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Vince Young Isn’t Cut Out To Be A Starting NFL Quarterback

Submitted by on November 23, 2010 – 9:04 am5 Comments

At some point, you have to say enough is enough. You have to stop trying to pretend something is something other than what it is. You have to stop trying to talk yourself into things. And at this point, I’m ready to admit that Vince Young is not cut out to be a starting quarterback.

I’ve been sticking up for Vince Young for five years now. Ever since he led the University of Texas to a Rose Bowl victory and a college football national championship back in 2006, I’ve been riding for the guy—hoping the best for his career. But after seeing his embarrassing display during a game on Sunday afternoon against the Washington Redskins, in which he reportedly threw his shoulder pads into the stands after being told by Titans head coach Jeff Fisher that he would not be reentering the game after sustaining a thumb injury, VY is officially a lost cause.

Need one good reason? I’ve got at least five. This is why Young will never be the elite NFL quarterback that many people—myself included—thought he’d be when he entered the league:

1. He is too injury-prone to play for an entire season.
Forget Young’s off-the-field issues for a second. The first—and possibly the worst—problem he’s had over the course of his short career is that he can’t stay on the field. From his rookie season up through this season (which is now over, considering he needs surgery to repair his recently-injured thumb) Young has sustained one injury after another. Right when it looks like he’s back and better than ever, something else pops up and Young ends up back on the sidelines.

2. He hasn’t played his best in big moments.
Which is actually relatively surprising when you figure that the Rose Bowl victory in 2006 was a huge game played in front of a huge audience. In reality, though, Young has shined in mop-up duty in the NFL and only achieved a high level success when his team is down in the dumps. For example, he helped lead the team back to a respectable 8-8 record last season after they started 0-6. But he’s never been the sole leader on a team that’s made and competed in the NFL Playoffs.

3. He has never assumed a leadership role with the Titans.
Part of the reason he hasn’t become a leader is because he’s out due to injury so often. Players look to their starting QB for support and he hasn’t been able to give it to them sitting on the bench.

4. He can’t handle the criticism given to him by fans and the media.
Young has responded remarkably poorly to being booed by the Titans’ hometown crowd—in one notable incident, he allegedly disappeared from his home after a game due to emotional instability—and he has shown a knack for acting out whenever he is criticized in any way. That reared its ugly head again on Sunday afternoon when he threw his shoulder pads into the crowd.

5. He isn’t good enough to have four strikes against him.
Vince Young’s biggest problem isn’t that he gets moody or that he can’t keep himself on the field thanks to multiple injuries. It’s that he hasn’t proven that he isn’t good enough—not yet, at least—to have any problems. It’s one thing to struggle learning the offense when you first come into the league or to have a couple cases of bad luck and end up on IR. It’s another to make your fans feel like their starting QB, the guy who was supposed to take them to a Super Bowl one day, always has something negative going on in his life. You know the guy who always has something wrong in his life but it’s never his fault? At some point, that guy has to realize why bad things keep happening to him. Right now, Vince Young is that guy. And if that’s really who he is, he’s not cut out to be a starting NFL quarterback.

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  • Danny says:

    As a season ticket holder for the Titans, I completely agree.

  • Scott says:

    Scav – you are dead on! And every fan that was at that game, except Vince’s mother, will agree with your totally with your assessment of this giant immature man-boy. I saw his rant, I saw him bait the crowd, and I saw him throw his uniform and shoulder pads at the fans. And all Fisher and the coaching staff ever did was support this little child.

    Now, if we could just get rid of Bud Adams and keep Jeff Fisher. If Bud pushes Jeff very hard, I would imagine Jeff will finish his coaching years at Cowboy Stadium.

    Fisher’s approval rating with Nashville fans – about 100 percent. Jeff’s opposition – Vince Young and Bud Adams.

