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Does Manny Pacquiao Need Floyd Mayweather To Be The GOAT?

Submitted by on November 15, 2010 – 9:21 am78 Comments

This past weekend Manny Pacquiao (52-3-2, 38 KOs) once again defied the odds and earned an unprecedented eighth world title in eight weight classes as he thumped Antonio Margarito for twelve rounds on route to a resounding unanimous decision victory. That means Pacquiao has beaten fighters when he weighed 106lbs all the way up to men who weighed 165lbs (as Margarito did on Saturday night). While the feat itself is astounding, what’s even more amazing is how he thoroughly abused his opponents, regardless of size.

It all started when a half-joking challenge to Oscar De La Hoya turned into a real fight. Although many boxing experts predicted Oscar’s size would be too much for the Pac Man, Pacquiao shocked all of us by giving De La Hoya the beating of a lifetime. With the taste of history on his tongue, Pacquiao would wreck bigger men like Miguel Cotto, Joshua Clottey and Ricky Hatton before setting his sights on Margarito. He hasn’t just won fights, he’s blown worthy competition out of the water.

His name is now mentioned among the best boxers ever. It’s hard to argue considering he has steamrolled opponents in a manner that may place him ahead of names such as Leonard, Duran, Hagler, Robinson and Ali. But there’s one name missing from his resume—Floyd Mayweather Jr.

While much of the talk has been about Pacquiao, Mayweather is the man to beat. His gaudy 41-0 record and boxing brilliance is everything that could give Pacquiao trouble in the ring. Considering the two have yet to come together in the ring, the boxing world will have a hard time deciding which one is the best of this era. And while many say Pacquiao doesn’t need Mayweather, the truth of the matter is, boxing needs this fight to know who is the best. Mayweather has every right to claim he is one of the best ever. How can he not when he’s still undefeated? But if he dodges Pacquiao, his entire career will be in question.

In Pacquiao’s case, he has to beat the one man everyone knows is the “other” best fighter in the world. It would be tough to go to sleep at night wondering “what if.”

This fight needs to happen before either one of these fighters can be considered the greatest of all time.

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  • rawnoyz says:


    Im not gonna go down the list of opponents of two great fighters faced and downgrade their achievements. But two opponents I’d like to single out are hatton and marquez. Firstly, PBF did not fight Hatton at 140 where he was undefeated and it took him (what?) 8-9 rounds to do it. Manny fought Hatton(trained by a mayweather) at 140 where he was undefeated and ended his career in 6 minutes. Marquez fought Mayweather(who cheated him out in weight) and did not disclose his weight on fight night which would have probably put him close to 165. The only notable fight for PBF is Shane, but then waited till the guy was practically 40 years old and shot before he faced him.

    People who discredit Manny for his achievements as a fighter keep finding ways to test him. Go up in weight, fight this guy, fight that guy, he’s fought them and has done damage. People even want him to fight Paul Williams. This aint no circus.

    Sorry, but Mayweather didn’t make Manny. Manny made himself to what he his today through his own blood sweat and tears. Dont take away anything that pacman has done for the sport, for his family and for his country which is a million times more than what Mayweather has done for the cause.

    On a sidenote, comparing PBF’s last two fights, it’s pretty safe to say he’s lost a step. He’s never had power (25 knockouts?), so I wouldnt be surprised if Manny knocked his ass out. The only chance PBF got is jab and run, jab and run and hope he racks up more rounds than Manny. If he comes out the same way he fought Shane, he’s in trouble.

  • agent_russ says:

    @ ANDREAS HALE, the writer…and to all of you here!!! this is what im gonna say…” you can eat what you can eat..you can laugh,what you can laugh. INSIDE OF YOUR OWN BACKYARD…while OUTSIDE OF YOUR OWN BACKYARD IS A million TASMANIAN DEVIL who are so hungry for you to take a stand of your self and have enough courage and big 2 balls between your legs to fight a million tasmanian devil…remember this to all of you here including the writer himself…a fight inside of your own terretory is so much big in different rather than a fighter go out from his own shell just to prove who trully he was and mighty challenge the best ever out there no matter where? no matter who? and no matter what…”the true GREATEST FIGHTER OF ALL TIME never ever backdown nor afraid to taste to challenge himself at any cost, even it might cost him his life in the middle of the great battle from the same great fighters”. anyone who decide to be cool for a while, and think deep will be the one who can get an exact result.

