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Lindsay Lohan: How Things Would Be Different If She Were Black

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As a former legal professional (don’t be deceived by my train wreck-like ways; your girl has a law degree), I’ve always had a certain level of respect for Nancy Grace, herself a former practicing-attorney-turned-media-personality (she currently hosts Nancy Grace, a celebrity news and current affairs show, and Swift Justice, a syndicated court room reality show). Now I don’t always agree with what she says or does, but I like her “shoot from the hip” approach to giving her opinion, particularly when it comes to celebrities and the justice system, a topic she spoke on during a recent interview. According to Nancy:

“I believe celebrities get into so much trouble because they think the rules don’t apply to them. I think it becomes instinct that they can do, say whatever they want, and there’s no repercussions.”

Providing a huge boost to Nancy’s argument is Lindsay Lohan, who, despite her many run-ins with the law, has avoided any real jail time. Most recently, the celebrity train wreck was charged with felony grand theft for allegedly walking out of a jewelry store with a necklace worth $2,500. Speaking on the incident, Nancy said:

“She’s on video! She goes in the store without the necklace. She comes out with the necklace. I don’t know about you, but when I make a return, it’s directly to Target. I usually don’t send it to the LAPD!”

Taking her point a step further, Nancy said:

“Let’s just say you send a black girl into that same jewelry story, or an uneducated person or a poor person, they come away with a $2,500 necklace, honey, and they would be thrown down on the asphalt and dragged by their feet back into the store and prosecuted.”

Prosecuted, publicly stoned, made to walk the plank…you get the picture. And before anyone goes accusing me of playing the race card, a lot of the time the race card is put into play before us black folk even get around to pulling it from the deck! Besides, I’m just agreeing with Nancy, and the last time I checked, she ain’t black! Anyway, check out her comments in the video below:

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  • African american says:

    Yes if this was an African American Woman she would get dragged out by her feet no questions asked she would be sent to jail.

    the system only work for White People Only..

    USA is F*cdked up!

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  • Minority Races says:

    Minority Races – Blacks,Asians,Indians,Pacific Islanders even Mexicans we have it bad in the USA.

    White people think there better than us I’m sick and tired of them.

    White People Are Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kwaping says:

    It’s not a race issue, it’s a celebrity issue. If Halle Berry did the same thing, she’d get the same treatment as LL.

  • sickofminoritiescrying says:

    I dont know,look how many black atheletes are playing sports who been arrested,for christ sake ray lewis is a killer,this is a celebrity issue,or money issue.Anyone remember OJ.And as far as minority races says above me,why do all these people leave their shit hole countries which thier own people created to come here.If white people are evil heres a few things you can give back which they provided you,your car,your computer,your cell phone,your tv,the internet,your desighner clothes,electricity just to name a few.But of course you never will,you will just bitch on a computer on how evil white people are,the very computer which you whouldnt have without them,amazing.

  • sickofminoritiescrying says:

    instead of asking this question for the 1 millionth time Lindsay Lohan: How Things Would Be Different If She Were Black


  • anthony says:

    The world we live in is about 3 things,,,money, who you are, and who you know,,,this is not a race issue,,although its always brought by ignorant people,,,,the fact is iam a minority and iam so against the usa system and government,,,but regardless of where you come from its how hard you work to get where your at,,,EVEN THOUGH RACISM STILL HAPPENS,,,you are ignorant,,not educated and not enough knowlege on life if you use it as an excuse..

  • Rebellion says:

    First off whites didnt give us shit minorities built this country and when I say whites I speak of anglo-saxon,babylonions. The irish, italian,and all other countries considered “white” today were once minorities treated the same as africans,asians,and spanish people. The roman anglos raped us of everything given lohans nature its only natural she is a theif her people been stealing since the dawn of their existence.

  • Boss Nig says:


  • brian says:

    nice Point Rebellion Seeing how Lindsay™ is 75% Irish and 25% Italian

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