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Harold Camping Predicts New Date For “The Rapture”

Submitted by on May 24, 2011 – 8:58 am18 Comments

Unless you’ve cut yourself off from all of society, you know that so-called “prophet” Harold Camping predicted the Rapture and the beginning of The Apocalypse to occur May 21, 2011. Of course, days later, we remain unscathed (except for Joplin, Missouri) and Camping’s very expensive, popular and widespread campaign was a complete and utter failure. Instead of leaving it for the man upstairs to decide when to end it all like the rest of us, Camping just can’t give up trying to predict the end of the world and has chosen a new date. This marks the third date Camping predicted for the end of the world, as he now claims that it will all be over October 21, 2011. Evidently, The Lord likes the number 21. Who knew?

This sorry man has apologized for not having the dates worked out “as accurately as I could have,” an apology which really makes no sense because he had pinpointed a date, so it’s obvious he felt he had worked the dates out as accurately as possible. Camping did not offer much of an apology for those who had given away their belongings and instead said they would find a way to cope. However, he refuses to give up his own things in anticipation of the new date.

“We’re not in the business of financial advice. We’re in the business of telling people there’s someone who you can maybe talk to, maybe pray to, and that’s God.”

“I still have to live in a house, I still have to drive a car. What would be the value of that? If it is Judgment Day why would I give it away?”

As a Christian, there are several things which baffle me about this fool. First of all, he seems to think that Judgment Day will just happen. Anyone who’s been to Sunday School knows the Bible predicts the Rapture, times of great prosperity, then times of great calamity and trouble before the story ends and people are judged. Secondly (and most importantly), there’s a Scripture that addresses the mystery of The End directly.

Matthew 24:36 “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”

This Scripture points out that not even the Son, meaning Jesus himself, knows when the Rapture and the events that ensue will occur, so why does this guy feel like he has a chance? If he’s really reading his Bible as much as he claims, wouldn’t he realize there is no point in making “calculations” based on the Bible—he same Bible which states no one can know the day or hour—of when the fat lady will sing?

October 21 is the day after my birthday. I plan to wait until then to celebrate and thank God I’m still around—and await Camping’s new prediction after that.

Source: New York Times
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  • jenny says:

    When will this man get off it?
    If you’re been wrong not once, but twice about the SAME thing…it’s time to pack it in.
    Silly little man.

  • Stephanie says:

    “Anyone who’s been to Sunday School knows the Bible predicts the Rapture, times of great prosperity, then times of great calamity and trouble before the story ends and people are judged.”

    Is that REALLY what the bible says? Anyone interested in the truth should read it again and see just what it says about this “rapture” and when it will happen.

  • Danny Haszard says:

    Harold Camping sounds like he plagiarized Jehovah’s Witnesses
    Jehovah Witnesses are a spin-off of the second Adventist which all came from the Millerite movement.American war of 1812 army captain William Miller is ground zero for Jehovah’s Witnesses.
    Yes,the “great disappointment” of Oct 22 1844 has never died out… it lives on in the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
    The central CORE doctrine of the Watchtower,yes the reason the Watchtower came into existence was to declare Jesus second coming in 1914.When the prophecy (derived from William Miller of 1842) failed they said that he came “invisibly”.

    Danny Haszard been there folks!

  • Jeff says:

    This is really sad; it makes Christians look like a bunch of buffoons. The whole idea of the rapture has only been around for about 180 years. It has been falsely predicted by lots of people since the idea took hold around 1830. If Jesus said “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father” (Matthew 24:36) it seems arrogant and presumptuous that someone would attempt to predict such an event with this kind of certainty. If we applied the rest of scripture to this situation, when someone prophesies in God’s name and the prophecy doesn’t come to pass, s/he is to be taken and stoned as a false prophet. I’m not suggesting we stone Harold Camping, but at the very least don’t take this guy seriously.

  • Ben says:

    Maybe he should try his luck at Russian Roulette instead? So far his first 2 guesses have been blanks, I’m pretty sure his 3rd will be, so why not?

  • Giselle says:

    I appreciate this article. The bible is a very important book that people like him are obviously threathened by. I believe he may be an introduction or ANTI-CHRIST himself what does bible say about that. Keep in mind the bible was written from GOD’ words and we wouldnt have a bible to read if it GOD wanted to make it that easy to predict. Predictions or fortune tellers are not of GOD and should not be followed or believed. we need to proceed with life and pray we go to the right place when we leave instead of wondering whern worry about where u are going. Sad how lost this world is. I am talking with god not the world.

  • Victor says:

    The bible has a name for a man who predicts something and it does not come to pass! A False Prophet!

  • Josh says:

    Would have been so awesome if the Rapture had actually happened and these jackasses were whisked off to “Heaven” to leave the rest of us in peace. Sigh. Instead we’re stuck having to hear about them telling us what to believe in and instructing their borderline-retarded followers to walk around with Judgment Day Is Nigh t-shirts and generally get in our way. Isn’t Glee enough torture?? Do we really deserve this, oh non-denominational Force that may or may not exist?

  • James says:

    @ Jeff:
    You say THIS guy makes Christians look like buffoons?

    Let me get this straight: Believing that all the good kids are going to be magically whisked away to fairyland and get lollipops while all the BAD kids are going to be be put in detention for, like, ETERNITY… that doesn’t make Christians look like buffoons. But picking a DATE for it to happen, how utterly ridiculous!


    By the way are the Muslims buffoons for thinking that their magical fairyplace involves sleeping with virgins? Or are they only buffoons if they pick a date for them to go?

    Of course! Setting a date makes you a buffoon– because then we can all say, “SEE? Will you now please SHUT UP??” Whereas the rest of you geniuses get to hide behind “Only the Great Pumpkin knows when He will come… We shall wait and pray for the Great Pumpkin…”

    By the way, I have no problem with anyone believing in whatever they want– I just tire of them telling OTHER PEOPLE that we are going to hell if we don’t agree. So it’s nice that for at least ONE day you can understand how the rest of us feel about loudmouth Christian proselytizers EVERY day.

    Pray to your heart’s content… and leave the rest of us alone, PLEASE.

  • Scott says:

    I think not nearly so many people who claim to be Christians would be excited about Judgement Day if they knew what was going to happen to them. If you believe the Bible and Jesus he says that the broad is the road to destruction and narrow is the path to life, and only a few find it. He also says that many will claim to be his followers but are hypocrites, and will be cast into eternal fire for their lawlessness. If you believe the bible it says that all liars will have their part in the lake of fire! So be careful claiming to be a christian, the fate that you warn others about may be the one that overtakes you. and as far as this man predicting the rapture, who cares when the end of the world or the rapture is, you could die today!

  • Scott says:

    oops! I made a mistake. I shouldnt have said “he says that the broad is the road to destruction” I should have said “he says that the road to destruction is broad” sorry for the confusion

  • Ben says:

    I was under the impression that the bible was written by man, by a man’s hand, and has been rewritten by mankind for centuries, through different cultures and languages taking into account whatever the current ruling power needed in order to control their population and ensure the balance of power stays with them and continues to oppress the weak of mind or low of position.

  • Allan says:

    Well let me tell you my birth day is October 21 and with my luck… you all should buy sun block 1000000 and a can of raid or large fly swatter! THE END IS COMING! or it might be postponed for another round of recalculation. Either way I’m doomed to age another year and suffer this hell on earth it’s sad sad SAD I SA… Oops hookers here gotta go live by the rod and all that! Lol I predict a good sleep I’m babbling peace to all and to all a little piece! What ever

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  • dom says:

    My thoughts exactly Ben.

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