surfaced and an absurd midnight conference call was scheduled to announce if Mayweather met the 11:59 pm July 16th deadline, Arum knew that Mayweather wasn’t going to respond. Nobody heard a peep out of Mayweather since the one-sided negotiations began. Arum mentioned he spoke with Mayweather adviser Al Haymon—someone who he has a well-documented history of terrible relationships with—and was negotiating the fight. There was no talk of Mayweather’s manager Leonard Ellerbe, Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer or any of the Mayweathers being involved. But Arum swears by it and stated that the negotiations had taken place through Haymon on the dreary conference call which appears as an attempt to force Mayweather’s hand rather than giving it a fair shake.

But as us boxing journalists know, nobody tells Floyd Mayweather what to do or when to do it by.

Ellerbe released a statement shortly after the deadline that read as follows…

“Here are the facts. Al Haymon, Richard Schaefer and myself speak to each other on a regular basis, and the truth is no negotiations have ever taken place nor was there ever a deal agreed upon by Team Mayweather or Floyd Mayweather to fight Manny Pacquiao on November 13. Either Ross Greenburg or Bob Arum is not telling the truth, but history tells us who is lying.”

If you know anything about Arum, Ellerbe, Mayweather and boxing, you know that Arum has a fondness for stretching the truth. Ellerbe is typically a straight shooter.

But what do we make of the latest gaffe that probably will keep us from a Mayweather vs Pacquiao showdown until the early part of 2011? Simply put, we have two massive teams with monster egos who both feel they don’t need the other for a big fight. Pacquiao is certainly not scared to fight Mayweather. He just didn’t like the insinuation that he has used PEDs in the past and wouldn’t be held hostage by Olympic style drug testing. Mayweather has proven he is the best fighter in the world and, until someone else can prove him wrong, will continue to be the top dog in boxing. Skeptics can put Pacquiao on the top of their fictional pound-for-pound lists, but I cannot put anyone ahead of Mayweather until someone puts him down.

Somehow, someway, these two sides are going to have to think about what’s better for the sport rather than what’s better for their egos. Both stand to make boatloads of money for having the fight. Both know they can win. But both don’t feel like they have to fight each other to prove it. Bob Arum will pair Pacquiao with any of his Top Rank second-tier fighters so he can cash checks to himself. Mayweather is busy dealing with his Uncle Roger‘s upcoming trial which could leave him without a trainer (and honestly, this may be the real reason Mayweather didn’t sign for November 13th). He’ll vacation in Miami, count his money and flash his million-dollar smile.

But this isn’t about fear. This is about business. Mayweather has to have his business right before he puts his body on the line against any fighter. He’s told me this personally before the Ricky Hatton fight, the Marquez fight and the Mosley fight. He’ll bend for nobody. If he’s not calling the shots, well, no shots will be heard. It’s as simple as that.

But somebody has to figure out how to get these two in the ring. If they don’t, boxing will be forever doomed.

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  • DEREK says:

    He is scared!!! Period! he stands to make over 50 million dollars…if he wasn’t scared he’d be doing everything he can to make that fight happen. He would be at Pacquiao’s door saying sign the damn papers!!!

  • beachbum says:

    I was a huge fan of Money Mayweather until this. Mayweather had no more excuse not to fight when Pacquiao finally agreed to the 14-day blood testing cutoff. I guess he really is a coward.

  • dragoner says:

    Floyd is scared to get his $50 million pay.

    It is obvious that Top Rank, GBP and Haymon (the “good” actor) have agreed via Ross Greenburg on a fair contract.

    Mayweather is scared to sign it. Now Ellerbe (the “bad” actor) is denying that negotiations ever occurred.

    Why doesn’t Haymon deny it too? Surely, the “gag” order (truce) has ended. Why still keep silent?

    Either Ross Greenburg or Bob Arum or ELLERBE is not telling the truth.

  • dragoner says:

    Real men try to honor commitments over time in spite of consequences. If 14 days cutoff was acceptable before, it should still be good today.

    Marquez recently commented that Mayweather was 15 pounds heavier when they fought. It was Marquez that put his life on the line.

    Scoundrels cheat and choose greed over honor. There is good business, then again there is greedy business.

  • NoiPi says:

    Are you reading what you’re writing???

  • NoiPi says:

    Mr. Hale, are you reading what you’re writing here?? Are you there when the conversation/meeting/negotiations or whatever happens??

    Please, if you don’t know the real story and if you have the tendency to make bias article, I think you have to stop it. It’s not helping, you’re making it worst.

  • The Dream says:

    Are you really a fan of Boxing??? Or are you just caught up in Money’s hype??? Yes, his business lies on the sport of business but he does not own the sport and should not be given the right call the shots. As a fan, I invest my time and money to see the best fighters compete. If Money does not want to fight, he should leave the business! Then we can finally all move on.

  • Fock says:

    Stupid article. Let me guess…you’re a negro aren’t ya?

  • Jon D says:

    The writer didn’t answer the question of his own title. Instead, he rationalize(which he won’t admit) that there are no negotiations happened and pointing fingers.

    Here’s the truth…

    If you’re saying that it’s about business for Mayweather, then, fighting Pacquiao will the most lucrative business deal he’ll will ever have.

    If that is the case…

    But why he doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao?

    He knows that Pacquaio can beat him and lose that “zero” in his record.

    Everyone in the boxing world knows this, unless you’re blind follower of “Gayweather”.

  • pacnoy says:

    This article sucks! the writer’s hypocricy just put gayweather in worst situation and he thinks many will believe him by making such story about the negotations.. go to gayweather and suck him out to step in the ring you fag..

  • Yowness says:

    An idiot is born everyday, nowadays they come in the form of mayweather fans. Great effort making this article just to show everyone how simpleton you are. Sort yourself out your seriously deluded

  • Terry C says:

    Manny Pacquiao does not need Mayweather to be known as the best there is. 1st manny would fight whenever, wherever and it is obvious that (scared)Mayweather will not. 2nd very few people believe that Mayweather is truly undefeated, just look back at the Mayweather – De La Hoya fight and the only ones who thought Mayweather won that fight where the judges and Mayweather. 3rd Mayweather does not know how to conduct himself as a champion, instead he opens that mouth of his and shows his true hoodlem mantallity. And finally just compare the two fighters “one will fight the other will not”, “one could be President of his country the other couldn’t be president of his own fanclub”, “one would beat the hell out of the other for nothing while the other will require alot of money to show up because he knows he will be finished when its over”. And finally “one is the best in the world and the other is only the best in his own mind”.

  • Claudia says:

    Sound like Mr. Hale is Mayweather’s #1 fan. Mayweather is scared of his turn getting pummeled by the Greatest Boxer of all times – Manny Pacquiao. Everyone else who doesn’t want to challenge this title is just a has been. Move on. History made. Long live Manny the Great.

  • Nice blog! Thanks for this great article!

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