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5 Reasons The New York Yankees Should Not Resign Derek Jeter

Submitted by on November 5, 2010 – 9:32 am12 Comments

This is a day most New York Yankees fans never thought they’d see: The day team ownership would have to seriously consider whether or not the it was worthwhile for them to resign All-Star, All-Pro, All-Everything shortstop Derek Jeter, who has been the heart and soul of the New York Yankees since he started with the team back in 1995.

Play for another team? That never seemed like an option. Not when George Steinbrenner was at the helm. Not when you consider that Derek Jeter’s name will go down in history with the likes of Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig and, yes, Babe Ruth. But that time could be coming soon. With Jeter up for free agency this offseason, there’s a real chance he might not be back in pinstripes next season. Here, we talk a look at the 5 reasons that might not be a bad thing—assuming they can’t get him to give them the hometown discount this offseason.

1. Derek Jeter is not the productive shortstop he once was for the Yankees.

Quietly, almost underneath the radar, DJ has turned into the weak link on a team filled with superstar players. Forget all the #2 jerseys you see at Yankee Stadium these days and think about this: When is the last time Derek Jeter did something really special for the Yankees? These days, a walk-off home run or a key hit is more likely to come from Mark Teixeira or Robinson Cano or, hell, even Marcus Thames than Jeter. Can Jeter still play? Sure, he can. But he’s no longer the superstar that he once was. Maybe in the fans’ eyes, but certainly not on the field.

2. Jeter is going to cost the team an arm, a leg and another leg if he resigns

As we just pointed out, the problem with Derek Jeter at this stage of his career isn’t that he can’t play. Because he can. Frankly, we’d still cringe if we saw him on-deck in a big playoff game. But Jeter’s agent is already saying that his value cannot be overstated. He wants to collect a salary comparable to that of teammate Alex Rodriguez right now—and that’s way too high of a price tag for a player who, let’s face it, is coming up on the end of his career.

3. The team is having trouble finding another leader in the clubhouse.

The #1 problem with the Yankees during their playoff chase this year? They had no leadership. It used to come from Jeter. He’d be the calming voice that would help get the team through anything. But because he hasn’t been producing much in the last two years, he hasn’t been able to assume that role. And because no one wants to step on DJ’s toes, none of his teammates have stepped up and assumed the role, either. As a result, the team doesn’t have a definitive leader. And all the money in the world can’t buy one of those in the offseason.

4. No other shortstops in the Yankees’ system are getting the chance to play.

If DJ was on his way out? The Yankees would have no problem throwing another shortstop into their lineup from time to time to get some experience. But if he’s planning on using his leverage to sign a five or six-year deal with the team? Well, let’s just say he’s going to be on the field everyday for what they’re paying him. By taking a smaller contract or not resigning, the Yankees could develop the next Derek Jeter to play shortstop. We know, we know. BLASPHEMY! But, guess what? It’s gotta start someday.

5. Two words: Brett Favre.

As painful as it was for Green Bay Packers fans to see Favre leave their franchise before the end of his career, look how much it’s helped them. They have one of the top QBs in the league now in Aaron Rodgers and a team surrounding him that believes in him. Favre, on the other hand, is now with the Minnesota Vikings, trying to play out every…single…snap that he’s got left in his old body. He’s no longer as productive as he once was, but because of the deal the Vikings gave him and all the time and effort they’ve invested in him, they basically have to keep letting him start until he’s finished with the team. Sign DJ for another long-term contract, Yanks, and you could watch this same thing play out shortly. Is that really what you want?

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  • Hott Dogg says:

    Not even a Baseball Fan let alone a yankees fan but at some point you can’t let these type of cats hold your squad hostage.

  • Shaeden Mosso says:

    this is bull if you say derek isnt a leader the neither is “Kobe Bryant”, “Nomar in his day” if jeter isnt a leader then who is.

