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I Like Women Who Like Women—Do You?

Submitted by on March 12, 2011 – 10:30 am14 Comments

Ladies, I know you’ve heard it in songs from T.I. saying “I like women who like women” to Usher‘s song “Lil Freak” where the underlying theme is a threesome, but the question is—do men really want this?  Simply put, f*ck yes! I personally am not sure if I could have a relationship with a woman that’s not genuinely bisexual. Why? Several reasons come to mind but the primary reason is because these days, normal relationships don’t work, don’t last, and the vast majority of men cheat on their long-term girlfriends and wives.

The first question women tend to ask is, “What’s so wrong with me that he feels the need to cheat or needs me to bring another chick into the situation?” Or they say things like, “He doesn’t love me because if he did he wouldn’t want that and he would be satisfied with me and only me forever and ever and never cheat.” First of all sweetheart, there’s nothing wrong with you at all. Second of all, get f*ckin’ real!

If we’re going to be honest, let’s be honest. Love don’t change ’cause he decided to get a piece of p*ssy outside of you. It just doesn’t work like that. Men work more on animal instinct than emotion when it comes to sex, which is the polar opposite of women. That’s why they cannot fathom how sex and emotion are not intertwined. I hate to pull the genetic card but s*it, men are programmed to inseminate—but we still know love and loyalty. Along the way we’ve been given tools such as morality, judgment and compassion but at the end of the day, we really would like to f*ck everything we find attractive and we should be given credit for every bad chick we don’t smash. Sounds harsh but the only reason we don’t do every open crevice that offers it when we’re in a relationship is because society and “thinking” women programmed us to believe that anything outside of monogamy is sinful and immoral. But let’s get back to why men would rather be with a woman that likes p*ssy.

The truth is, we would rather not cheat on you. Men love a woman they have things in common with. Honestly, a man would rather have a girlfriend that they can relate to like they can relate with their homie. The ability to go out in public, look over to your girlfriend and say, “Damn, shawty has a fat ass” and her replying “Hell yeah” is one of the most liberating feelings in the world. When a man cannot be himself in all situations, the relationship WILL fail or one or both of you will live in misery. The thing is, you know your man is cheating and lying to you about it (and if you didn’t, come to grips with it). Get over your denial and accept that man’s need to partake in the satisfaction of outside vaginas as part of the natural order (I hear women screaming). Wouldn’t you rather participate with your man than deal with finding the Magnum wrapper in his jeans?  You can either get with the program or smell his drawers every night and cry for two days.

The main reason why men step outside of their relationship at the end of the day is f*cking boredom. You are now part of a monotonous routine, which most people hate. Just because you’re satisfied with the predictable life doesn’t mean he is. Spice it up or break up. Most men have never even had a threesome but they’ve all had p*ssy. Show him something new and you might be pleasantly surprised at how your relationship and sex life changes for the better.

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  • SeeBelow says:


  • cutTHEbull says:

    ^^^^Definitely agree.^^^^ This ish is horrible. I read the blogs on DrJays live every day, and I have never felt the need to post a response until now. This by far was the worst piece I have ever read. (Yes, worse than Andreas Hale and his lame thoughts on sports.) I guess NO ONE ever thinks about STDs/STIs these days…clearly. With the rate of AIDS and other diseases being so high this day in age, you would think one would be promoting safe sex…not threesomes, etc. To say that a man will not stay faithful unless his woman “spices it up” and has a threesome is ridiculous and clearly shows how ignorant you are when it comes to relationships. Whoever decided to make you the “sextrologist”, epic fail. DrJays, really? Didn’t this dude say he used to be a pimp or some ish? THIS is who you give some shine to? Anyone who listens to any advice you give is a fool and deserves whatever karma comes their way. I could go on, but I’ll stop right here. Stick to making mixtapes. And before any comment is made in his support, YES, I AM A WOMAN and YES I AM OFFENDED by this awful post.

  • heyyy says:

    ^ agreed!

