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Can Young Jeezy Revive His Career With Thug Motivation 103?

Submitted by on May 21, 2011 – 11:48 am13 Comments

After countless album delays, a slew of potential singles, and more mixtapes than we ever would have expected from the Snow Man, Young Jeezy finally has a release date for TM103! TM103 is, of course, the loooooong-awaited fourth album from the Atlanta rapper—the one was supposed to drop almost a year ago but never did after Jizzle had trouble landing on the right single. Jeezy is planning on releasing TM103 to the world on July 26.

But by our estimates, he still hasn’t landed on the right single single yet—”Ballin,” featuring Lil Wayne is dope but hasn’t exactly made much noise of any of the Billboard charts—and we’re afraid that six years after the release of TM101, Jeezy’s career might have run its course. When you consider that he dropped his last album The Recession almost three years ago—a lifetime ago in rapper years—it becomes even harder to imagine Jeezy making the same sort of impact as he did in 2005 when he dropped TM101 with this new project. And to prove it, we came up with a list of five reasons why TM103 might not do as well as Jeezy hopes it will. As Jeezy himself would say, let’s get it!

1. Rick Ross and his Maybach Music Group are winning right now.

Last we heard, Jeezy and Ross were entangled in a rap beef that saw both of them take shots at the other on records. We’re not going to say either of them “won” but we are going to say that Ross managed to overcome that beef, launch his own label, and build his buzz up to deafening heights over the course of the last couple of years. Jeezy, on other hand, decided to take a break after that beef and hasn’t really recovered. So real or not, the perception is that Ross won that battle because he came out looking victorious, while Jeezy was stuck trying to find another way to get people to rally around him in preparation for TM103. And that’s bad for business, especially rap business.

2. There isn’t much buzz for Jeezy as he prepares to release TM103.

There’s nothing that’s happened over the last six months that gives us any reason to believe that now is the right time to drop TM103. “Ballin” got our attention—for a few days, at least—but Jeezy hasn’t dropped any mixtapes that have been particularly hot recently and he doesn’t have the momentum you’d like to see an artist have leading into a new album. Which leads us to our new point…

3. Jeezy’s whole career used to be built around his “movement,” which seems to have disappeared during his long hiatus.

Remember when TM101 dropped? Everyone was checking for it! People literally couldn’t wait to run to the store on July 26, 2005, grab TM101, and rip the packaging off of it. It was one of the truly great debuts of the last decade—and it was made possible by all of the faithful fans who were clamoring to hear Jeezy’s first album. Those fans still exist but they’re not running through walls for Jeezy like they used to. And unless TM103 is a straight classic, the “movement” behind Jeezy is probably never going to be as big as it once was.

4. Jeezy has almost no Web presence outside of dropping songs and mixtape to the rap blogs.

Here’s the one thing that we can say Jeezy is truly at fault for in the last three years. The guy has done next to nothing to connect with his fans through the Internet. Sure, he’s dropped a few songs and a couple of mixtapes at 1:03PM on random afternoons to try and capture their attention, but he hasn’t had a real presence on Twitter or Facebook. Yeah, we see he’s finally got a Twitter account but even that looks more like a promotional tool (it’s called OfficialTM103!) than something Jeezy plans on using to build connections with his fans. Jeezy’s Web presence has been one giant FAIL to us.

5. He picked a pretty bad time to finally release his new album.

Eminem and Royce Da 5’9″ have an album coming out this summer. Lil Wayne has an album coming out this summer. Ross and Co. have an album that’ll be hot well into the summer. None of that bodes well for Jeezy, who is going to have a tough time getting people super excited about his new album between now and the end of July. It’s one of the reasons we’re still wondering why he didn’t drop it last summer when “Lose My Mind” was popping. He could have saved himself a lot of time and trouble. Because while we’re not counting Jeezy out just yet, we are losing a bit of our thug motivation when it comes to TM103.

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  • jay says:

    first of all lil wayne is a fagget and keeps releasing albums about jibberish he fucking sucks balls and cant freestyle for shit and hes a pussy, jeesys a real nigga his albums gonna fuck shit up and your a fucking fagget for thinking otherwise and rick ross is a pussy as well who ain’t got any gangstur blood in him ….. TM 103 will be amazing you should slap yourself for writing this article fucking loser

  • Dedri0k Grandstaff says:

    I’m still bumpin Jeezy, love his music. I’ll be cop’n that album the 1st day it drop, waitin on Game, Cam’ron/Dipset, Wayne, and Plies to drop some new too !!

