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Why Won’t You Let Alex Rodriguez Be Great?

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New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez hit the 600th home run in his illustrious Major League Baseball career on Wednesday afternoon. After going more 40 at-bats since his 599th home run, he finally ended his slump in the bottom of the first inning against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Reason to celebrate, right? Wrong. Outside of New York City (and even inside some parts of New York City, for that matter), the masses seemed to breathe a collective sigh of…Who really gives a #^$% about A-Rod?

It’s been like that for a few years now. If something’s going wrong with A-Rod, the media is all over it. But when something goes right? They cover it—but only to say, “Why aren’t more people happy that A-Rod has done this or accomplished that or admitted to this or been the best at that?” Here at DrJays, we’ve been wondering why that is. Why does everyone hate Alex Rodriguez? To try and answer our question, we came up with a few theories to explain it:

1. Because A-Rod actually wants us to hate him.

Not all professional athletes are built to be heroes. They play their sport because they love it—but they also play it to make money and to eventually be able to retire comfortably. A-Rod seemed to decide early on that he’d rather be wealthy beyond all belief than be a hometown hero to the fans who help pay his salary. So he’s consistently played baseball and done little else off the baseball diamond to connect with the fans. Seriously: As a New York Yankee, we have to believe he could’ve landed a gig hosting Saturday Night Live at some point in his career. But that’s not A-Rod. He’s just not built like that. Sorry.

2. Because A-Rod did steroids.

This is probably the easiest explanation for why so few people cared about Rodriguez hitting his 600th home run. The guy has publicly admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs. So, why should we celebrate anything that he’s accomplished on the playing field?

3. Because A-Rod has to try and stand up next to Derek Jeter every day.

Rapper Joe Budden said it best: “You can’t be the man when you’re on the same team as Jeter.” Jumpoff was using the line to try and explain why he (A-Rod) wasn’t getting the same kind of love as Jay-Z (Jeter) during his Def Jam days but he also made an interesting point. A-Rod will never (never, never, never, never, NEVER) be a tenth of the man that Derek Jeter is, especially in the eyes of the Yankee faithful. As a result, the rest of the sports fans out there will look at him the same way. A-Rod is, unfortunately, the stepchild in the Yankee family and Jeter’s the oldest child. And there’s nothing he can do about it.

4. Because A-Rod has absolutely no sense of humor.

Have you ever heard A-Rod do an interview? Talk about a guy you wouldn’t want to get stuck on an elevator with. He makes semi-awkward comments in an attempt to be funny and always seems to be on the defensive, even when reporters are simply asking him questions about a game he just played in. Don’t get us wrong: None of the Yankees are particularly good for sound bites (not even you, DJ) but we’d rather hear what the Yankees bat boy has to say about the game than hear another answer from A-Rod.

5. Because A-Rod (allegedly) cheated on his ex-wife.

For as robotic as A-Rod appears to be both on and off the field, the guy’s clearly got a side that he doesn’t want to share with the world. Unfortunately, he did share it inadvertently when his private life spilled into the tabloids a couple years ago during his divorce from his wife—a former Miss Universe!—which involved allegations of cheating. Not only did it show us that A-Rod might not be the most upstanding guy in the world, but it also proved that there’s more to A-Rod than he leads us to believe. What other skeletons does he have hidden in his closet?! (Hellooooo, Madonna!)

6. Because A-Rod is filthy stinkin’ rich.

Let’s face it: This is still America and we still love to hate on people who are more successful than us. Especially if that person is someone who we feel doesn’t necessarily deserve all the fame and glory and riches they’ve attained. Does anyone fit that bill better than A-Rod? You’d be hard-pressed to find another athlete who takes as much from us ($12 beers at Yankees Stadium = A-Rod’s salary!) and gives back so little in return.

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