  • BG says:

    Are u SERIOUSLY comparing Derek Jeter to Brett Favre? Favre is a parasite

  • clubman says:

    That article is, by far, the most assinine ever written. It must be authored by someone living on Mars! “Empty barrels make the most noise” Jeter is the face of the Yankees. Noone has had his impact on that team comparibly since Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. The Yankees WILL sign him for 4-6 years and pay whatever they think his value is. He will not negotiate because it’s definitelt NOT about the money. Enuf said?

  • WattsBSG says:

    Jeter is the Yankees. I’m a die hard fan, and I completely understand Jeter is coming to an end. But Jeter is the Leader of the Yankees, he may not be able to lead by example with his bat, because he is and never has been a HR hitter. If they need somebody to get on base so the “Big Bats” can hit a 2 Run HR, he is gonna get on base. And when he does, the “Big Bats” usually strike out. And lets say “IF” the Yankees don’t sign him, you know there are a bunch of teams that will pick him up, for his leadership, and his talent. Jeter is not washed up yet, he still has a few more years of Greatness before he falls!

  • Scav says:

    It’s not that I don’t think DJ is a leader. He is. But he’s not the player he once was and that makes it difficult for him to be a strong leader. If Kobe was averaging 9 points and 3 rebounds a game, do you think he could (effectively) get into someone’s face and tell them to play harder? Honestly, it’s the same thing that’s hurting Brett Favre right now (which is why I mentioned him in the piece). He’s technically the “leader” of that team, but it’s difficult to hold onto that role when you’re one of the reasons the team is losing. It puts all the other players and coaches into a weird position when it happens…It hasn’t become THAT bad for the Yankees (they still had the best record in baseball this year, if I’m not mistaken?) but they need to figure out whether or not they’re willing to let Jeter hang around if his skills continue to decline. It’s a tough decision and one I’m glad I don’t have to make!

  • I was ready to be very skeptical of this when I read the headline, but guess what? You convinced me.

    Git ridd of Jeter, dat bum!

  • Bruce Sarte says:

    Ummm… not to sound sarcastic but you said he hasn’t produced in two years? 2009 was possibly the best season of his career. And this past season, when everyone was saying how “unproductive he was” — He was 2nd in total runs scored, 11th in total hits, 4th in singles and led the league in fielding percentage (source baseball-reference.com).

    I’m not pretending that he is worth A-Rod money, but he *is* still an above-average player who does at the very least get on base and set the plate for the likes of Tex and Cano — the new guard.

    The Yankees don’t have a reasonable alternative to Jeter at SS. They could go looking on the Free Agent market but who out there is better? They should have been developing some talent — like Montero behind the plate to replace Posada. But they didn’t.

    I’m saying Jeter gets a 2 year deal and I hope they don’t pay him the 20 mil I’ve heard thrown around, but he should stay a Yankee.

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  • Z-Morg says:

    1) You refered multiple times to the past two years-Jeter was GREAT in 2009 batting .334, winning a gold glove and coming third in the MVP race. While 2010 was a disaster and I agree that he may now be winding down, its not that clear cut a case.

    2)These are the New York Yankees. They don’t need to experiment with minor league shortstops, they don’t need to worry about overpaying people.

    3)The leadership point was unusual and I’ll give you that one.

  • ballboy16 says:

    this is one of the most biased piece of crap articles i have ever seen. How in the world could you ever 1. compare a baseball athlete to that of a football quarterback? (let alone Breet Favre) and 2. how could you say he hasnt had a productive season in 2 years?

    He has been one of the top 5 shortstops in the league for easily the past 4 years and in the last 5 seasons he been an all star 5 times, silver slugger 4 times, been awarded three golden gloves and has been runner up, 3rd place, and eleventh place for the MVP award.

    How could you ever say that Derek Jeter is loosing his value? u\you are basing everything on just this last season, its one season that was a fluke. How does thatdefine an entire players carrer and where it is heading?

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