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  • rawnoyz says:

    Manny does not need Mayweather to prove who is the greatest of all time because the GOAT title will always be debated upon in regards to all the fighters of different eras. Mayweather doesnt need Manny for the same reason, however, Mayweather does need him in order to prove that his 0 loss record means anything.

  • Ray says:

    PACMAN does not need FM as he has shown his greatness through the quality of fighters he fought and the damage he made as shown with Mr. Graham Shaw article titled ” PAC vs Marg – Final Thoughts” with the pictures of Cotto, De La Hoya, Diaz and Marg. He mentioned that if his countrymen Hatton was not KO earlier then he will have the same face of these great fighters beaten by PACMAN. That’ why in his analysis he does not need anybody even Floyd to proved himself.

    I believe you are just BIAS Mr. Hale that Manny still needs Floyd. The world have spoken that Manny does not need Floyd and it is the other way around that Floyd needs very, very, very, very badly PACMAN because once Manny retired and FM 0 record will always be a big, big, big ? He always duck great fighters…. Always cherry pick his opponent….

    Read other articles Mr. Hale especilly you other fellow writers and you will find what the world have said. Zero means nothing espcially if you pick your opponent and the quality of the fights.

  • CARTER says:


    this dude knows boxing, this is a good subject but i think pacman does need to face moneymay before he is written as the very best in the sport because 41-0 is still 41 and 0

    I know this fight will go down in 2011, and I just brought a 65″ 3D DLP TV for this very reason, I cant wait until fight night

  • GOAT MY AZZ says:




  • rawnoyz says:


    If i had myself a 65″ 3D TV, then YES I hope they fight even more! LoL.. Don’t get me wrong, Im a fan of both. I want them to fight, but I don’t think Manny needs PBF the way PBF needs Manny.

    Because the quality of opponents Manny has had vs his disadvantages in height and weight is far more impressive than the 41 wins PBF put together. His resume speaks for itself.

    41 and 0 is very impressive for any fighter, but he’s not the only one to have an undefeated record and leave the sport. PBF needs Manny and needs to beat him impressively in order to solidify or add any substance to his undefeated record.

    Manny has already over achieved in life in the ring and moreso out of the ring. Theres nothing really for him to prove. Even if he loses, he will be praised around the world more than PBF would ever be.

  • AllanA says:

    there are other boxer who have 40+ win and 0 lost; but how many boxer are there has fought 8 weight class?

  • jose rizal says:

    boxing is overrated. as well as pacman

  • Ken A says:

    To those who believe that Floyd can beat Manny, please send all your arguments to the former. Floyd likely does not believe he can beat Manny at this point. Please convince your man to go to the ring with the real man – Pacman.

  • DFSAD says:




  • Cecilio Simons says:

    Rich Flair said it best, “In order to be the man, you gotta beat the man.” Whether you agree or disagree, Floyd has dominated his foes. Everyone that has come before him and, in the process, maintained a perfect record. Manny has dominated his foes, except he doesn’t have a perfect records. You can’t underestimate their accomplishment. I believe this makes for a intriguing fight. At the end of the day, they can be merely one person standing at the top. I, for one, want to see them get it on. Floyd has a legitimate argument. I’ve never seen anyone gain weigh, but doesn’t have love handles. Losing weight reduces love handles. Everyone has questions. Manny thinks Floyd is scared. Floyd thinks Manny is on steroids. Let Manny submit to Olympic Style Drug testing and see whether Floyd gets into the ring. You can’t call Floyd a chicken if he has fought the best. Manny is more active, fights for belt and titles. Floyd fights for money. Floyd doesn’t care about belts, at least he admits where his priorities lie. 2011, baby!

  • tim mcghee says:

    if pac and pbf fight, pbf would easily win a decision in a boring fight, he would clinch pacquiao over and over when he got close and mayweather would pop shot on breaks, i think manny would have one chance of winning and that would be to get pbf out before round 4, becuz after that pbf will make adjustments and will easily win the rest of the fight, but yes it will be boring, but i think mayweather would win a easy decision, i dont think pacquiao has a good defense, when u talk about fighters hes recently beat, they all have power but they all r slow as hell, every1 wants to see pbf get his ass beat but pac man wont be the man to do it, i actually think a williams vs martinez winner would be a harder fight for pbf but he def wont take a fight like that lol