  • Cool C says:

    Who ever wrote this a straight hater…..lmfao well see if his career is over like Jeezy said he 3 for 3 nothing but Platinum Albums and he still sell out shows……….103 July 26

  • TH1 says:

    Let them hate bruhs, thats all they do, 103 gone be rough as hell i know it, 1st day buy

  • unknown says:

    A lot of these bloggers are clowns most are from New York & up north the only reason they all on Ross no is because Ross catering to there type of music. Jeezy is still will sell out a show people in the south still bump his music. As far is Ross is concerned everything that his come outta his music catalog since BMF dropped his sounded the same from “9 piece,John Doe,Tupac Back if ya’ll accept Ross as the new street rapper it says a lot about your rap/hip-hop intelligence this guy has been prove to be a fake, & a fraud countless times & people still wanna listen to a dude that talks about dope but hasn’t sold a lick of it, talks about killin people but hasn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight if you can accept that your pretty much fake to Jeezy is a great artist never changed his style & still has 3 platinum albums Ross is so hot in the streets but dude still don’t have a platinum album

  • theTRUTH says:

    I understand the concern, because honestly I been waitin for TM:103. But Jeezy’s true fan base is street, then chicks and wanna be’s flock to what the real street dudes are feeling. So most of the things you mentioned are irrelivant for him. Ha Haa (You killin em), Loose My Mind, All White Everything, Jizzle, and Ballin, have all been crazy. Soon as he drop, people will cop it. I would rather have a album drop and people cop it and actually like it, than have a gang of anticipation and buzz that comes out to be lame. People too worried about buzz, numbers, and business end up making epic fails that all sound the same like Rick Ross, BMF, MC Hammer, 9 Piece, John Doe, Tupacs Back. See something get hot and run it into the ground. Real artist dictate what is hot, not just jump on a trend to leach off of it. Main reason so many greats fail to stay relevant.

  • 216-jeezy-best-rapper-alive says:

    Cleveland still fuck with Jeezy and as far as I can see everybody who commented do too, this blog on some straight hating shit….. HE THINK HE SPECIAL CUZ HE GOT A BLOG WHATTT??? Hahaha listening to balling right now

  • Chris says:

    Jeezy will ALWAYS have a career. Are you kidding me? He may not be that mainstream anymore, but he will always have his core base. I was in the club the other day and everyone was bumping to “Ballin”, so it does go hard. But Jeezy will always have a career. Even if this is his one bad album, he can always recover. The Streets love Jeezy

  • Ms jeezy fan forever says:

    I think 103 will be a out cold cd im waiting for it he is my mane top rapper then the list starts after him so I dont mind playin his old cds tell the new drop Lets Get It! Im out

  • TRIPLE'D 4 LIFE says:


  • Marcus says:

    I dont give a fuck with nobody say about my nigga YOUNG JEEZY i’m still listen to his shit but i know that his new album gone come out any day , and if it dont im still fucking with my nigga YOUNG JEEZY.. I been his fan since he first came out with that im so icy.. I got Faith in him he my Motivation everytime i listen to him.. he the realist nigga out here right now… O yea and Flocka is a bitch.. all ways be one too. talking shit about Jeezy He fuck up..

  • Young jeezy is king says:

    Ok this all is bull s hit young jeezy is the realist rapper out there when u see him doin show u see his gang homies with like 30 crips with him do u see any body else rollin with the hold they claim lil wayne and the game they r some so called bloods were there homies at thats so called homies they rap about s hit they will do jeezy will do wat he say he will when him and some real ni ggass went to miami lookin for ross u know wat u a hater if u think jeezy fallin

  • theduke says:

    Yo to make this simple jeezys thatdeal he’s been real about every thing he’s rapped about Ross ain’t did shit but lie he know he ain’t did shit but go to his 9 to 5 u gotta be fake as Ross to think he got jeezy in the streets or in the rap game Ross ain’t shit jeezys the realist alive 2pac is the realist ever had to show love to my dude pac anyway anybody gotta be an idiot if u think jeezys Gonna fall off he never will he’s too real

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