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X Marks The Spot: 5 Ways The X Factor Could Give Mariah Carey’s Career A Second Life

Submitted by on July 21, 2011 – 8:33 am3 Comments

It seems Mariah Carey is recognized for just about everything except her music these days. A little more than three months after giving birth to twins with husband Nick Cannon, MC has stayed behind-the-scenes for the most part in 2011—playing mother to her new daughter Monroe and son Moroccan rather than focusing on her music career. In fact, the only time we’ve heard from her since she gave birth in early April was when we heard that she was attempting to sell photos of the twins to a tabloid last month.

However, we have to believe that Mariah will get back into the studio at some point. True, it’s been awhile since she released a true solo project—her last effort, Merry Christmas II You, was a holiday album—but with 13 albums under her belt since 1990, we seriously doubt that motherhood will put a damper on her musical output.

Recently, rumors started to swirl indicating that Mariah might play a large role on the upcoming season of Simon Cowell’s The X Factor. She stands to serve as a mentor to the contestants on the show. And, you know what? We think that would give her a great opportunity to get her career back on track. And to prove it, we put together a list of the 5 ways The X Factor could give Mariah’s career a second life. Give it a try, girl.

1. The X Factor would automatically make Mariah Carey relevant again.

When it debuts on FOX in September, there’s no doubt that The X Factor will get a ton of attention. With Cowell, L.A. Reid, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, and Cheryl Cole all involved in judging the competition, it’ll likely be just as popular as American Idol. So Mariah’s involvement would instantly make her relevant again and get people talking about her. For better or worse, that’s a good thing, because right now, all people are talking about is Mariah Carey, the mother, not Mariah Carey, the singer.

2. Joining the show would give Mariah a chance to see what people want to hear today.

Mariah’s been MIA for a couple of years now. So it’s likely that she doesn’t know what people are into when it comes to music. By mentoring up-and-coming singers on X Factor, she could learn a lot from them while she’s teaching them everything that she knows. It’d be a win-win for both sides.

3. The X Factor stage would be the perfect place for Mariah to make a comeback performance or, better yet, premiere a new single.

Ask Jennifer Lopez how much of a difference it makes to drop a new single and then have an outlet to promote it to millions of people every week versus simply dropping a single and then crossing your fingers and hoping it gets picked up at radio. J-Lo’s career got a huge boost when she joined the cast of American Idol and then dropped a new single at the top of 2011. It got attention that it might not have gotten otherwise as a result of her involvement with the show.

4. The show would allow people to see how much Mariah understands about the music industry.

Mariah is seasoned in every sense of the word. She’s been around the block a few times and she understand what it takes to build a successful career. But there are a lot of people who probably don’t understand just how smart she is. So The X Factor would give them a new perspective on Mariah and (hopefully!) paint a much better picture of exactly how she operates behind the scenes when it comes to music.

5. The visibility provided by X Factor would encourage Def Jam to give Mariah a chance to release a new album.

Right now, Def Jam probably doesn’t have a whole lot of incentive to release a new Mariah Carey album. She’s been out of the limelight for a couple of years, her last non-Christmas album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, didn’t do great sales-wise, and no one is really clamoring for a new Mariah album at this point. But if she chooses to join The X Factor, all of that would change and Def Jam might actually approach her about recording some new music. And at this point in her career, that’s exactly what she needs if she wants to release another album anytime in the near future. The X Factor sounds like exactly where you need to be this fall, Mariah. Now, will you accept the challenge?

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  • tahoegeminii says:

    so maybe ME-ME needs to stop acting like she is the one doing X-factor the favor-I don’t think this will even revive her three times dead career-her only media outlet for years is her psychotic behavior and blimping weight-oh and the science experiments-you would have thought she was calving the only children on earth-her rehash trash X-mas album had nothing new and if she hadn’t had her huge-whisper-whisper gossip fest about gaining 80 lbs and trying to hide her pregnancy under it-and again making an idiot out of herself falling over like a hippo in heels-no one even have noticed the re-relelease of old garbage with a 10 year old photoshop composite of half of her on the cover-she hasn’t recorded anything new for years-and who would care -can’t seem to tell one song from another or if it is Janet, Rhianna, Madonna, or Mariah the over rated stripper flesh puppet that is singing the over produced machine feed “pop” music that the producer pimps put out-as for being a mentor-that is ludicris-she has had several mental “breakdowns” if she doesn’t get enough attention-she acts like she is mentally arrested at 12-with a molestation issue as icing on her crap cake-what advice is she going to give ???-screw the record producer then marry him so he will launch the most extensive and expensive marketing campaign in history-all based on soft porn posters and strip videos-then marry some juvenile that used to jack off to your strip videos-spend the millions your ex made for you like a selfish infantile freak and then pay millions to the frankenstiens to force twins out of you and then pimp them out starting even before they were born with some hideous and disturbing preggo covers-wow what a mentor-people are looking up to this person-why because she “acts” like a spoiled self absorbed diva-the talented NEVER justified the load of scary crap that is ME-ME let’s hope she does the one dignified thing she could do-step out of the spotlight-actually BE a mom to her kids and not use them as trophies or pimp them out-take what is left of her money and diversify and invest and stop taking off her clothes cause everyone is done looking

  • TheMCLamb4ever says:

    Oh HELL to THE NO. Mariah Carey, DO /NOT/ DO XFACTOR. If she wants to make a comeback like she did with TEOM and E=MC2, then SHE’S GONNA DO IT. But doing a show like this will /NOT/ make her “relevant” today. She needs to get good songs together, have good producers, and JERMAINE to MAKE ISH HAPPEN AND THAT’S /IT./ DO NOT DO ONE OF THESE STUPID TALENT SHOWS. DO NOT! DO NOT! DO NOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTT!!!! BAD IDEA IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE FOR A LIVING LEGEND LIKE HERSELF WHO IS STILL ABLE TO PUT OUT MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A /HORRIBLE/ IDEA TO SAY THE LEAST! ABSOLUTELY EFFING HORRIBLE.

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