  • G.O.A.T? come on now thats a little much u think? margarito? hatton? Clottley? Cotto? none of these fighters are great their all semi mediocre if u ask me. Really only pacman fights at featherweight and lightweight are really impressive and show true domination, Marc antonio Barrera now thats a great fighter – if u look closely at Pacmans career, (not from a fans perspective) has he really given us in the welterweight division what a sugar ray leonard, sugar ray robinson, Roberto duran,Julio Cesar Chavez have NO!!! none of his oponents in welterweight are even goin to be remembered ten years from now except Oscar and that fight is bout as credible as Floyd’s was with shane. Pacman does need floyd not to be one of the greats just to be mention in the barbershop or in other words taken serious by those who are old enough to appreciate boxing. He still doesnt have that legendary fight that the Ali’s and sugar rays Tyson, holyfield … … etc Floyd can give him that. If this fight doesnt happen it will be a huge mistake For BOTH careers and thats spoken from an honest standpoint.

  • tim mcghee says:

    basically i think pac leaves openings when he throws so many punches, i think mayweather could throw alot of punches like pac man and land punches exactly like him, but the difference is floyd doesnt want to leave himself open to get hit like pac man does, but i think pacquiao loves brawls lol, i dont think theres ever been a smarter fighter than floyd, but he does make boxing boring, its not really called boxing for floyd, its calling it im gonna hit u and im gonna clinch and run back so u dont hit me, if anyone truly believes pac would beat mayweather i would bet u any day if they got in the ring mayweather would win a decision, i mean oes pac have a jab??? i think not

  • Oh yea and i take Floyd money Mayweather against Pacman its hard to go against the undefeated. But Floyd has to knock manny out in order to get any true props from me any person who knows boxing knows mayweather can easily pop shot and dance around for 12 rounds for a effortless victory it takes a true soldier to knock Pacman out I will give manny that he is a tough sun of a B!!

  • tim mcghee says:

    i think mayweather could careless what people think, and i dont think he gives a shit about his legacy, hes all about the money and all he cares about is that and pleasing hisself, hes gonna do what he wants when he wants and not listen to anyone else, his whole life is proof of that

  • sander says:

    This writer is a moron. No matter what pacman do he/she is still going to say manny needs floyd to cement his legacy.If and when manny fights Sergio Martinez at middleweight I guess manny still needs floyd? Why don’t you compare their resume starting from Oscar dela Hoya fight.Manny fights 2 to 3 division up and much bigger opponents, Hatton,Cotto,Clottey and Margarito. Oh, let’s not forget he fight twice a year. Now let’see who floyd had fought.Carlos Baldomir who was not even the top welterweight at that time. Since coming out of retirement. Marquez, who was the smaller guy forced to come up at catchweight of 144lbs. At offcial weigh-in, floyd was over 2lbs of contract weight limit. Then there is Sugar Shane Mosley who is already 38-39 years old.Don’t forget, he only fight once a year.Now who do you think has the better resume? I guess now your going to talk about manny on PED and HGH eh?

  • @Rawnoyz, again you missed the point yet contribute to it.

    Who was following pacman fights before the whole thing with mayweather? Go on, I will wait. Who was following mayweathers career before the whole thing with MP?

    MMA was killing boxing, if mayweather didn’t exist or do what he do, Manny could win 20titles people would still watch ufc. If manny didn’t exist people would still tune in to be pissed off at mayweather winning & flossing.

    Pacman is the antibrand to mayweathers brand. He’s good, he’s great, but let’s be real 90% of his popularity media wise is a mix of asians finally having someone in pro boxing, which makes for more money. And he’s something the people can throw in the face of mayweather. Which people do everytime manny wins. Which is why this thread is up. So yes mayweather made pacman.

  • efren bascos says:

    the pacquiao-mayweather fight will never happen. it needs two people to agree to have a boxing match. aginst all our wishes, mayweather has refused to fight.

    all silly discussions of who is better is not necessary. the discussion should be, will mayweather find his balls to call the fight

  • alseth says:

    of course manny needs floyd…..but little floyd doesnt want anything of manny….SO ALL OF YOU DUMBFUCK thinks its manny fault.

  • thatsmithgirl says:

    FMJ=goat maybe, certainly not G.O.A.T.