  • TDOTBOY says:

    Im a man and 100% agree with this post. I couldnt say it any better. Men are physical beings. We walk down the street and see a p.y.t and all we wanna do is smash. We dont want a relationship with the lady, due to all the drama behind being in a relationship. It is very true also that we would love to have an equal partner where we both can look at a female and say “damn, look at that ass” and not feel any ways about it.

  • bisexual woman says:

    You should probably educate yourself on the bisexual community and the LGBT community as a whole before you decide to publish articles related to us.

    …Your ignorance is showing.

  • Frost says:

    This is one of the many reasons why the black community is the leading new group of HIV/AIDS causes.

    Quite an embarrassment really, and any man who has that mindset should be ashamed.

    I’m not saying it’s wrong for a man to see someone attractive and think, “I want to smash.” Females do the same thing. But to actually WANT to go and screw everyone you find attractive is not only disgusting, but realistically, it’s just not healthy. That’s why most people are too embarrassed to say how many people they’ve slept with because deep down, they know it’s shameful.

    Are men programmed to not be faithful? Maybe, maybe not. But if you are a male and geniunely believe that, then the solution is simple: DON’T GET INTO A RELATIONSHIP AND WASTE A FEMALE’S TIME. Because trust, for every dog there is a prince who actually knows the definition of love and doesn’t look out of a relationship for a random trick.

  • SeeBelow says:

    I see 2 real people posting here. And all one had to say was ‘agreed’.

  • Que? says:

    This is a prime example of why I feel sorry for females who date ratchet men. Whoever decided it was a good idea to publish the article of a “man” (and I use the term VERY loosely) who likes to objectify and exploit “women” (and I also use this term loosely because what self-respecting woman would date a dude who thinks this way) AND reinforces negative stereotypes because he can’t get his shit together so he projects himself onto other males… should be fired! Stop publishing shit like this. It sends a bad message and enables ASSHOLES LIKE THE PERSON WHO WROTE IT.

  • MiseryLovesCompany says:

    I won’t say that is wrong, and I won’t say that any of you are right! First and foremost all of you have nothing to type in save opinion. I on the other hand have a bit of all of your opinions in my life… I’m white, I had the feeling everyone else thought this article was aimed at blacks? Next, I’m a man, I disagree with the point of the post, but agree with some of the context. More, I’m a happily married man, who’s wife enjoys other women in much the context that the author dreams of, but not because I would cheat if she didn’t! She and I enjoy ourselves in that way because it is common ground, but not a requirement, If she decided tomorrow that she was no longer interested in women, she would be the only woman I ever slept with again. FINALLY HIV/AIDS?! Know your partners, all get tested together, and wear a rubber even though you are all clean because birth control fails, and a baby to to your wife’s mistress could cause more problems than a $3.89 box of condoms is worth

  • cutTHEbull says:

    First off, race had nothing to do with my opinion. At all. A dog comes in any race, skin color, gender, etc. Second, and not to sound sarcastic at all, but if you can relate to some points in this post, good on you. Call me old fashioned, religious, whatever…but I believe marriage is something shared between 2 people and 2 people only. A vow was made and I’m pretty sure being faithful was somewhere in it. And the same goes if you are in a relationship. Or else why be in one, let alone married? But if you and your wife like it and are on the same page with how things work in YOUR marriage, that’s great. Third, you question HIV/AIDS, why? Know your partner? Really? If your main concern is smashing someone and it’s strictly about sex, with the way sex is glorified today, who really is putting forth the effort to find out who screwed who? I’m 23 years old and know a lot of people in my age group (and younger for that matter) that don’t care about past numbers. All they see are physical attributes such as in females: a big booty, big breasts, pretty face and in men: a handsome face, built body, money. I feel I got my point across in my first response, and that it was very valid. And obviously, I’m not the only one who feels like that.

  • pAUL says:

    ME TO!!!

  • KYSmequick says:

    Let’s say I give Dr. Jay the benefit of the doubt and agree that most men may “feel” this way, but isn’t what separates man from animals the ability to think things through and make good decisions? To say “accept it and deal with it” is pretty much saying “settle”. Nope, you keep moving on until you find that one ADULT that can handle a relationship or have the balls to say “I don’t want to be in one with you”. Just my opinion.

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