  • Daniel Baker says:

    5 reasons Vince Young hasn’t done well.
    1 When you take a quarterback as good as vince young and stick him with a coach that for no reason at all hates him it will never work. He gets benched at any sign of bad news. How is that any way to treat a player. If people like manning or brady mcnair favre and so on and so on had been treated this way I believe we would have seen some retaliation as well. Let the man play, did he handle it well no, so you just give up on the guy. Wow, thought the NFL and the coaches in it were alot smarter than that.
    2 we have given him no chance, we think we have but haven’t. In the time he has been here he has really only played one full season. The rest of the time he throws a bad pass and is benched. You know how you become elite in this leauge, learn from your mistakes. He cant because fisher wont let him. You dont learn from sitting on the bench, its from playing the game that you will learn. You dont get better by sitting on the bench.
    3 Everyone wants to talk about throwing his equipment into the crowd like he is some crazy head case. Lol its so funny reading about vince and how people talk of him. He made a human reaction, something 85 percent of the world would have done after being treated this way but yet we judge. I am not excusing the behavior at all, it was not the thing to do. But if we try and call him out for everything he does we will never see how good he really is. When tom brady throws 2 to 3 ints in a game what happens? He keeps playing and usually wins. By benching vince the way fisher has it gets into peoples brain. When you hear benched you think o he must have played bad. Not the case. So even if vince was an elite qb he will never be seen that way under fisher.
    4 everyone talks highly of fisher and rightfully so. He is an amazing coach, but by no means is he perfect. As a coach your job is to support your team, back them up and make sure they know you trust and rely on them. Vince Young does not have this in his head coach. Even in his great games fisher might congradulate him but the very next week pull him do to a couple bad passes. This will take a toll. True vince needs to grow a little more and take the boos a little better but let me tell you why vince was good in college, its not just because of his talent. He had the support of his intire coaching staff, 100% the football team 100% the fans 100%. Made him play alot better. Knowing that why not give him the same here. Dont call yourself a fan if you are one who booed. Want to know what a true titan fan is? I have been a fan since the oilers, never once have I talked negatively or have I booed them. They are my team why would I boo them. I support them no matter what if they didnt when a game for the next 5 seasons guess what, I will be right there cheering them on. If your quarter back doesnt like you to boo, then stop. If not go call yourself someone eleses fan.
    5 I have backed vince up all the way through because he has way to much talent to give up on the guy but my number 5 reason is because of himself. He has not tried his hardest, I know this im not making excuses for the guy. He has not fully stepped into his role like he should. There are many things young needs to work on to become an elite guy in this game, but when he does, he will be nasty good. He has so mush talent, so instead of giving up pay attention to how he works best and make it happen. You are the coach jeff fisher, you go ask your qb if he is ready to go back into the game, believe in him. Yes he will make mistakes, just like mcnair did. Act like the coach everyone says you are. The titans need you both.

    I am not trying to excuse any action of vince young but if players can drive drunk, kill dogs, do drugs, and good God so many other things and be excused with just some little fine why is it we pull the trigger on vince so quickly. If peyton manning threw his pads out and walked out of the locker room, no one would ever have noticed. Vince you are a good player, you have some things to work on but dont let anyone ever tell you any different.

  • Daniel Baker says:

    For all you saying fisher supports vince, do your research before making a comment. He never wanted to draft him or start him. At 0-6 he didnt want to start him. He was made to. But collins can go 0-6, vince has one little bad game and fisher wants to pull him. Like I said vince made some bad decisions not making excuses but so has fisher. Sorry but I would take a guy that coulnt take some boos before a coach that shows up to a meeting in a rival teams jersey saying he wishes he was a winner. But let me guess he was excused lol. You people

  • Daniel Baker says:

    As for the number two and three reasons he is not cut out, first you cant say he cant make it in big moments then say without him they were 0 and 6 then he came in and went 8 and 8. Kind of a big moment lol but whatever. And as far as not leading due to being on the bench, he is benched more by fisher than injuries dont go there. Yes he has issues, clearly not completely ready, but man you guys are just hounding him, good job of supporting your team.

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