    To me G.O.A.T., even in the name of competition/sport encompasses more than accomplishments in the sport, in this case, ring, as well as outside of it, and here’s why Floyd doesn’t hold a candle to Manny, now or ever. The greatest:

    Represents the sport, community and the people with class, grace, humanity and humility. Think others would have carried a fighter in the last round to allow them to finish like a man like we seen Manny do Saturday? I’m embarrassed that Floyd is the face of boxing for America given his shallowness and how he worships the dollar before anything else. Money is only good as it can help another and while Floyd is buying pretty watches and cars, Manny is changing the infrastructure of a nation with clinics, schools and gyms. Yeah, I know, Floyd has his obligatory charities and does work in the inner-cities of Detroit & LV, and even if his intentions are genuine here, sadly, this is all NEGATED as he is a role-model to many that – an idol who happens to be someone that worships and would sell his soul for the dollar and abuses women. Floyd is self destructing because of jealousy and no one in his camp has enough of a vested interest besides what he can provide for them, to stop him. He is a shallow man as demonstrated with his HOLLOW words. He claimed Manny was getting took by Nike by not getting compensated (for the billboards, commercials, merchandise), yet…what’s he promoting besides PHILTHY RICH (don’t buy stock in it, btw)? Who/where are his sponsors? Not knocking down his doors and understandably so, he’s disliked and not marketable. PHONY and HYPOCRTICAL – he complains about being treated unfairly because of racism and then goes on a video tirade filled with racial slurs. He also claimed to want the MP drug testing in order to ‘clean up the sport’ because his face is/was synonymous with American boxing, yet has turned into a laughingstock himself with the tirade and women-beating.

    MP took the world by storm and has worldwide admiration, Floyd is fading into nothingness – despite his 41-0 record, he cheapens the sport. Having said that, I am an American but I’m also proud to be a Filipina, though depicted negatively by FMJ(sic “he can’t speak no English” LOL, did he even see the irony in this? What’s Floyd’s excuse for not having mastered the English language despite being born here, just ignorance?), represented by someone as stellar, in all regards, as Manny Pacquiao.

  • jdzphone says:

    @ Lexington

    Congratulations… you officially won the most stupid comment award… manny made manny. The only thing Floyd will make manny is the best P4P after Floyd gets tuned up.

  • Danny Montana says:

    Pacquiao don’t have to prove what he can do, he fought everyone and willing to fight Mayweather. He can retire and be proud of his achievements. Mayweather on the other hand will always have that enigma of cowardly avoiding a fight with the only challenger that can really make him the best boxer (if he defeats Manny). All great boxers in the world have fought the best. Mayweather can’t not retire without fighting the best. Enough excuses, get in the ring and prove to the world that you are the best (not the greatest, that belongs to Manny with 8 division titles). The world want to see the fight. Do not leave boxing incomplete or all great boxers will call you a coward, they may not tell that to your face but it will be in their minds. Mayweather call out Manny, year 2010 will be the year. Don’t wait till Manny is big and heavy from working as a congressman in his country. Stop proclaiming yourself to be the best because you are not YET.

  • loveboxing says:

    Defense accuracy speed counterpuncher and smart. How do you beat that. Mayweather would beat pacman easily. Wouldn’t be a close fight. Yeah I know sounds crazy.pac man is a great fighter with speed chin and power. He even might be faster than pbf. BUT!!…he has no jab. Pbf would make it his fight. Mp wants to brawl and wants to come forward. Pbf would make mp scared to throw punches after the 4th round. Mp will realize he’s hitting air shoulders gloves and arms. Once he realize he can’t get a clean shot on pbf he would be a sitting target getting pop shot for 12 rounds. If mp would coming all nite he would tire out as we seen time after time with mayweather opponents. I respect mp but he’s no match 4 p4ppbf. most of you are just caught up in the moment. Mp is now just starting to get known. Why should pbf have to fight him. This is the boxing game. When pbf was moving up earlier in his career he wanted dela hoya and mosley who wouldn’t fight him until he be came p4p. Same with mp vs pbf. Floyd dnt need him he needs floyd. Pbf maybe boring to some ppl who don’t know boxing. I love a good brawl too and who better than pacman. But its call boxing not brawling. If you want brawls turn to ufc. Watching floyd in the ring is like art. He’s a Guinness. Professor of the sport. Nobody wanted to fight him when he was coming up. It wasn’t until Floyd started getting big and now they want a good payday off pbf and he knows this. The fight will happen but on pbf time. Don’t hate he’s the best sorry and will prove it for the 42nd strait time. rayleonard Aaron pryor mayweather whitiker hagler hearns duran. Lightweight and welterweights of my time. Leonard and mayweather being the best on that list. And yes I can’t 4get chavez and dela hoya. But wasn’t a big fan of them. Keep boxing alive

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