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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: 5 Reasons You Should Turn Off Your Cable Right Now

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Could you live without cable? It’s a question millions of people all across America are asking themselves right now. And they’re doing it because of a trend that’s seeing millions of other people cutting their cable cords at home.

A new report suggests the trend may continue, too—and could potentially change the way you watch television forever. It claims people who use Netflix to stream Internet video to their televisions are now twice as likely to cancel their cable or, at the very least, trim down the number of channels they pay for every month. Additionally, 32 percent of Netflix customers are currently planning on either canceling their cable or downgrading to a more basic cable package.

So, could you live without your cable? We think you can—and will!—sometime soon. With all of the technological developments that have come about because of the Internet, we think you could cut your cable tomorrow and be just fine without it. But we’ll do you one better. Rather than just tell you we think you can do it, we’ve got five reasons why you should seriously consider canceling your cable bill right now. So take your eyes off your TV for a second and find out exactly why your cable box is about to become obsolete.

1. If you’re like us, you’re getting your news and weather reports from somewhere other than your TV.

In a lot of American households, the TV has always been the central source used for watching the news, staying up on current events, and getting the daily weather report. But thanks to the invention of smart phones and the increased use of the Internet, you don’t need your TV or cable to get wind of these things anymore. In fact, you need little more than a Twitter feed and some well thought out “follows” to find out everything you need to know to be well-informed these days.

2. Netflix, Hulu, Boxee, Apple TV, and a number of other streaming services and devices work directly through your TV.

Of course, we’re not suggesting that you will give up TV completely. We understand that you still have shows that you want to watch and we fully encourage you to watch them—through one of these streaming devices. Some are better for staying on top of your favorites than others (Netflix, for instance, will only be good for watching shows that are already out on DVD, while Hulu gives you the option of staying a little more current) but they all give you the chance to watch the shows you want to watch—without commercials in some instances—at your own pace. Now, doesn’t that make more sense than trying to rush home at night to catch your favorite show?

3. Online videos are way more interesting than most of the shows you’re watching on your TV.

If you’ve ever logged onto YouTube for less than five minutes…we give you credit. YouTube is the ultimate time-waster to us—and to millions of other Americans. You can watch whatever you want, whenever you want, as many times as you want. And, best of all: Many of today’s newer TVs include widgets like YouTube so it’s simple to turn your TV on, click on YouTube, and start watching immediately. Hey, if nothing else, you can’t ever say that “Nothing’s on!” when you’re on there, right?

4. You have more control over your content when you use the Internet to view content as opposed to when you use your TV.

You know that awkward moment at 6:03 or 8:57 or 12:29 when every channel on your TV has a commercial airing at the same time. That drives us absolutely crazy—and we’re sure it bothers you, too! With the Internet, those times mean absolutely nothing because you have the power to control what you want to watch as well as what you don’t want to watch (commercials!). You can pause, rewind, and fast forward your content as often as you’d like, stop watching something momentarily while you look something else up, and even move around to different rooms in your house while watching something on different TVs, your iPad, and even your cell phone. That control is better than any remote you’ve ever held in your hand.

5. There’s a good chance that once you get used to not having it around, you won’t miss watching cable on your TV.

“Cutting the cord” is the hardest part about actually giving up your cable. At the beginning, you’re probably going to find it a little bit difficult to adjust to your situation. TV, after all, has become a great source of distraction and a stress reliever for many people who want to kill an hour or two at night before heading to bed. But once you actually do it and are forced to use a streaming device or the Internet to keep yourself entertained, we’re willing to bet that you will start to wonder why you spent your hard-earned money on something as unnecessary as cable. And that extra 100 bucks in your pocket every month won’t hurt, either.

So, are you ready to take the leap of faith yet? Get to cutting…

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