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Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian Are “Wack & Yellow”

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The phrase “wack and yellow” (in response to Wiz Khalifa‘s monster Steelers anthem “Black & Yellow“) may have been uttered by acts like Jim Jones in the past couple days via Twitter, but Xavier Pryce has gone one step further and created his own hit with it.

The independent D.C. rapper, who’s been highlighted on this site before, put “Wack & Yellow” together on a whim after being inspired by a public appearance from Amber Rose (coincidentally, Wiz’s now rumored girlfriend). Adamant he’s the originator of the phrase, Pryce tells his story below.

How did you come up with the song’s concept?
“I kept on hearing news about these chicks and I was wondering why. I didn’t get it. I was wondering what accomplishments these no-talent chicks had other than being able to suck a grapefruit through a straw and look pretty. Then I see these dudes that’s established making themselves look like tricks that are bent on hiring hoes just to convince them they should be wives.

“I heard ‘Black & Yellow’ on the radio and I just started playing around with the words after I had seen some sh*t on TV with Amber Rose telling somebody to open her door like she was worth something. I just fell out laughing and started repeating wack and yellow, wack and yellow. A n*gga like me, as soon as I say something I feel is catchy, I immediately go to the board and record.”

Talk to us about making the video.
“This was one of those, let’s do it while the gettin’ is good type of things. The guy who directed [this video] and my last video, Berman Fenelus, hit me and told me to send him some songs ’cause he wanted to keep working on my projects. I sent him ‘Wack & Yellow’ ’cause I felt like we should do this video while the song is hot. We shot the video in a matter of hours: scrambled up some people, shot in the hotel I stayed in, shot in the street, shot part at the director’s crib and part at another spot. Rode up to New York from D.C. on Saturday and went back Sunday.

“On a side note, I googled the phrase ‘wack and yellow’ prior to doing the song, after doing the song, before I released it on Sound Cloud on December 31 and before and after doing the video. There was no such phrase, other than my song. In the last couple of days since I released the video I’ve been seeing a whole lotta people, celebrities and otherwise, using my title. I just need ya’ll to know who coined the term, ha!”

One of the lines is “you’re turning groupies into stars.” Who’s that directed to?
“Mainly Kanye [West]. He was sportin’ his groupie like drawers. I got nothing against Kanye. He probably was unaware the whole time ’cause these hoes are professionals. She sucked the life out that n*gga and used the juice to put herself on. I ain’t even mad at Amber. The bitch obviously has game, but I can see that bitch coked out and doing porn by late 2011. She’s going from the top down in her gold-digging selection; she should’ve been f*cking rock stars and senators after ‘Ye.”

We’re starting to notice you’re not really a huge fan of females in general, are you?
“Ha! I love women—I just hate bitches. It ain’t that I’m not a fan, I just call sh*t as I see it. We been dogs and whatever else ya’ll wanted to call us since women picked up the mic. I never talk about women in my songs; I think women are the most beautiful things on the planet. It’s these vile, despicable bitches that use their insecurity as a weapon against men who don’t have enough game to defend themselves from malicious attacks on male common sense and their bank accounts.”

Wiz Khalifa’s riding the original “Black & Yellow” track all the way to the Super Bowl. What are your hopes for “Wack & Yellow”?
“Pittsburgh is going to the Bowl and all Pitt fans are going to be playing ‘Black & Yellow’—even though I like the Steelers, I want the ‘Wack & Yellow’ chorus to be the official anti-’Black & Yellow’ hook, all the way up to the Super Bowl. That would be kinda cool.”

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